FIX: Google Drive keeps going offline

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by Matthew Adams
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  • Google Drive is an excellent file storage platform that millions of users rely on every day to create, edit, and store their documents.
  • The platform is very versatile, offering plenty of useful features such as multi-device syncing, productivity and file sharing features, and more.
  • If your Google Drive connection is not stable and you keep on getting disconnected, we compiled this list of solutions to help you fix the problem.
  • For more useful guides, visit our Google Drive section.
google drive keeps on signing me out

Google Drive is one of the foremost cloud storage providers that you can save files to. Some have stated that Google Drive keeps disconnecting in Chrome.

hen you might get the following error message: Trying to connect. To edit offline, turn on offline sync when you reconnect. Here are a few potential fixes for Google Drive disconnecting.


But first, here are some more examples of this issue:

  • Google Drive unable to connect, can’t connect – According to users, sometimes Google Drive can’t connect. This is a big problem, and we already covered it in our Google Drive unable to connect article.
  • Google Drive won’t sync Windows 7, 8 – This issue affects older versions of Windows as well. Even if you’re not using Windows 10, you should know that our solutions are applicable to Windows 7 and 8 alike.
  • Google Drive sync won’t start, run – In some cases, Google Sync won’t even start or run. If that happens, you might have to reinstall your Google Drive client.
  • Google Drive won’t sync all files, some files – Users reported that Google Drive won’t sync some of their files. This can be an issue, but you might be able to circumvent it by using the web version of Google Drive.
  • Google Drive won’t sync with desktop – Sometimes your Google Drive won’t be able to sync with your desktop PC. This can occur due to your antivirus software, so if you’re having this issue, be sure to disable your antivirus and firewall and check if that helps. In worst case scenario, you might have to switch to a different antivirus solution.

What to do if Google Drive keeps disconnecting

List of solutions:

  1. Check Your Connection
  2. Disable Kaspersky Encrypted Connection Scan
  3. Terminate Googledrivesunc.exe
  4. Restart the Google Drive Sync
  5. Clear Your Browser Cache
  6. Reset the Browser
  7. Turn off Windows Firewall
  8. Reinstall Google Drive

Solution 1 – Check Your Connection

If Google Drive keeps disconnecting, first check your overall connection. You can do that simply by opening some other website pages in the browser. If the connection is down, reset your router and then reboot Windows. Otherwise, you can probably contact a technical support line for the router.

Solution 2 – Disable Kaspersky Encrypted Connection Scan

Do you have Kaspersky anti-virus software installed on your computer? If so, the Kaspersky software could be disconnecting Google Drive as it blocks the GD desktop app. You don’t need to close the system utility but should switch off Kaspersky’s encrypted connections scanning.

  • Open the Kaspersky software, and click Settings at the top right of its window.
  • Select the Additional tab at top of the window.
  • Then click Network on the left of the window.
  • Now you should be able to select a Scan encrypted connections option. Click the Scan encrypted connections checkbox if it’s already selected to clear the box.
  • Press OK and close the Kaspersky window.

If Kaspersky is the culprit, maybe you should consider switching to a different antivirus.

Solution 3 – Terminate Googledrivesunc.exe

If you’re running the additional Google Drive software, try terminating Googledrivesunc.exe. You can terminate that as follows.

  • Open Task Manager by right-clicking the Windows taskbar and selecting Task Manager.


  • Scroll through the Processes tab to find Googledrivesunc.exe.
  • Now you can right-click Googledrivesunc.exe and select End Task.
  • Enter ‘Google Drive’ into Windows 10’s Cortana search box to open the GD software again.

Solution 4 – Restart the Google Drive Sync

  • You can restart the Google Drive sync by clicking the Google Drive app icon in the system tray.
  • Click the More (overflow) button with three vertical dots at the top right of the menu.
  • Select Quit Google Drive from the menu.
  • Now you can reopen Google Drive with the restored connection.

FAQ: Learn more about Google Drive connections

  • Why does Google Drive say there is no connection?

When Google Drive says there is no connection, this means you may experience network connection issues, there is a problem with your browser or the service is unavailable.

  • Is there a problem with Google Drive?

From time to time, Google Drive may not be available due to outage issues. If you can’t connect to Google Drive, go to Google’s official website and check the Google Drive service status to see if there are any known issues.

  • What do you do when Google Drive doesn’t work?

If Google Drive won’t work, refresh the page, sign out and log back in to your account, use a different browser, check your internet connection and firewall settings.

  • Google Drive keeps signing me out. What can I do about it?

Here’s what you can do if Google Drive keeps on signing you out:

  1. Make sure that cookies are enabled
  2. Clear your browser‘s cache
  3. Install the latest browser updates
  4. Turn on the option that allows Chrome to remember passwords for you.

Editor’s Note: This article continues on the next page with more solutions to fix Google Drive disconnects. If you want to read more about Google Drive, check out our collection of guides.