Fix: Google Drive keeps disconnecting

By: Matthew Adams
3 minute read

Google Drive is one of the foremost cloud storage providers that you can save files to. Some have stated that Google Drive keeps disconnecting in Chrome. Then you might get the following error message: “Trying to connect. To edit offline, turn on offline sync when you reconnect.” Here are a few potential fixes for Google Drive disconnecting.

Check Your Connection

First, check your overall connection. You can do that simply by opening some other website pages in the browser. If the connection is down, reset your router and then reboot Windows. Otherwise, you can probably contact a technical support line for the router.

Disable Kaspersky Encrypted Connection Scan

Do you have Kaspersky 2015 anti-virus software? If so, the Kaspersky software could be disconnecting Google Drive as it blocks the GD desktop app. You don’t need to close the system utility, but should switch off Kaspersky’s encrypted connections scanning.

  • Open the Kaspersky software, and click Settings at the top right of its window.
  • Select the Additional tab at top of window.
  • Then click Network on the left of the window.
  • Now you should be able to select a Scan encrypted connections option. Click the Scan encrypted connections check box if it’s already selected to clear the box.
  • Press OK and close the Kaspersky window.

Terminate Googledrivesunc.exe

If you’re running the additional Google Drive software, try terminating Googledrivesunc.exe. You can terminate that as follows.

  • Open Task Manager by right-clicking the Windows taskbar and selecting Task Manager.


  • Scroll through the Processes tab to find Googledrivesunc.exe.
  • Now you can right-click Googledrivesunc.exe and select End Task.
  • Enter ‘Google Drive’ into Windows 10’s Cortana search box to open the GD software again.

Restart the Google Drive Sync

  • You can restart the Google Drive sync by clicking the Google Drive app icon in the system tray.
  • Click the More (overflow) button with three vertical dots at the top right of the menu.
  • Select Quit Google Drive from the menu.
  • Now you can reopen Google Drive with restored connection.

Clear Your Browser Cache

Clearing the browser cache and cookies to delete website settings might also fix Google Drive disconnecting. You can clear the cache in all browser software. This is how you can clear the cache in Google Chrome.

  • Click the Customize Google Chrome button on the browser’s window.
  • Select Settings to open the Settings page.
  • Click the + Show advanced settings at the bottom of page to expand options.
  • Then you can press a Clear browsing data button to open the window shown directly below.


  • Select all the check boxes on that window.
  • Press the Clear browsing data button.

Reset the Browser

You should also switch off browser extensions. Resetting the browser is the best way to disable all extensions. That will delete all the extra add-ons and could feasibly fix Google Drive connection issues. If you prefer to keep some extensions, you should at least disable them all from the extensions (or add-on) page in browser. You can reset Google Chrome as follows.

  • Press the Customize Google Chrome button.
  • Click Settings on the menu to open the Settings page options.
  • Select + Show advanced settings and scroll to the bottom of the Settings page.
  • Then press the Reset settings button and click Reset.

Try any, or all, of the above suggestions to fix Google Drive connections. They’ll probably resolve the issue, but you can also find further details at the Google Drive forum.

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