5 best plagiarism checker software for PC

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  • If your job depends on original content, using special apps to avoid plagiarism and protect your copyright is a must.
  • We carefully selected the 5 best plagiarism checker software for you to try out today.
  • Perfect your content with these Best Automated Proofreading Software.
  • Feel free to explore our Writing Hub and Software Collection for more awesome tools!
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Plagiarism checker software helps you verify the quality of your writing to make sure it’s original content. These tools are indispensable to SEO marketing, journalism, researching, and academies.

If you’re a freelance writer, for example, you need professional software to detect plagiarism. Otherwise, copied materials can become your downfall.

Since your career depends on writing genuine content and search engine rankings. you will definitely enjoy the perks of using such tools to facilitate your work.

In this article, we selected what we think is the best plagiarism checker software for PC. Here it is:

Which is the best plagiarism checker software?

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Edge extension

Grammarly needs no introduction. It’s the most famous grammar checker tool to this date, ideal for work, personal projects, and academic writing.

However, few people know that Grammarly includes powerful plagiarism checker software that verifies over 16 billion web pages. The only issue is that it’s only available for Grammarly Premium users.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Comprehensive plagiarism detection software
  • Automatically checks your grammar for errors
  • Set audience, formality, domain, tone, and intent goals
  • Get tailored writing suggestions based on your goals
  • See correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery alerts
  • Get readability and vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • In-depth spellchecker and writing recommendations
  • Create a custom dictionary associated with your account
  • Native app for PC and Mac
Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium

Get a taste of accurate, stylistically appropriated, and plagiarism-free writing with Grammarly!

Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X is our top choice when it comes to plagiarism software. It has an intuitive interface, straightforward options, and uses a large database to check for text similarity and original content.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Paste text or load files to check for plagiarism
  • Compare any two text documents side by side
  • Check several text files at the same time
  • Generates reports with plagiarism results
  • Runs offline for side-by-side comparisons
  • Cheap professional license with lifetime availability
  • Reasonable business cost for 5 PCs
  • Fully-functional free edition but with limited features
Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X

Take your writing to the next level and always stay authentic with Plagiarism Checker X!


ProWritingAid is more than a grammar checker – it’s an all-in-one writing mentor designed to enhance your writing through unique suggestions, presented in a fun and interactive manner.

Just as writing is more than just grammar, ProWritingAid stretches its focuses beyond basic punctuation and conjugations, covering your style, tone, approach to help you deliver an original, unique and consistent piece of content.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Automatic suggestions on style improvements to accelerate your editing
  • Eliminate style inconsistencies (vague expressions, passive voice, repetitiveness and more)
  • Check and address spelling and grammar errors instantly
  • Contextual adaptation through the word explorer and thesaurus
  • Intelligent pattern detection to eliminate common mistakes
  • Highest privacy standards and fully GDPR compliant


Become a better writer while still staying true to your style with ProWritingAid!
Free trial Visit website


Copyleaks prides itself on being plagiarism checker software powered by AI and machine-learning technology. It can detect paraphrased and similar text.

The tool reaches out to academic and educational environments, as well as to the business and enterprise industry.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Compare any two files for text similarity
  • Scan multiple file types like PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT
  • Identifies text translated in other languages
  • Offline mode to find duplicate files
  • Stores your data in the cloud but doesn’t expose it
  • Download reports with plagiarism detection results
  • Scan text on your smartphone using OCR technology
  • Integrates with Microsoft Word and Google Docs

⇒ Download Copyleaks


Turnitin banner

Turnitin is one software that focuses on integrity which is one of the reasons it’s so amazingly popular in the academic environments.

The tool is quick to identify plagiarism by comparing sets of content against the largest collection of digitalized academic materials and highlighting similarities.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Effective plagiarism detection solution
  • Implement authorship based on data-driven insights
  • Feedback and grading features to facilitate instructional dialog
  • Educational, creative resources to enhance academic skills (blogs, guides, white papers, and more)

Download Turnitin

Enhance your writing skills with these best software for academic writing!

In the tech age that we live in, a plagiarism checker software tool is really necessary for copyright protection. In many cases, plagiarism can result in lawsuits, criminal charges, and sometimes even imprisonment.

Even if you commit unintentional plagiarism, it will still be viewed as plagiarism in the eyes of the law, and this is very important to remember.

Use one of these trusted tools, according to your needs, and eliminate the risk of being penalized for plagiarism.

By using plagiarism software, you will be able to make sure that your content is 100 percent original.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Plagiarism software scans millions of Internet resources and compares your text document to them. It detects the level of similarity and creates a detailed report.

  • Yes, if you write and publish numerous articles. Every person has its own writing style so it’s pretty easy to plagiarize yourself by writing the same ideas and expressions.

  • Extract the main ideas and try to rephrase your sentences. You can also use one of the plagiarism checkers we mentioned above to double-check.

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Your article is detailed, thanks to it I solved the problem I am entangled. I will regularly follow your writers and visit this site daily

It’s like the internet ius swarming with falsely advertised ‘best plagerism checkers’!! I personally find some ineffective and some too pricey. Thus far, I have found Plagerism Checker X to be both reliable and cost effective. Hope it lasts!

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