10 best mice for gaming to buy in 2018

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gaming mice Black Friday 2017

You can’t be a PC gamer without having the perfect gaming mouse to play all your favorite games. There are a lot of tech specifications that go into gaming mice, and you should pick the ideal one for your own needs and preferences.

A great gaming mouse offers extended lifespan, a high polling rate frequency for faster response time, RGB lighting, ergonomic design, and a high DPI rating that comes in handy especially when you’re playing games on a high-res gaming monitor.

To help you pick the best gaming mouse, we chose the best ten Windows 10 gaming mice on the market and we’ll details each and every one’s features..

Best gaming mice for a smooth gaming experience

1. SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse (recommended)

gaming mice Black Friday 2017

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a great gaming mouse that comes with up to 12,000 DPI, ambidextrous design, ono-to-one tracking up to 3,500 CPI and 50-million click lifespan.

Here are its most notable features that make it stand out as one of the most excellent gaming mice:

  • The Exclusive TrueMove 3 Sensor features ultra-low-latency and rapid-response tracking that delivers a natural and accurate movement.
  • It comes with an advanced jitter reduction for delivering a natural movement without slowing down the response time of the mouse.
  • The legendary Sensei shape featured by this mouse provides maximum comfort and flexibility, and its strong, pure silicone side grips offer a solid feeling.
  • The mouse also comes with exclusive split-trigger buttons that provide long-lasting durability and a consistent and fast click feel.
  • You can choose from the full spectrum of 16.8 million colors, and the reactive illumination responds to in-game events such as low health levels, low ammo, kills and more.
  • You can save all your performance and lighting settings straight to the mouse, and these will remain saved for software-free use at LAN events.
  • The mouse is made of lightweight, durable materials and these provide a natural movement.
  • When it comes to dexterity, it is able to deliver some impressive real-world sensitivity results.

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2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

gaming mice Black Friday 2017

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum can be customized with up to six 3.6 gram weights, and this will give you a lighter or a heavier mouse.

It also comes with surface-turnable gaming sensor made with Logitech’s Delta Zero technology that allows you use the mouse on a large variety of surfaces besides the regular mouse mat.

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Take a look at its key features:

  • It comes with tunable balance and weight to provide users the opportunity to add personal tweaks.
  • You can adjust up to 16.8 million colors and brightness, and you’ll be able to bring this mouse to life with all kinds of breathing light patterns.
  • You can also set your lighting to sleep when you are not using your system.
  • You will get maximum tracking accuracy from the sensitive optical sensor, and the Logitech-G Delta Zero optical tech minimizes mouse acceleration, and it increases reliability in the targeting area.
  • You can sync colors and light patterns with other Logitech gaming products, and you can tune the sensor to match the surface for maximum speed.
  • The textured rubber grips and the button layout provide the Proteus Spectrum an overall fantastic feel and incredible performance.
  • It comes with easy programmable 11 buttons for all your favorite games.
  • You can also adjust hyper-fast scrolling and switch DPI modes.
  • It comes with fully customizable RGB LED, and you can set the color, mode indicators, and cycle speed.

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3. ASUS ROG Gladius II Aura Sync USB Wired Optical Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

gaming mice Black Friday 2017

The ROG Gladius II is a mouse built for comfort across all grips, and even if it doesn’t feature the swappable weights that more mice do, especially the ones in this price range, everything feels comfortable.

The mouse is best suited for first-person shooters rather than for MMOs.

Here are the essential features you should take into consideration:

  • It comes with a quick-release switch at the bottom of the mouse that releases the micro-USB cable.
  • The ROG Gladius II comes with a push0fit socket design that lets you quickly change switches and this way you will be able to vary click resistance or to extend the lifespan of the mouse by replacing broken/worn switches.
  • The mouse features a dedicated DPI target button, and if you hold it down, it will lower the DPI for more accurate sniping; it can raise the DPI as well for faster scrolling.
  • The mouse features swappable buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, and a sensitivity toggle and these are essential features for a gaming mouse.

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4. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse 

gaming mice Black Friday 2017

The Logitech G903 with lightspeed wireless technology delivers excellent responsiveness, and it features the world’s most advanced PMW3366 optical sensor for superior tracking and accuracy. Take a look at more of its impressive features:

  • The G903 comes with the PMW3366 optical sensor that is widely regarded by gaming enthusiasts as one of the best gaming mouse sensors out there.
  • The mouse works with Powerplay Wireless Charging System which is the world’s first wireless gaming mouse charging system.
  • The mouse comes with a pivot button design with advanced tensioning, and this technology delivers an exceptionally clean and crisp button feel, consistency and response.
  • You also have the option to use the included USB adapter to keep your USB transceiver close to switch between wireless and wired modes quickly.
  • The mouse comes with a customizable brilliant RGB that lets you customize lighting brightness and color in all kinds of ways to match your system, style, and environment.

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5. Sound BlasterX Siege M04 Optical Professional Gaming Mouse – PixArt PMW3360 IR LED

The Sound BlasterX Siege M04 optical mouse is designed with both style and function in mind. Check out its most essential features:

  • The mouse comes with seven programmable buttons that include a dedicated sniper button that gaming enthusiasts will definitely appreciate.
  • The Sound BlasterX Siege M04 is rated for 50 million clicks.
  • The mouse features high precision, zero acceleration, and prediction on 12,000 DPI PMW3360 gaming grade sensor.
  • The mouse’s processor ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit is high-speed at 72 MHz.
  • The Aurora Reactive lighting system provides all-edge RGB ambient effects.
  • The sensor feels smooth and accurate and so do the grips on the sides of this mouse.

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6. Corsair Gaming GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse 

gaming mice Black Friday 2017

The Corsair gaming mouse is built for comfort, and it features a coating of soft-touch paint and interchangeable thumb grips that are able to augment ergonomic even more. Take a look at this mouse’s most notable features:

  • The contoured shape of the mouse is designed for extended play because it provides comfort and the possibility to customize it with interchangeable thumb grips.
  • The custom high-accuracy 16000 DPI gaming sensor provides maximum performance.
  • You can compose vivid RGB lighting effects with Glaive RGB’s 3-zone dynamic RGB lighting powered by the CUE software.
  • The mouse provides users the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vivid RGB lighting effects with the dynamic RGB backlighting, and it offers unlimited illumination adjustability.
  • You can assign macros to any button for creating dynamic lighting effects with the Corsair Utility Engine.

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7. SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse 

gaming mice Black Friday 2017

This SteelSeries mouse comes with a black and white OLED display, and you can use it for instance in Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft for a customizable tool to enhance your play sessions. Check out its best features:

  • The mouse provides you the opportunity of choosing which in-game events automatically trigger a tactile alert.
  • You can now enhance your gaming experience with the customizable vibration patterns, triggers, duration, and tactile alerts.
  • The tactile alerts will never impact your mouse’s tracking, and they are placed in the center of this mouse, and this will let you feel the pulse in your hand.
  • You can put whatever you want to on the OLED screen even your gaming name, for instance.
  • The mouse provides your real-time stats including headshot percentage, gold per minute, gun accuracy and more.
  • You can effortlessly switch between different sensitivities, weapons, and games.
  • The mouse comes armed with the Pixart 3360, and it provides an authentic tracking experience.
  • The mouse comes equipped with swappable cables, and you can choose the best cable length for your gaming experience.

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8. Razer DeathAdder Elite – Chroma Enabled RGB Ergonomic Gaming Mouse  

gaming mice Black Friday 2017

You can never go wrong with a Razer DeathAdder mouse, and this model features a new eSports-grade sensor and the same right-handed ergonomic design as the previous models. The mouse couples cutting-edge tech with fantastic ergonomics and extended durability. Take a look at the most important features of the Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse:

  • The mouse comes with the world’s most advanced optical sensor that has true 16,000 DPI, accurate tracking and 450 inches per second.
  • The sensor is engineered to redefine the standards of accuracy and speed, and you’ll be able to land more killing blows with the highest precision.
  • The mouse comes with the Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches that are optimized and tweaked for the fastest response times for gaming.
  • The gaming0grade Tactile Scroll Wheel provides fantastic control, and your fingers will always stay firmly on the wheel while you will be getting tactile feedback; you won’t have to worry about misfiring ever again.
  • It comes with additional DPI buttons for more sensitivity during your battles.
  • You can choose from the full spectrum of 16.8 million colors and custom effects to personalize your mouse.

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9. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Wired

gaming mice Black Friday 2017

Featuring accelerated coverage of the entire DPI range, zero smoothing, and filtering, this Logitech G900 mouse is prepared for everything. It comes with an ambidextrous design that is perfect for left-handed players. Here are its most notable features:

  • The ultra-quick one millisecond wired or wireless report rate and its lightweight body manage to deliver fantastic responsiveness for competition-level twitch targeting.
  • Thanks to the battery-0saving Clock Tuning Technology, just one single charge can power your mouse for an entire gaming weekend.
  • You will get maximum tracking accuracy from the PMW3366 optical sensor.
  • The mouse provides consistent targeting accuracy and responsiveness at any speed.
  • It comes with a customizable physical button layout and lightweight design that offer the perfect fit and feel in your hand.
  • You can program 11 buttons with game macros, media controls, and DPI shifting.
  • You will be able to match your style by adjusting the mouse up to 16.8 million colors and brightness.
  • The mouse delivers fast, accurate and reliable click performance due to the metal spring tensioning system and the metal pivot hinge design.
  • The crisp click feel is perfect for rapid-fire gaming.

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10. Corsair CH-9301011-NA Gaming Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse 

The Corsair Harpoon features a grippable leather texture, and its average size makes it ideal for both large and small hands. Here are the essential features that it boasts:

  • The Harpoon mouse is perfect for FPS gaming, and it features a 6000 DPI optical gaming sensor with advanced tracking and high-speed motion detection ideal for accuracy and control.
  • The mouse is lightweight, and it’s designed to fit naturally in your hand, featuring support for multiple grip styles to provide a slip-free experience.
  • The mouse comes pre-configured for the best performance, and you can customize your DPI stages as you please.
  • The 1000Hz polling rate pushes the limits of the USB protocol for high responsiveness and a lag-free experience.
  • The smart lighting offers you the option of personalizing the mouse, and you will be able to enjoy infinite colors and lighting effects.
  • It comes with six fully-programmable buttons that enable complex macros, simple remaps and more.

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Here where our roundup of gaming mice comes to an end. A mouse is one of the most critical weapons in any gamers’ arsenal, so make sure to check out all the mice and their features described above before making the perfect choice for your needs and for getting the best gaming experience.


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