New GOG games not appearing in the library? Here’s what to do

by Tashreef Shareef
Tashreef Shareef
Tashreef Shareef
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Games missing from GOG library
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GOG is a popular digital distribution platform for classic and new games for Windows and other platforms. Users can purchase and manage all of their game from one place. However, some users have reported GOG games not showing up in the library issue with their accounts.

This issue can occur due to server issues or bad cache problem that can be fixed with a refresh.

Follow the steps in this article to fix GOG games not showing up issues with your account.

Why my new GOG game purchases are not available in the library?

1. Refresh GOG account

GOG games not showing

  1. Try using the refresh link to see if that helps to fix the issue. Your games should appear in the purchase list after a refresh if it was a temporary issue.
  2. On your web browser, make sure you are logged into your GOG account.
  3. Now open GOG user refresh page.
  4. After that, open GOG account refresh page.
  5. Now check your GOG library for the games.

How to fix GOG games not installing

2. Check for hidden games

  1. GOG allows the users to hide some of the games from the Library. This helps in keeping a clutter-free games library. However, sometimes the games may automatically be moved to the Hidden section, thus not appearing in your library.
  2. Click on My Collection (top left).
  3. Select the “Hidden Games” option.
    GOG games not showing
  4. Check if any of the missing games are listed in the Hidden Games menu.
  5. To unhide a game, click on the game’s menu (drop-down button) and select Unhide.
  6. Check your GOG library again if the game not showing up error is resolved.

3. Wait for the new games

GOG games not showing

  1. If you bought the game a few minutes or hours ago, wait for a while for the game to appear.
  2. At times, the games may not be available to play instantly after the purchase.
  3. Refresh your GOG library after a few hours and you may find your games in the library.

Check for server issues

  1. Check if there is a service issue.
  2. The developers usually update the users via their social media accounts or email about any service issues or maintenance.

Contact GOG support

  1. If you are an early buyer of a game, you may want to contact GOG support regarding the issue.
  2. On rare occasions, the early purchasers of the game may not get the game due to technical issues.
  3. Contact GOG support and they should help you resolve the problem at the earliest.
  4. While contacting GOG, make sure you mention the purchase ID to get better support.

4. Check your internet service

Games missing from GOG library

  1. If the issue is occurring on the GOG client, check your internet service.
  2. Disable if you have a VPN client connected to the internet. If not, enable VPN and the sign in to your account.
  3. You may also try to simply disconnect your internet connection and then reconnect.


By following the steps in this article you can fix GOG games not showing up issue in Windows computer. Do let us know which fix worked for you in the comments below.


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