3 Ways to Disable Google Chrome Isn’t Your Default Browser Pop-up

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  • Although Google Chrome is a clean and easy-to-use web browser, many users prefer other browsers for their features and flexibility.
  • However, for some instances, you may need to use Google Chrome, but if it is not your default browser, then you will come across an annoying pop-up to set it as your default browser.
  • This guide lists down some tips that will possibly help you get rid of the annoying set as default browser message on your Windows or macOS PC.
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With a variety of web browsers available, users may have a hard time figuring out which one to opt for.

Google Chrome is the most used browser across the globe. Thanks to the simple and clean UI, fast loading speed, and tonnes of extension support, Google Chrome is the go-to browser for many.

However, there are various other browsers that give you way more features and functionalities than Google Chrome.

In such a case, if you have installed multiple browsers on your PC, then every browser would like to be the default browser on your PC.

This guide will show you how you can disable the annoying Google Chrome isn’t your default browser pop-up. Let us check out the guide.

What does Google Chrome isn’t your default browser mean?

Google Chrome is not a browser that is free from issues. You will come across issues such as 100% disk usage in Chrome, or Chrome says This site can’t be reached, etc.

Uses are also coming across an annoying pop-up that says Google Chrome isn’t your default browser. This means you have set a different default browser on your PC, and Google Chrome wants to take that place.

When this Google Chrome isn’t your default browser pop-up message shows up in the browser, there is just an X or close sign, which when pressed closes the pop-up.

However, that is not a permanent solution, it only stops bugging you for a while. One simple solution is to actually set Google Chrome as your default browser. The below section explains exactly that.

How do I change my default web browser?

  1. Press the Win + I buttons to open the Settings menu.
  2. From the left pane, select Apps.
  3. Click on Default apps.
  4. Under the Set defaults for applications section, locate Google Chrome.
  5. On top, click on Set default for Make Google Chrome your default browser.
  6. You can also select Google Chrome to open a specific type of link or file type. If it is not selected then, your PC will use Microsoft Edge to open those types of links or files.

Below, we have explained how you can disable Google Chrome isn’t your default browser message pop up, on your Windows 11, Windows 10, and macOS PC.

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Quick Tip:

In order to eliminate the repetitive default browser notification, consider a browser change to resolve it.

You can set up Opera as your default browser to benefit from quicker navigation and security improvements like a built-in VPN or online tracking script blocker.


Join millions of people who utilize Opera as their default browser for better privacy and reliability.

How do I get rid of Google Chrome’s default browser message?

1. Get rid of Google Chrome’s default browser message on Windows 11

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the 3-dot icon on top.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. From the left pane, select You and Google.
  5. Select Sync and Google services.
  6. Turn off the toggle for Help improve Chrome’s features and performance.

This trick has helped many users get rid of the annoying Set Chrome as the default browser pop-up. Unfortunately, apart from this, there is no option to permanently disable or get rid of the Google Chrome isn’t your default browser pop-up.

As mentioned above, when this pop-up shows, there is just an X or cross button that will temporarily get rid of the annoying pop-up from disturbing you during the session. However, that is not a permanent solution, and as soon as you open another instance of Chrome, it will appear.

Some users have reported that closing the pop-up a few times makes the annoying pop-up disappear. So, since there is no permanent solution to this, you can try closing the pop-up a few times and hope that it does not appear again.

2. Get rid of Google Chrome’s default browser message on Windows 10

Similar to Windows 11, there is no option to disable the Google Chrome isn’t your default browser pop up on Windows 10 as well.

You can follow the tip mentioned above for Windows 11 and hopefully get rid of this annoying message, or else actually set it as the default browser if the message is annoying you.

3. Get rid of Google Chrome’s default browser message on macOS

  1. Exit or close any instances of Google Chrome running on your macOS PC.
  2. Open Finder.
  3. From the Go menu, you need to select Go to Folder and paste the below and press Enter.~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default
  4. Open the Preferences file and open it in TextEdit.
  5. Search for “browser”:{​ (complete with quotes and bracket).
  6. Once located, you need to replace it with “browser”:{“check_default_browser”:false, (don’t forget the comma at the end).
  7. Save the file.

In contrast to Windows OS, there is an effective solution to disable the Google Chrome isn’t your default browser pop up in macOS.

Notably, this solution has helped several users to disable this annoying pop-up and allowed them to continue using Chrome without setting it as their default browser.

Now, when you will open Google Chrome on your macOS PC, you won’t see the annoying message to set it as your default browser.

There you have it from us in this guide. The above solutions are effective and have helped many users disable the annoying default browser pop-up in Google Chrome, and we hope that you were also able to disable the message.

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