Gears 5 freezes on certain NVIDIA GPUs to gamers’ despair

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Gears 5 freezes on 10 series NVIDIA PCs

Apparently, Gears 5 doesn’t get along well with Nvidia GPUs. There are tens of reports already about the game freezes on systems running 10 series NVIDIA graphic cards.

This is a known issue and Nvidia is already aware of the problem. As a matter of fact, the history of this bug dates back to Gears 4.

Here’s how one users describes this Gears 5 bug on Reddit:

Gears 4 has a crashing issue that is, seemingly, very hard to pin down, on 10 series cards. I’ve experienced it myself and, needless to say, it’s not pretty, means you have to restart your entire rig and you lose any progress up to that point in whatever you were doing in-game.Has been present for about 2 years if not before that and though TC tried to resolve it, nothing ever happened in terms of an actual resolution.

It looks like the problem affects many other games as well. A player who was using GTX 1080 4 graphics card confirmed this issue affects every other games as well.

Freezing every other game just like 4 now. It never got fixed on 4 and these MF made a game that does the exact same thing. I cant believe this BS, tech test yeah yeah this was a problem for 2 years on 4 If 2 years of data did’nt help this shit won’t. have gone from gold 3 to silver 3 from crashes.

The gaming community also asked Gears 5’s developers to release the game with a warning. They should inform players that the  game does not work with GTX 10XX GPUs.

We can see that the impact of this bug is wide and Nvidia needs to work on this issue as soon as possible.


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