Gears 5 crossplay: What’s the best gaming experience PC or Xbox?

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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gears 5: what the best gaming experience PC or Xbox?
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Many gamers are excited after the release of Gears 5. The graphics and the overall gaming experience are top-notch.

So, Microsoft stepped up its game with this new release. However, not all gamers are thrilled. There’s still de crossplay controversy: PC or Xbox?

Following the release of Gears 5, this subject is hotter than ever, as one gamer reported on the official forum.

Meanwhile, I’m reading posts by Xbox players about how “unfair” it is to oppose a PC player in Gears. They use the old “mouse+keyboard” issue to defend their inferiority complex.

Several Xbox users complained that PC gamers have some advantages in this game and it is unfair to play against them. They said that the keyboard and mouse are better than the Xbox controller for playing Gears of War.

Keyboard and mouse or a controller for Gears 5?

Also, they plead for a boycott of crossplay. Still, Xbox users can use a mouse and a keyboard, so this should not be an issue. But not all Xbox users want to change their controller.

Moreover, the controller is a better option than a mouse and a keyboard when playing a first-person shooter. So, it is not a surprise that some PC gamers are using a controller to play Gears of War.

However, other Xbox players said that the mouse helps PC users to aim with better accuracy.

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They complained that PC gamers can shoot them even in the spawn area. This is frustrating because you can’t enjoy the game if you die right after you respawned.

This controversy remains in Gears 5, but this is the price for crossplay. Which is little, because the vast majority of players have beckoned crossplay with a passion, as some users described.

What’s your take on Gears 5? You’re a PC or an Xbox player? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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