3 Best Browsers to Watch Globoplay's TV Shows

If you want to watch Globoplay abroad, use a browser with built-in VPN

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Key notes

  • Globoplay is a Brazilian streaming service that has some of the country's best shows.
  • The service is available internationally thanks to an app and web browser version.
  • This guide will showcase the best browsers for viewing Globoplay.
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Globoplay is a lesser-known video-on-demand streaming service that specializes in Brazilian content. The country has its fair share of quality content from comedies to dramas and even reality TV.

Globoplay works on every single browser, but there are some that work better than others. Certain browsers offer features that enhance the viewing experience. And this guide will show you the best three browsers for Globoplay.

Is Globoplay international?

Yes, Globoplay is available in a wide variety of countries around the world. Obviously, the service is available in Portugal and Brazil. Apart from that, you can watch if you live in the US, Italy, Germany, Spain, the UK, and more. It’s also available as part of a packaged deal with SlingTV.

SlingTV, as known simple as Sling, is a cheap streaming service that pulls together notable cable channels into one big service. It’s essentially a cheaper version of cable TV.

Part of the channels Sling incorporates include international channels like Globoplay for wider support. Sling is only available in the US and Puerto Rico, however.

All that said, this guide will show you the best browsers for Globoplay. We’ll even mention browsers that have unique compatibility with Sling.

What are the best browsers for Globoplay?

1. Opera One – fast & reliable streaming

Starting off the list is the Opera One web browser and it’s on here for one particular reason: it’s VPN. You see, Opera One actually comes with a free VPN for desktop and Android. It’s secure and you don’t even have to log in to use it.

It doesn’t collect data on your activity or any kind of personal information. The VPN ensures that your IP address is hidden at all times. Using a VPN is the best way to access Globoplay.

If the service isn’t available in your country, Opera One VPN can bypass that restriction. Other VPNs like Nord and Surfshark do work, but you have to pay for those. Apart from the VPN, Opera One is still a great browser.

One of the best features that Opera One has is its ability to support Chrome extensions to further enhance your browsing experience. There aren’t very many GloboPlay extensions but we did find one called GloboPlay TV.

It allows you to change your location according to certain Brazilian cities like Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo so you can watch local content.

Additional features

  • It comes with Tab Islands and Workspaces
  • Turbo Mode and battery saver
  • Integrated social media apps and messaging
  • Native AI and modular AI-ready design.

Opera One

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2. Edge – secure servers

The next entries are on here because of their unique compatibility with SlingTV. If you recall, GloboPlay is on SlingTV as part of a packaged deal. The vast majority of browsers support SlingTV, but these two do it better.

Case in point, Microsoft Edge. This browser has come a long way since the days of Internet Explorer and is much better. This is because Edge now supports HTML which allows the browser to support both video and audio codecs.

This translates to secure and high-quality videos. And it supports Microsoft PlayReady to further enhance GlobloPlay to enable 4K resolution. On top of that, Edge doesn’t take up a lot of CPU resources.

That way you can surf the internet or do other things while watching something on GloboPlay. Although be careful with the number of extensions you add to Edge as this can cause your computer to slow down.

As far as we can tell, Edge doesn’t have any unique extensions for GloboPlay or SlingTV.

Additional features

  • It sports Edge SmartScreen to block phishing scams.
  • You can sync the settings of your browser across other devices.
  • It can put tabs to “sleep” to save on CPU resources.

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3. Chrome – advanced streaming settings

The last, and arguably the best, entry on this list is Google Chrome. The reason why Chrome is such a good fit for GloboPLay is its extensive video playback support. It ensures videos load quickly and stay at a high resolution.

On top of that, users benefit from the massive add-on library available on Google Chrome. Aside from GloboPlay TV mentioned in the Opera One section, there are tons of third-party extensions.

One of the famous video extensions is Turn Off the Lights which fades the page around a video so it feels like you’re watching a movie. It comes highly rated with over a million users who have downloaded and installed it on their copy of Chrome.

And if you have a Chromecast device plugged into your TV, you can transmit GloboPlay from your Chrome desktop onto the screen for you to enjoy.

It should be mentioned that Chrome is a bit of a resource hog and you may experience some slow down. If this happens, we recommend closing the other tabs and windows.

Additional features

  • For work, Chrome supports a variety of productivity features like organized tabs.
  • The browser has powerful protection for passwords.
  • You can synchronize Chrome settings across multiple devices.

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