Grammarly app for Windows PC users update with improved grammar & spelling

Costea Lestoc By: Costea Lestoc
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Grammarly 1.5

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Proper grammar and correct spelling is, unfortunately, something pretty rare these days. This is why we present you this excellent online tool for helping you to bring your language skills up to par.

Grammarly 1.5 features

The program is an online spellchecker and grammar correction tool for your Windows PC or Mac and can be used on all your documents.

Grammarly is also available as a browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox, both of which require you to sign up for a free Grammarly account. This way, you’ll gain access to the core checking and spelling tools you need. Because the app is cloud-based, using it requires an Internet connection.

The app allows you to type straight into the program window just like you would in online forms after you have installed the extension. You also have the ability to import text via the clipboard or by dragging compatible files into the program window.

How Grammarly works

The tool scans through your entire document and flags potential problems with suggested solutions displayed on the right side of your text. You can then click on a solution to apply it or you can expand the suggestion for more details.

You will get an overview of potential issues found in your text and you may also get a few prompts suggesting you to upgrade to a Premium subscription for a wider set of checks and more tools such as vocabulary suggestions and a plagiarism checker.

The Premium package goes for $29.95 a month or $139.95 for a whole year.

Grammarly 1.5.28 is available for free download for PCs running Windows 7 or later editions of the operating system. It is also available as a browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer/Edge.



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