Gears of War 4 issues: shooting problems, game delays, download bugs and more

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The long-awaited next installment of the Gears of War franchise is finally here. In it, prepare to track the source of the vicious attacks threatening the life of your loved ones, and eliminate it completely before it’s too late.

Feedback for Gears of War 4 has been overwhelmingly positive with players appreciating its impressive graphics, fast-paced action and the new weapons at their disposal. However, since we don’t live in a perfect world, gamers also experienced other issues apart from the bugs mentioned on the known issues list.

The good news is that the majority of these issues are minor ones and don’t ruin the game experience completely as was the case with Forza Horizon 3.

Gears of War 4 issues on Windows 10, Xbox One

  1. Shooting delays

Gamers have reported shooting delays ever since the beta version of the game was launched. This bug was apparently absent for a few days prior to the game’s official release, but when gamers installed the final version of Gears of War 4, it became clear that shooting delays are still present.

“Yes shootings delays are there. There is a delay coming out of a roadie run and blind-firing and there is a delay when aiming and shooting over covers. PLEASE FIX.”

It appears this is not the only shooting issue gamers face while playing Gears of War 4. Other players also complaining about random shootings in the ground when they clearly shoot right in the opponent’s body. This is actually a severe bug because gamers affected by this issue are easy prey for their opponents.

  1. Shotgun shots don’t register

While this is another shooting issue, we added it separately to the list because it affects a particular weapon. This is not a permanent bug and affects players randomly. When they shoot, bullets don’t register even when the animation shows bullets coming out of the shotgun, causing opponents to receive zero damage. The number of bullets in the bullet counter doesn’t decrease, as well. The Coalition has already officially acknowledged the issue and is actively looking for a fix.

“Had this happen twice to me last night. 100% damage but I get to watch the guy keep running around lol. I have links here […]. I have also had the issue where I know for a fact I hit 2 shots on a guy and it will say I only hit him once. Another thing I notice is that it seems to happen more with LT shots/pop shots. That they just aren’t counted sometimes.”

  1. Sound inconsistencies

After players finish a game, they can still hear sound fragments from the last game such as remarks from other players or sound effects and music. Also, campaign music is almost completely being drowned out by sound effects and character voices. Of course, these sound issues are not severe but sometimes they can become quite annoying.

However, some sound issues heavily impact gaming performance, with players reporting that sometimes they can’t hear enemy footsteps.

“Interestingly, I noticed I can hear enemies approaching from the left/right. I can also hear their grunts and what not if they take cover. But I can’t hear them running up behind me, and I can’t hear their footsteps if it’s dead silent and they’re moving around in the area.”

“Every headshot has the exact same loudness/locality no matter where it happened on the map. But then when I execute a dude with the Gnasher the headshot sound is very muted.”

  1. Gears of War 4 loads too slowly

Many gamers are complaining about maps loading too slowly, with the problem ocurring in full lobbies as well. The loading times range from three minutes to as long as 10 minutes, and has affected gamers since the beta version of Gears of War 4 was released.

“The game wasn’t ready to ship but they shipped it anyway.You can tell by the loading times and the gimped 2 player coop even though you have for characters at all times.The Coalition has destroyed my favorite franchise of all time”

  1. Gears of War 4 won’t install

According to reports, the download process for the game begins without a hitch, but after half of the game is downloaded, the Store displays error 0x80070490 or 0x80073CF9, informing users that Gears of War 4 cannot be installed.

“After the PC downloads the 43.47 Mb, the store says there was and error (0x80070490 and 0x80073CF9) and doesn’t install the game.. I’ve tried EVERYTHING I’ve seem to try and solve those errors, but everytime I try to reinstall, the same errors pop up again…”

It appears that this is a common issue among Windows 10 users and the only solution is to actually reinstall the OS from scratch.

“[…]  The only thing that worked was re installing the OS from scratch. […] After installing the OS, I downloaded the display driver, update it to the latest Win10 build and re downloaded the game. Only then it installed. Not sure if you would wan’t to do that, but it was the only thing that worked after downloading the game 6 times fully, only to get the same error each time.”

  1. Gears of War lags and movement is too slow

Compared to the beta version of the game, movement doesn’t feel smooth at all. One gamer perfectly described this issue, saying that movement is like running on wet cement.

“in Beta everything was fast and smooth, you could shotgun and you could evade, now it’s kinda luck based, I mean of course it’s all about the accuracy but damn this feels bad, plain and simple.. Lag is omnipresent, terrible lag spikes are frequent […]”

  1. Xbox One turns off when launching Gears of War 4

This major issue has been present in the beta version of Gears of War 4 and remains unfixed in the final game version. This bug prevents Xbox One users from actually playing the game and using the console altogether. More specifically, gamers can’t keep the console on as it instantly shuts down when launching Gears of War 4. This bug affects both the Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles.

“It’s happened to me three times now, my Xbox has completely shut down when trying to boot the game up. Never had anything like this before and don’t have this problem with any other games, my console also struggles to join party chats and takes a few attempts before working again.”

  1. Gamers are randomly kicked out of games

Some gamers complain about being kicked out of Gears of War 4, although they play fair and are doing well in the game. There is neither a warning message nor explanation as to why they are kicked out.

“So this is the 2nd time this happens, I’m doing extremely well in a game and get kicked. I was just 12-3 in a TDM Ranked and get randomly Kicked wtf man. There is also no reason why I get kicked it’s just a message that says you have been kicked from the game.”

  1. Brightness settings won’t save

When gamers launch Gears of War 4, the brightness settings revert to default. Other gamers also confirm the same for audio settings. However, the good news is that controller settings remain the same and don’t go back to their default values.

“I set the brightness settings and when I turn the game off they go back to their default settings. Nothing else seems to revert back.”

This list is not an exhaustive one and only includes the most frequent issues gamers have reported so far. There are no workarounds available yet for the majority of bugs, but The Coalition should soon push out a hotfix to solve at least some of these annoying issues.

Have you played Gears of War 4? How has your gaming experience been so far?