Best OLED TVs for gamers [2020 Guide]

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Playing your games on an OLED TV is a fantastic experience thanks to the technology’s incredible contrast performance and the spot-on motion handling.

OLED TVs features displays that operate without a backlight, and they can produce perfect black, and these surpass the dark grey mist that lots of LED TVs have been trying to pass off as black.

Here are the best OLED TV options you can get on the market these days. Take a look at their most impressive features to make your purchasing decision much easier.

The best gaming OLED TVs to buy today

1.LG OLED TV: Model OLED55E6V, 55-inch TV


The 55-inch OLED LG TV is one of the best choices you can make due to its perfect, infinite blacks that make games look amazing and the built-in sound bar that provides incredibly punchy audio.

The TV’s inspiring Picture-on-Glass design is made possible due to a breakthrough approach to television engineering. The OLED module is applied straight to the glass back panel for the cleanest, ultra-slim profile.

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The screen comes with a minimal bezel to keep the distraction at minimum levels. The Perfect Black and Cinematic ColorLG OLED pixels are able to create their own light, and they can switch off to achieve the perfect black levels with zero light leaks.

The essential features of the LG OLED TV are the following:

  • It displays vibrant, lush colors and it’s an entertainment powerhouse.
  • This is the first TV that brings Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision together.
  • It provides breathtaking High Dynamic Range experience due to the Active HDR with Dolby VisionActive HDR that analyzes and optimizes the HDR10 content scene-by-scene.

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2.LG OLED TV: Model 55EG9100 Curved Smart TV, 55-inch

The 55-inch LG 55EG9100 is an excellent 1080p performer that comes with an eye-candy design. The TV has organic self-emitting pixels that are able to create unprecedented contrast, clarity, and color.

It provides infinite contrast with deeper darkness from the self-emitting pixels. You can enjoy the picture-perfect images from any angle.

Take a look at the most notable features of this OLED TV:

  • Thanks to the OLED screen, it provides an excellent set, especially for late night gaming.
  • It provides an incredibly true to life color reproduction, and because colors look best against a pure black background, the images are vibrant and incredibly detailed.
  • The pixels can switch on and off individually, and the result is impressive depth.
  • You can enjoy the widest viewing angles without any loss of contrast or distortion.
  • This LG TV comes with the most advanced audio technologies to assure a captivating and immersive experience during your gaming sessions.
  • The TV comes with the LG webOS, and this will make your TV experience much easier than ever before.

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3. LG OLED TV: Model OLED55C7P, 55-inch (2017)

The LG C7 4K OLED TV manages to combine the best picture quality that is currently available with a set of gaming-related advantages including a very low input lag and no motion blur.

The TV comes with a blade-slim design, and it can blend in with any home décor.

The revolutionary LG OLED technology uses individually lit pixels and this way it will not require any backlight, and you can mount it closer to the wall without any problems.

Take a look at the most notable features included in this 55-inch TV:

  • You can turn pixels on and off individually for excellent contrast.
  • The LG OLED TV is the ultimate expression of a cinematic experience thanks to the Active HDR with Dolby Vision.
  • The Dolby Atmos is able to create sounds that seem to come from everywhere, and the audio becomes a realistic and immersive experience.
  • It provides gorgeous images regardless of the viewing angle, making sure that everyone in the room sees vibrant pictures without washed-out tones.

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4. Sony Bravia OLED TV: Model XBR55A1E, 55-inch (2017)

With this Sony Bravia OLED 4K HDR TV, true reality comes to life through it with the perfect black and color.

The TV creates unique and exquisite contrast with over 8 million precisely and individually controlled self-illuminating pixels.

Take a look at Sony TV’s essential features:

  • Sony’s OLED TV provides exceptional black, shadows and colors due to the self-illuminating pixels controlled by the X1 Extreme processor.
  • The high level of contrast provides excellent details, depth, colors, and textures for a stunning, immersive view.
  • The sound comes from the entire screen, and you’ll be immersed in entertainment experiences.
  • Thanks to the Triluminous Display with more shades of red, blue and green, the colors are vibrant and vivid.

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