10 Best Online Games on Google Chrome 2022

Add fun to your browser with these games from Chrome Web Store

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Key notes

  • Google Chrome offers support for various extensions and web browser games.
  • You can install creative single-player games that pit you against the computer from the Chrome Web Store.
  • The games in the Web Store are not just boring single-player games, as they also include some multiplayer games to play with friends.
google chrome web games
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Chrome is one of the best web browsers for all devices and the most popular. One of its endearing properties is the ability to add extensions from the Google Chrome Web Store and play the best online games.

Google’s Web Store offers thousands of games you can play directly in your browser. All you need to do is add the game to the Chrome browser, just like you add an extension, and hit the play button. So, let’s find out the best online games on Google.

Can I play online games on Chrome?

One of the endearing features of Chrome is the incredible browsing and page loading speed. Also, it can run complex and heavy pages with ease.

This makes it one of the ideal browsers for online gaming. So, whether it’s free online browser games or those from the Web Store, Chrome can play them all easily.

And, for those of you wondering, Chrome is one of the best browsers for online gaming. It’s fast, seamless, and user-friendly, making it the ideal choice for gaming. If you are looking for other options, look at our list of the best browsers for gaming.

Does Chrome Web Store have games?

The Google Chrome Web Store has different games you can install on your browser. From creative single-player games to those you can play with your friends, you are not short of games to play on your Chrome browser from the Web Store.

More importantly, most of these games are free. You only need to add them like an extension and start playing.

For those wondering what is the best game on the Google Chrome Web Store, 2048, King of Thieves, Cut the Rope, and Robbers in Town are some of the popular titles. We have listed the top 10 online games on Google in the section underneath.

Quick tip:

Another browser that offers you the opportunity to explore the world of games is Opera GX. It is based on Chromium and includes a unique design as well as a lot of unique features that empower gamers.

We recommend Opera GX because the browser will maintain a balance between the user experience and memory usage. Also, It supports most Chrome extensions and comes with a wide range of themes.

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Use this cool and unique robust browser that will get the most out of both gaming and browsing.

What are the best online Google Games?


Solitaire is one of the most popular Google online games, with over 700k users, and is often regarded as the best game on the Chrome web store.

This free game offers nine challenging Solitaire games: FreeCell, Klondike, Klondike by Threes, Forty Thieves, Golf, Pyramid, Spider Four Suits, Spider One Suit, and Spider Two Suits.

There is no download or registration required. The game features smooth animations and many beautiful card sets, card backs, and backgrounds to choose from.

Chrome’s Solitaire, one of the top online games on Google, uses the same game mechanics as the original game: double click to auto move cards, the hint function suggests a move if you need help, and more.

Get Solitaire

Cut the Rope – Easy to play game

cut the rope

Like Solitaire, Cut the Rope is one of the best online Games on Google that doesn’t need any introduction. This game has almost one million users on Chrome.

A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside is desperately looking for candies. As a player, you’ll collect gold stars and hidden prizes and feed more sweets to the little monster.

Get Cut the Rope

Pacman – Offline game for Google Chrome

pacman  google chrome web games

Pacman is an incredible maze action web game for Google Chrome with a long history. It has been around since 1980 and boasts amazing gameplay.

You will be controlling Pacman in this game, and your task is to ensure it eats all the dots in an enclosed maze. Unlike most games on this list, Pacman has an offline version. This allows you to play when your internet is out.

Get Pacman

HalloweenMatch – Challenging Google Chrome web game


At first sight, HalloweenMatch appears to be a simple game to play. Once you hit the play button, you’ll soon realize that it is one of the most challenging games on Google, as finding the pairs is not an easy task.

This free Halloween game challenges you to touch the required cards to make the cards equal. Once you find all the pairs successfully, you win the game. Overall, the game is fun, engaging, and challenging.

Get HalloweenMatch

Girls Dressup – Excellent fashion game

girls dressup

Girls Dress up is the game every fashionista loves to play. This game is about fame, fashion and shopping.

Don’t hold off. Fill your closet with the latest fashion items and decorate your house, turning it into fashion heaven.

There are over 50,000 pieces of clothing, makeup, and decor to use. You can also design and sell your clothes, hair, and accessories. What’s more, you can show off your fashion skills and enter fashion contests.

It is just one of the most creative and best online games on Google you can play.

Get Girls Dressup

Frosty Fox – Free adventure web game for Google Chrome

frosty fox

Frosty Fox is a land where adventure unleashes. It is one of the few Google games that feature a breathtaking free-to-play 3D fantasy world where you need to overcome iceballs.

You must move from left to right, jumping over iceballs icicles, to stay alive in this game. Also, you need to collect some of the available gems to unlock new outfits for your little Foxy.

Get Frosty Fox

Guess Number – Game of numbers

guess number google chrome web games

Guess Number is an excellent web game for Google Chrome that guesses an integer from 1 to 1000. You have to guess this number until you hit the correct number that was chosen.

Concentrate, use your logic, and study the patterns to know the right number.

Get Guess Number

Extreme Traffic – Excellent 3D game for Google Chrome

extreme traffic

Extreme Traffic is an impressive racing web game for Google. It brings 3D graphics to your browser window and features dozens of maps and weather conditions.

Choose the fastest car available, change its wheels and other accessories, and hit the roads. In this game, you must race in the worst weather conditions without accident.

Put your driving skills to the ultimate test with this superb 3D game.

Get Extreme Traffic

Grand Commander – Strategic game

grand commander

Grand Commander is a free-to-play Chrome strategy web game. You need to kill Zombies with a Shotgun and special skills on air and land to survive.

Develop your strategy, build your base, optimize your resource production and upgrade your army.

Create new attack and defense tactics, so you don’t get caught off guard. Don’t forget to build strategic alliances to coordinate massive attacks and support each other if necessary.

Get Grand Commander

Fruit Slasher – Competitive game

fruit slasher google chrome web games

Fruit Slasher is a challenging Chrome web game that challenges you to slash all the fruits that appear on the screen.

You have got your work cut out, as you must make sure you slash the fruits before they drop. Also, you need to avoid the bombs on the floor to stand any chance of survival.

Get Fruit Slasher

What are the best chrome games to play with friends?

1. Tanki Online – Exciting gameplay

A 3D-action and adventure game, Tanki Online has a large user base that prefers the web version of it. The graphics and gameplay resemble the real-world setup, and the controls are smooth and seamless.

Additionally, the game doesn’t require much practice, and every group of friends can start playing it and learn along the way.

Play Tanki Online

2. Skribbl.io – Relive the good old days

It’s one of the best free Google games, the real version of which we all must have played in our childhood. With a simple interface and easy access, both on mobile and computer, Scribble.io is one of the best online multiplayer games on Google.

The game is all about guessing words drawn on the board. So, while one of the players draws the word, others will take turns guessing it, and the quicker you guess, the more points you score. At the end of each round, the tool score is tallied, and a winner is announced.

With up to 10 players being able to join Scribble.io, some even call it the best online game to play with friends on Google Chrome.

Play Skribbl.io

3. UNO Online – The perfect game for friends

Another fun Chrome game to play with friends, UNO Online is a card game wherein the first player to finish all the cards is the winner.

Each player gets 7 cards and can play one that matches either the color or the number of the top card on the pile. It is easy to learn and can be played amongst friends from across the globe, one of the benefits of online gaming.

Play UNO Online

Does Google have a secret game?

Google has some hidden web games you can only play from the search engine. Some examples are Zerg Rush and Attari Breakout.

Most of these games are basic games with no special functions. However, they are still good options to pass the time on the web.

We’ll end our list here. As you can see, there are plenty of games to install from the Google Chrome Web Store and play on your browser. Also, you know the best Google Chrome games to play with friends worldwide.

Check out our list of the best all-time browser games, and the full-screen hidden object games to play for free. Besides for those of you who want to save storage space, find the best games that don’t require downloading.

Feel free to let us know the game you enjoyed most from our list in the comments below.

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