How to Spot Geek Squad Scams: 10 Safety Tips for 2022

by Kazim Ali Alvi
Kazim Ali Alvi
Kazim Ali Alvi
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  • Geek Squad scam emails are part of an elaborate phishing fraud that's been going on for quite some time now.
  • A scammer sends you an email claiming that the Geek Squad subscription has expired, and it will be auto-renewed unless you call the provided number. 
  • Be wary of such scams and never share your personal information or credit card details.
  • Also, find out what to do if you have received a scam email from Geek Squad.
Spot a geek squad scam email
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We have all at some point received a scam email, though many might not have fallen for it. Unfortunately, phishing emails are one of the many disadvantages of the Internet’s vast reach. Geek Squad scam emails are the newest entrant to the list, with people losing thousands of dollars to it.

Geek Squad, a subsidiary of Best Buy, supports computer and other appliance-related issues for a small fee. This includes both online and on-site support. It offers a $199 annual subscription package, and this very aspect is used to scam people.

If you have received an email from Geek Squad and are wondering if it’s a scam, read the following sections to find out all about it.

What is the Geek Squad scam?

The Geek Squad scam email is quite similar to how other such scams operate. You receive an email from an account claiming that the annual membership has expired and a certain amount has been deducted from your account to auto-renew it.

To cancel the charge, there’s a customer support number provided. When users call the given number, they are asked to share sensitive information, including banking and credit card details.

In some cases, users may also be provided a link to download software that is then used to hack into their computer and steal critical data.

While the Geek Squad scam has been going on for some time now, there has been a resurgence in such emails in the last couple of months. One user recently reported losing almost $100,000 after the scammer gained remote access to the computer.

To stay safe, never contact the numbers provided in the email, click on any links, or provide any information. Also, if you see an email from Geek Squad in your inbox, here’s how you can find out if it’s a scam.

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How do I spot a Geek Squad scam email?

1. Check for grammatical and spelling mistakes

Grammatical errors or spelling mistakes are the first signs that often give away if an email is a part of an elaborate scam. Unfortunately, such emails generally have several of these, and if you have a keen eye for detail, it would be easy to spot Geek Squad scam emails.

For instance, you would find words misspelled, absent space after commas or full stops, or improper capitalization of terms.

Though some of the scam emails are well written, you would have to look at other aspects listed below to spot these.

2. See how the email is drafted

Another aspect to check out is how an email is drafted. For example, a giant corporation generally employs a dedicated team responsible for preparing emails to customers. Also, these go through several rounds of approval before being finally sent out.

So, if you find that the one from Geek Squad lacks good graphics, has items misplaced, or the general layout seems a little off, it could be a scam email. You can also compare it with emails from other official sources to spot a scam email.

3. Verify the sender’s email address

In most cases, Geek Squad scam emails come from addresses registered on services like Gmail or Yahoo, and this is a simple way to spot one. Big companies like Best Buy generally have written domain names, and you will find these suffixed to the end of the email address.

Several users have also reported receiving Geek Squad scam emails from addresses registered on Intuit. The address generally used here is [email protected]. So if you ever receive an email from this address, it is most likely a scam.

4. Check the graphics and logo

The graphics and logo used in scam emails are often either distorted, cropped, or unclear. In addition, these items are usually taken from unofficial sources, thus resulting in poor quality.

It’s also likely that the email would carry an outdated logo of Geek Squad. So, check the latest logo on the official Best Buy website and not fall prey to the Geek Squad scam emails.

5. Identify any suspicious links

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If an email that looks suspicious carries links, NEVER click on these! It could lead you to websites that ask for personal information or even automatically download malware to your computer.

Once the malware is loaded on the user’s computer, hackers can steal critical data or even remotely control the system. Unfortunately, many fell victim to this and lost thousands of dollars.

To determine where it redirects you, hover the cursor over the link to preview it. Also, you could copy the link and paste it into a word processor to analyze and identify if it’s legitimate.

6. See how the email addresses you

Companies you have purchased products or services from have your details stored and often use it to address you when sending an email to make the interaction seem more personal. For instance, here’s an email from PayPal that mentions the user’s name to address them.

Since scammers don’t have this information, they would instead address users generally and use words like Dear Customer. Also, you would find things to be highly informal in some cases. These few points would help easily spot a Geek Squad scam email.

7. Check if the email tries to create an urgency

Scam emails work on a straightforward principle and create urgency and panic in the user. Because once these manage to panic the user, they cannot think clearly and end up falling prey to the scam.

Check if there’s a timeline provided in the email to contact customer support to waive the charge or request a refund. Scammers generally offer a 24-48 hours timeline because it makes things sound urgent.

So, if you ever see an email from Geek Squad that works on similar lines, it’s most likely a scam email.

8. Email requires you to submit personal information

Though these never ask directly, some Geek Squad scam emails have links that redirect to pages where you might be required to submit personal information. NEVER do that!

Best Buy has confirmed in its privacy policy that it doesn’t require users to submit their personal information, nor does it ever ask for it. So, any email that asks for it is a scam.

9. Information provided in the email doesn’t add up

Many users received the Geek Squad scam email on addresses they never used to register on the platform. This helped them identify that the email was a part of the scam. So, look out for such minute details.

Also, one user claimed that the email mentioned Debit Card while she always used a Credit Card for such purchases. Besides, if you have never used the Geek Squad service or paid a subscription fee previously and still receive such emails, it’s a scam.

10. Search the web for similar scams

If you are still unsure whether the email is legit, try searching the web. Other users who have received these emails in the past might have shared a screenshot of it, and if the template matches with the one you received, things will become clear.

If you are still unable to ascertain whether it’s a scam email, the last option is to contact Geek Squad through secure channels. But, first, go to the official website and check the various ways to contact Geek Squad.

How do I report phishing emails to Geek Squad or Best Buy?

Geek Squad has a dedicated helpline for users to register scams. Once they receive a complaint, a thorough investigation is launched to analyze the email, the sender, the included attachments, and the contact details provided.

If you have received a Geek Squad scam email, contact immediately on 1-888-237-8289 to report it. Reporting a scam is one of the first steps to prevent others from becoming victims of it, so make sure to do your part.

What do I do if I receive a scam email?

If you have just received an email and haven’t shared any sensitive information or clicked on any suspicious link, there’s nothing to worry about!

However, if you have clicked on a link, make sure to scan your computer for malware using an effective antivirus. Then, if required, format the computer and restore it to the factory settings. Also, if you have submitted your banking details, contact your bank immediately.

That’s all there is to Geek Squad scam email, how it operates, and the ways to spot one. From now on, you will be far more informed on the subject and be able to spot a Geek Squad renewal scam email.

Also, Geek Squad is not the only company that has become the target of a scam. We have comprehensively covered the Norton 360 and McAfee email scams as well.

If you have any other queries or want us to cover more such topics, do not hesitate to drop a comment below.

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