FIX: Game security violation detected Fortnite (#0000000D)

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • The game security violation detected Fortnite prompt is not really an error message but a measure to prevent users from using cheats.
  • In some cases, this measure affects both players with good and bad intentions as the specific gaming accessories produce false-positives.
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fix Game security violation detected Fortnite
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The game security violation detected on Fortnite error message relates to your system’s compatibility with the Easy Anti-Cheat feature of the game.

So, as you can see, it’s nothing to worry about. Being one of the most played games, it’s no surprise that Fortnite is a massive target for hackers.

Players often use gaming cheats to spawn their way through the game, and Easy Anti-Cheat is the measure Epic Games put in place to curb cheating.

Sadly, technology is not yet perfect, and this feature affects users who aren’t cheating and prevents you from enjoying Fortnite.

If you’re experiencing the game security violation detected Fortnite issue, here’s how to fix it.

Here is another related issue, thus having the same troubleshooting steps:

  • Game security violation detected Fortnite when exiting launcher (#00000001 / #0000000D) – this issue is mostly related to the SelLedV2.exe process, which is used by the RGB Fusion tool from GIGABYTE. Fix the problem by uninstalling it.

How to fix the Game security violations detected Fortnite error?

1. Reboot your computer

The error may be caused by outdated software, such as drivers for your controllers or input device.

Alternatively, it could be that gaming-software has updated in the background and needs to reboot to function properly.

Either way, rebooting your computer (two or three times) has solved the issue for many users.

2. Uninstall or disconnect the culprit

What sucks most about this issue is that it can be caused by a variety of peripherals or programs that can be used to gain an unfair advantage.

For instance, certain RBG controllers and motherboards are the usual suspects. In this solution, we’ll locate the cause of the problem and disconnect, uninstall, or update it.

  1. Close all open applications on your PC.
  2. Play Fortnite and wait until the error shows up.
  3. Press the CTRL + ALT + DEL combination.
  4. Click on Task Manager.
  5. Find a running gaming-related process.
  6. Right-click on the process and hit End Process.

Note: For this solution, you may also disconnect your current controller and try if you get the game security violation detected Fortnite error with a different pair of controllers.

3. Update your games and launcher

Similar to the first solution, if rebooting your system doesn’t fix the game security violation detected Fortnite problem, you may have to take matters into your hands. If you’ve tried the first two fixes with no luck, then updating your game as well as your game launcher software will get rid of the error.

Epic, Uplay, and Steam games update automatically, but who knows? A setting may be preventing the auto-update.

You now know what causes the game security violation detected Fortnite prompt and how to get rid of it.

The fixes we provide in this guide have worked for many players and will definitely remove the error.

To learn more about Anti Cheat software, read this post. Also, whenever you get this error message, do well to report it to Epic.

Hopefully, we’ll get a smarter Easy Anti-Cheat soon.

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