A new Gears of War 4 UIR Gear Pack is coming after Christmas

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Gears of War 4 recently received two presents from The Coalition: The long awaited Gearsmas and a controversial UIR Gear Pack — controversial because thousands of fans called TC greedy because of this move. To them, spending all their credits on the Gearsmas offering and having to pay real money for the UIR Gear Pack was unfair.

Gamers say that this was developer’s plan from the very beginning. To add more fuel to the fire, GoW4 fans also feel betrayed because they didn’t get the items they wanted despite spending thousands of credits on Gearsmas and the UIR Gear Pack.

Despite all the backlash, a new GoW 4 UIR Gear Pack will be released after Christmas. For the time being, there is no exact date available as to when this UIR Gear Pack lands. However, we believe the pack should arrive on December 26.

Since this piece of news came shortly after the recent Gearsmas UIR Gear Pack story, fans once again vented their frustration the developer’s forum.

It is hard to control yourself. […] It’s a science and it’s designed to empty peoples wallets. It’s a disgusting thing and I feel sorry for anyone who is suckered in by it. They only see us as cash cows, just remember that.

There are over 2000 replies to the GoW4 forum thread where fans discuss TC’s UIR Gear Pack strategy. For the time being, TC hasn’t offered any official statement regarding these greed accusations. TC’s PezRadar, one of the community administrators confirmed he passed over fans’ feedback, but that’s about all. Naturally, this adds to player’ anger.

PezRadar also added that the upcoming GoW4 UIR Gear Pack is coming after Christmas and will be available for more than one week.

To be a bit more specific as I think the OP didn’t come across it very well, the UIR content will be available again right after Christmas and for an extended period of time. (Well over a week)

In a nutshell GoW4 fans, you’d better save your credits for the upcoming UIR Gear Pack — that is, if you still want to support TC.


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Ummm has the human race gone insane ?You don’t have to buy anything you don’t want to. You will survive without every skin in the game…I know you will. Fing whiney little millennial brats need to STFU.

Are you a fan of gears of war, read all the books and play all the games? For some players the uir pack was a way to play as their favourite people. As it included four uir characters (randomly.) it’s not just about skins. Besides, you can earn credits in the game without paying real money. The uir pack was in the thousands via credits, meaning if you spent all your credits on gearsmas you had little chance of getting the uir pack for free. Each pack has a limited amount of continents and again at random. Ten bucks spent three times over for packs that didn’t contain anything worthwhile, was a piss off for avid players. The uir pack was only in store for a day. It’s justified whining. Like when you buy a whole pack of food you like, set it in the fridge for only an hour, only to return to all of it having been eaten before you could even unseal it. Only you couldn’t just get more at the store after, because it was limited edition.

I disagree. A huge gears fan. Will earn the pack when it releases or won’t get it and won’t lose an ounce of sleep over it. It’s like buying a pizza and then deciding if I want to pay for the additional toppings. It’s not justified whining.

Earn the pack? I just spent 13 hours in horde mode to make 5k in credits. That’d be enough for one free pack. (12$Cad) Besides. It was already released, and again was only out for a single official day. Which some people missed. ANY pizza without pineapples isn’t complete ???? In the end, companies want feedback from their consumers, complaints are such. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. They’re re-releasing the pack later after Christmas. A lot of fans will be able to save up accordingly, now. Instead of having a first ever *Expensive* pack dropped in shop after a huge gearsmas event, which left most players broke from buying up Gearsmas packs. (most packs are under five bucks. This was a random huge price jump)

dont bother arguing with this guy (Clause). the fact that a poor and blatantly greedy business strategy upset people and they want the company to hear it is considered “whining from millennial brats” in his opinion. clearly this guy is just looking for a place to be condescending.