How do I fix Gears 5 error 0x80040154 for good?

Teodor Nechita
by Teodor Nechita
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Players have starting posting on the official Microsoft forums that the latest cumulative update is hindering their gameplay experience with Gears 5.

It would seem that update KB4515384 seems to be triggering an error 0x80040154 whenevr they try launching it.

Several solutions were tried, including:

  • Keeping the system updated
  • Resetting the Store with WSreset
  • Re-installing game services through the Powershell console
  • Using the troubleshooting tool for the Windows Store App
  • Re-installing the Xbox Beta App
  • Creating a local user with admin rights and installing Gears 5 from the store again

Steps to fix Gears 5 error 0x80040154

It would seem that error 0x80040154 is closely linked to Microsoft Security Essentials.

More so, it can also be caused by conflicts between your antivirus program and the program you are trying to run.

As such, users should try some of the more generic solutions towards fixing error 0x80040154:

  • Performing a system restore
  • Uninstalling whatever anti-malware software they may have
  • Uninstalling Microsoft Security essentials (which in turn can be done in a variety of ways)
  • Performing a complete system reset
  • Reinstalling from a USB or DVD
  • Recovering their system from a restore partition
  • Turning their Windows Firewall on
  • Turning on their Windows Defender

No precise explanation exists as to why exactly this error is happening right now.

Additionaly, it would seem that Gears 5 isn’t the only affected game.

Users reported that this problem also seems to affect some games, such as Wolfensteain II.

Gears 5 has barely been released and that players are probably eager to get their hands on it.

As such, any type of error appearing right after launch can be extremely bad for publicity.