Gears of War 4 issues: shooting problems, game delays, download bugs and more

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The long-awaited next installment of the Gears of War franchise is finally here. In it, prepare to track the source of the vicious attacks threatening the life of your loved ones, and eliminate it completely before it’s too late.

Feedback for Gears of War 4 has been overwhelmingly positive with players appreciating its impressive graphics, fast-paced action and the new weapons at their disposal. However, since we don’t live in a perfect world, gamers also experienced other issues apart from the bugs mentioned on the known issues list.

The good news is that the majority of these issues are minor ones and don’t ruin the game experience completely as was the case with Forza Horizon 3.

Gears of War 4 issues on Windows 10, Xbox One

  1. Shooting delays

Gamers have reported shooting delays ever since the beta version of the game was launched. This bug was apparently absent for a few days prior to the game’s official release, but when gamers installed the final version of Gears of War 4, it became clear that shooting delays are still present.

“Yes shootings delays are there. There is a delay coming out of a roadie run and blind-firing and there is a delay when aiming and shooting over covers. PLEASE FIX.”

It appears this is not the only shooting issue gamers face while playing Gears of War 4. Other players also complaining about random shootings in the ground when they clearly shoot right in the opponent’s body. This is actually a severe bug because gamers affected by this issue are easy prey for their opponents.

  1. Shotgun shots don’t register

While this is another shooting issue, we added it separately to the list because it affects a particular weapon. This is not a permanent bug and affects players randomly. When they shoot, bullets don’t register even when the animation shows bullets coming out of the shotgun, causing opponents to receive zero damage. The number of bullets in the bullet counter doesn’t decrease, as well. The Coalition has already officially acknowledged the issue and is actively looking for a fix.

“Had this happen twice to me last night. 100% damage but I get to watch the guy keep running around lol. I have links here […]. I have also had the issue where I know for a fact I hit 2 shots on a guy and it will say I only hit him once. Another thing I notice is that it seems to happen more with LT shots/pop shots. That they just aren’t counted sometimes.”

  1. Sound inconsistencies

After players finish a game, they can still hear sound fragments from the last game such as remarks from other players or sound effects and music. Also, campaign music is almost completely being drowned out by sound effects and character voices. Of course, these sound issues are not severe but sometimes they can become quite annoying.

However, some sound issues heavily impact gaming performance, with players reporting that sometimes they can’t hear enemy footsteps.

“Interestingly, I noticed I can hear enemies approaching from the left/right. I can also hear their grunts and what not if they take cover. But I can’t hear them running up behind me, and I can’t hear their footsteps if it’s dead silent and they’re moving around in the area.”

“Every headshot has the exact same loudness/locality no matter where it happened on the map. But then when I execute a dude with the Gnasher the headshot sound is very muted.”

  1. Gears of War 4 loads too slowly

Many gamers are complaining about maps loading too slowly, with the problem ocurring in full lobbies as well. The loading times range from three minutes to as long as 10 minutes, and has affected gamers since the beta version of Gears of War 4 was released.

“The game wasn’t ready to ship but they shipped it anyway.You can tell by the loading times and the gimped 2 player coop even though you have for characters at all times.The Coalition has destroyed my favorite franchise of all time”

  1. Gears of War 4 won’t install

According to reports, the download process for the game begins without a hitch, but after half of the game is downloaded, the Store displays error 0x80070490 or 0x80073CF9, informing users that Gears of War 4 cannot be installed.

“After the PC downloads the 43.47 Mb, the store says there was and error (0x80070490 and 0x80073CF9) and doesn’t install the game.. I’ve tried EVERYTHING I’ve seem to try and solve those errors, but everytime I try to reinstall, the same errors pop up again…”

It appears that this is a common issue among Windows 10 users and the only solution is to actually reinstall the OS from scratch.

“[…]  The only thing that worked was re installing the OS from scratch. […] After installing the OS, I downloaded the display driver, update it to the latest Win10 build and re downloaded the game. Only then it installed. Not sure if you would wan’t to do that, but it was the only thing that worked after downloading the game 6 times fully, only to get the same error each time.”

  1. Gears of War lags and movement is too slow

Compared to the beta version of the game, movement doesn’t feel smooth at all. One gamer perfectly described this issue, saying that movement is like running on wet cement.

“in Beta everything was fast and smooth, you could shotgun and you could evade, now it’s kinda luck based, I mean of course it’s all about the accuracy but damn this feels bad, plain and simple.. Lag is omnipresent, terrible lag spikes are frequent […]”

  1. Xbox One turns off when launching Gears of War 4

This major issue has been present in the beta version of Gears of War 4 and remains unfixed in the final game version. This bug prevents Xbox One users from actually playing the game and using the console altogether. More specifically, gamers can’t keep the console on as it instantly shuts down when launching Gears of War 4. This bug affects both the Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles.

“It’s happened to me three times now, my Xbox has completely shut down when trying to boot the game up. Never had anything like this before and don’t have this problem with any other games, my console also struggles to join party chats and takes a few attempts before working again.”

  1. Gamers are randomly kicked out of games

Some gamers complain about being kicked out of Gears of War 4, although they play fair and are doing well in the game. There is neither a warning message nor explanation as to why they are kicked out.

“So this is the 2nd time this happens, I’m doing extremely well in a game and get kicked. I was just 12-3 in a TDM Ranked and get randomly Kicked wtf man. There is also no reason why I get kicked it’s just a message that says you have been kicked from the game.”

  1. Brightness settings won’t save

When gamers launch Gears of War 4, the brightness settings revert to default. Other gamers also confirm the same for audio settings. However, the good news is that controller settings remain the same and don’t go back to their default values.

“I set the brightness settings and when I turn the game off they go back to their default settings. Nothing else seems to revert back.”

This list is not an exhaustive one and only includes the most frequent issues gamers have reported so far. There are no workarounds available yet for the majority of bugs, but The Coalition should soon push out a hotfix to solve at least some of these annoying issues.

Have you played Gears of War 4? How has your gaming experience been so far?


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Does anyone know how to stop the game from constantly downloading? I had to pause the game and redownload the rest at a different time and it downloaded ok but then just reset and started downloading the entire game again :/. It just won’t accept it is fully downloaded and installed and keeps treating it like a first time download.

I bought the gears console so i can play on Xbox anyway but just wanted to see what it was like on PC as it included a digital copy for both.

When the download hit 25gb the PC will freeze and crash. Is this my pc problem or the app store.
My pc running 6700K with GTX1080 full AIO Water cooling even the gpu

It’s an windows / app store issue. Nothing to do with your set up.

First you’ll need to make sure you’re running the latest version of windows 10,8 or 7 on your pc, otherwise it will never fully download. (If you can’t download the latest windows update for your version of windows, you’ll need to temporarily remove any third party anti virus on your computer.)

That should be the only requirement, it may still freeze and start and stop, no real way to fix this.

You’ll have to keep pausing the download and starting it again, or start the download and leave your pc on.

Umm is there any way to even install gears of war 4 to windows 7…. Ive been looking for a solution all day for that little gem. I own the game just cant play it cause I cant download it.

No its locked behind the windows store. So you’ll need windows 10. (maybe 8, but not sure)

Just upgrade to windows 10, no reason to stay at 7, it should be a free upgrade, or has that deal already expired?

If it has, just do a clean install of windows 10, you can buy a new copy of windows 10 from anywhere between £14 to £24online, which is reasonable and cheap.

I always buy mine at kinguin, never had an issue, the price floats from around £17 to £23 on this site.

I have a GTX 1080 amp extreme and this is the first game to run like garbage since owning this card.

I know i got the game for free, but really expected better, all the reviews are praising this game for the visuals and smooth gameplay. (Thankfully this site, is being honest about the issues)

My experience was different, experience constant fps drops, stuttering during cutscenes for some reason,stuttering,latency / freezing during gameplay randomly and to top it off, the visuals are only look okay.

Using the recommended 4k settings with all ultra pre-sets. Tried disabling v sync and messing with other setting but nothing seems to work.

Not to mention the fact that the game refused to download for about 3 hours, had to restart my pc around 10 times and the game would only download after installing a update for windows 10 which only came out a few days ago..

If anyone has a solution or suggestions let me know, the game is decent and don’t wan’t to drop it due to poor performance.

Make sure that game dvr in the Xbox app on windows is turned off. recent windows patch has it enabled by default but it just drops all FPS in most games. I dont know if this will solve your issue. Gears runs over 60fps on my 970 with easy 1080rez gaming.

Hey, thanks for replying.

After turning my pc off and on all issues resolved themselves. The patch must not have been applied when i first downloaded and installed it.

Because when i restarted the game today, everything was smooth as can be. There are occasional dips in fps depending on the areas your in, but will always be over 45 fps and will float between 45 and 68 fps.

I’ve further maxed out the recommended settings otherwise it would be between 50 and 68 fps at 4k.

I do however think the game needs to be further optimised, although the dips I’m now experiencing rarely affect game play and are alot better than before, its annoys seeing the drop from 60+ fps down into the 45+.

I’ll further tweak the setting and see if I can find a better compromise between the visuals and gameplay/fps.

You might be right seeing that testers said even the latest pascal Titan X can’t max the game out at 60 fps in 4k. comes close but a couple of settings have to be put to high. That is one heck of a card that should smash this game.

I cannot tell if games are becoming a lot more demanding than everyone thought or if developers and studios are getting lazy or if Nvidia blatantly lied to us.

From what i remember the GTX 1080 was sold as a card capable of 4k gaming and vr without making compromises.

This is true on older titles, I haven’t had any issues here. But with games like gears 4 and mafia 3, all i do is compromise.

I could game at 4k, but to reach a minimum of a constant/stable 60+ fps, I’d have turn down a lot of setting to a point, where it might even be better to game at 1440p or little lower with all settings maxed. (Had to do this with black ops 3, with my gtx 970.)

I’m starting to regretting being an early adopter, because even the new titan XP can’t handle these new game already.

I hope it’s down to poor optimisation. Because I’ve maxed everything out in gears and it says only 6GB point something of the vram is being utilized, this might be wrong or misleading as my monitoring programs show 100 load, during the time i was gaming.

Edit: Just noticed that I’ve been messaging as liam davis & rashani lol. Hahaha forgot that I have different account automatically signed on different devices, my bad for any confusion.

lol all good, yeah it is the reason i decided to hold off. The 980ti is quite good for 1440p and that is all my pc monitor is for now.

Sounds more like a driver issue, did you try rolling back to a previous driver? Try also running the card in non overclocked mode as this has worked well on my 980ti when i get those sorts of issues. Some game engines just don’t seem to like overclocked cards.
I am using a preview version of windows 10 so i can’t even install gears yet 🙂 . Apparently the next update is meant to fix things.

Check my other message below, after turning off my computer and loading up gears 4 the next day, all issues were resolved.

I think the patch wasn’t applied, even though it had been downloaded and installed.

Wasn’t a driver issue or windows compatibility issue either, as both remained the same.

Graphics card isn’t over clocked yet, no need to as this cards boosts up pretty high out of the box, will probably do so soon. It feels wrong not to over clock my GPU, but not in any rush.

Some random info:

Depending on what version of windows 10 your using you may need to, temporarily remove any third part anti virus software to be able to complete the install of the latest windows update.

I have the standard consumer version of windows 10 and the insider version of windows 10, if you have the insider version of windows 10, it will always fail / freeze at around 80% during the install of the latest windows update and you’ll need to remove any anti virus software to fixes it.

Oh no worries glad you got it sorted. Actually it took me 3 attempts to obtain the latest driver for 980ti as it kept failing for some odd reason.
Thanks but I didn’t have any issue updating windows in the preview it’s just the apps store that refuses to comply :).
Turns out now that Microsoft warn against installing gears 4 on this latest preview anyway and suggested rolling back but the problem is it won’t install on the rolled back one either so i’ll just wait for next build.

Honestly to download any game that an xbox exclusive / console game from the windows store is a pain.

It’s not refined as steam or origin for example. Yes, I know it’s because these services have been around for years.

Honestly you only have 3 options:

The first is proactively trying to pause and restart the gears download, this works but is very annoying and slow, as the download will stop after a few MB is downloaded.

Second is to just open the store hit download, every time you turn on your pc, leave the download going and hope for the best.

The third is exactly what you said above, wait till microsoft releases a more stable build.

Edit: You can also buy a oem / retail version of windows 10 for like £14 to £20. I had to do this as the insider previews have gotten worse, in my opinion. There less stable for gaming and using third party programs, don’t get me wrong for day to day stuff it a massive improvement. All apps and especially the windows one are more functional and responsive. (But just stick to the customer level versions, a lot more stable)

Also you’re so lucky you could install the latest insider preview build without issues. It took me 3 days of trying and then I finally remembering this happened to me before, when preview build was available before windows 10 was officially released.

Thanks , i used first code , appreciate it. I probably should have explained better. I can download Gears but what happens on windows store is when the download finishes it just immediately starts downloading from the beginning again so it is stuck in some sort of infinite loop. Annoying when it is almost 80 gb

Do you know if it will work even if you don’t preorder the game though? I am still on the fence on whether to preorder or not.

yh, if you redeem the code on the playstation store now, you can pre-load the beta right now and start playing tomorrow. from the 14th to the 17th and then again on the 21st to the 24th.

Bear in mind the download took me around 5 hours to download and it’s almost 20GB in size, so start downloading now and put your ps4 into rest mode.

I mentioned the time because usually that should only take around 1 to 2 hours and the size is ridiculous for a beta.

Play it now on beta, if you like it then pre-order it, if not then don’t.

Maybe this piece of info will be helpful: I pre-ordered the legacy version for pc from cd-keys for £36.99

So you get infinite warfare and cod 4 remastered. For less than the standard editions RRP of like £60 on console and £50 on PC.

Ok cheers mate, not sure , unfortunately i have a slow connection and can’t download it in one go so the resume may be the issue. I might just wait for a new version of the windows preview though. Bit sick of it to be honest lol

My biggest issue is the movement speed…. I’m a pc gamer and I could not get the feel behind the speed of this game. I am going to try to get use to it… but I must say I did not like how my guy felt in the least bit. I am a huge Gears fan but have not own a console since the 360.

The movement speed is beyond slow. I hate that the game feels like gears of war ue. The gears 4 beta was much faster paced.

I went home and played it for a bit. I am use to the speed now and its not as bad. Not saying it couldn’t be slightly faster, but I am at least having fun now that I have the controls down for PC.

What issues are you two experiencing exactly? I know it’s related to the movement speed, but it just sounds odd.

When i first picked up and played the game, the movement and movement speed was smooth, apart from fps dips, bear in mind i use the ps4 controller, haven’t tested it out on mouse and keyboard yet.

But it’s perfectly optimised for controller. Is it down to button mapping? When i first played black ops 3 on pc i encountered the same problem, until completely remapped all keys.

or is the gameplay just slow for you? because that might be a driver issue.

I have remapped everything and have since gotten much more use to the game, but yeah i was talking about legit movement speed. The game isn’t meant to be super fast and it just took me a while to adjust to it.

I’m going to suggest getting an xbox one or ps4 controller and testing the game with it.

I think you’ve probably got a little bit more remapping to, do.

Because the game should have fast movement speed. If you hold the dodge/jump button, you should be speeding/sprinting about, ducking behind, jumping over and shift from cover to cover, all pretty smoothly and at a speed.

I’m going to test it out with, mouse and keyboard tomorrow morning and see if there’s a difference.

But i do suggest testing with a actually controller first, so you can get a solid idea of the best key mapping, on mouse and keyboard.

Side note: I have a gtx 1080, but if i max anti aliasing gameplay speed is halved. fps stays the same, but overall movement is halved, don’t ask me how that works out to be, it just happens, so i leave aa to x8.

Maybe that can improve performance, but i think it’s has something to do with your mapping, maybe watch a few videos on youtube, to see if others gameplay is faster than yours.

Yeah its just a slower type of shooter. Been a while. I am really liking the game though. AA syncs frames with your monitor refresh rate. So fps may still be high on a GPU standpoint, but its refreshing with your monitor. I would check to see how high a refresh rate your monitor is you want at least 60hz so you can AA 60FPS smooth. You can get some high end gaming ones that are like 144hz. If you have an older 4k you may be using 30hz this may be why you are noticing a delay. For instance my 4k monitor will only do 60hz with a display port.

The games good, but when it ends, it so unexpected and a little disappointing because you want more story.

I’m gonna try and replay it on insane difficulty on the weekend, i think.

My tv/monitor is 4k, refreshes at 60hz & supports HDR, but for some reason on this game if it’s past x16 aa, it goes to half speed.

Other games are unaffected, but those are on steam,uplay & origin. It’s my first windows store game, was thinking it’s a issue with the game or a component of my setup.

I’ll try looking into it on the weekend and run a few in depth tests.

Movement speed?? No why would that be adjustable lol. Its a fundamental part of the game.. Yeah let PC speed hack.