Hamachi service stopped on Windows 10 [GUARANTEED FIX]

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Hamachi is a popular service, however many users reported Hamachi service stopped message while using it. This error message will prevent you from running Hamachi on your PC, but there’s a way to deal with this error.

There are many Hamachi problems that you can encounter, and speaking of Hamachi service stopped error, here are some similar issues that users reported:

  • Hamachi service status stopped Win 10 – This problem can occur if other services aren’t running on your PC. To fix this problem, be sure that WMI service is running before starting Hamachi.
  • Hamachi tunnel problem – Sometimes this problem can appear due to your antivirus. To fix this problem, it’s advised that you disable your antivirus and check if that solves the problem.
  • Hamachi service stopped can’t start, keeps stopping, not found – These are some common problems that can occur with Hamachi, and they are usually caused by your services and settings, so to fix the issue you might have to change them accordingly.

Hamachi service stopped error, how to fix it?

  1. Make sure that WMI service is running
  2. Check your antivirus
  3. Create a script to automatically restart the Hamachi service
  4. Make sure that the Hamachi services are running and check your security settings
  5. Change the settings for Hamachi service
  6. Reinstall Hamachi
  7. Perform a Clean boot
  8. Perform a System Restore

Solution 1 – Make sure that WMI service is running

According to users, sometimes Hamachi service stopped error can appear if the required services aren’t running. Certain applications require that certain services are running in order to work, and the same goes for Hamachi. To fix the problem, you just need to enable those services by doing the following:

  1. Press Windows Key + R and enter services.msc. Now press Enter or click OK.
  2. After the Services window opens, locate and double-click the Windows Management Instrumentation service in order to open its properties.
    Hamachi tunnel problem
  3. Set the Startup type to Automatic. If the service isn’t running, click the Start button to start it. Now click Apply and OK to save changes.
    Hamachi service status stopped Win 10

Once you start this service, try running Hamachi and check if the problem is still there.

If Hamachi does not work in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7, check this detailed guide to get more ideas on how to solve it.

Solution 2 – Check your antivirus

Hamachi tunnel problem

Sometimes Hamachi service stopped message can appear if your antivirus is blocking Hamachi or interfering with it in any way. This can sometimes happen, and in order to fix the problem, you need to open your antivirus settings and make sure that Hamachi isn’t blocked by it.

If Hamachi isn’t blocked, then you need to try disabling certain antivirus features and check if that helps. In case the problem is still there, you can try disabling your antivirus entirely. If that doesn’t work, your last option would be to remove your antivirus.

If removing the antivirus solves your problem, perhaps this is a good time to consider switching to a different antivirus. There are many great antivirus tools on the market, but if you want a reliable antivirus that won’t interfere with your system, you should definitely try out Bitdefender.

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Solution 3 – Create a script to automatically restart the Hamachi service

This is a bit advanced solution, and if you’re not familiar with Task Scheduler perhaps you should skip it. If you’re having problems with Hamachi service stopped message, perhaps you can fix the problem by using this workaround.

Basically, you just have to create a script that will restart the Hamachi service and then restart the application. To create a script, do the following:

  1. Start Notepad as administrator.
  2. Enter the following:
    • net stop Hamachi2Svc
    • net start Hamachi2Svc
    • start “C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi\hamachi-2-ui.exe”
    • exit
  3. Go to File > Save as.
  4. Set Save as type to All Files and enter HamachiRestart.cmd as the File name. Choose C:\Windows\System32 as the save location and click the Save button.
    Hamachi service stopped keeps stopping

After creating this file, you can run it manually to restart the services, or you can create an event in Task Scheduler and set this script to repeat itself every couple of hours.

This is just a workaround, and a bit complicated, so if you’re not familiar with Task Scheduler or scripts, perhaps this solution is not for you. In order for this workaround to work, it’s crucial that you use the correct path to hamachi-2-ui.exe in your script, so be sure to double-check it.

Solution 4 – Make sure that the Hamachi services are running and check your security settings

If you keep getting Hamachi service stopped error message, it’s possible that certain services are not running or that your security permissions are interfering with Hamachi. To fix that, you just need to do the following:

  1. Open the Services window, locate LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling service and set its Startup type to Automatic.
  2. Go to the Log On tab and choose Local System account. Now check Allow service to interact with desktop. Click Apply and OK to save changes.

After doing that, you need to change the security settings for Hamachi. This is quite simple and you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi directory, right-click the hamachi-2.exe and choose Properties from the menu.
  2. Go to the Security tab and click Edit.
  3. Select your user account from the list and make sure that Full control option is check in the Allow column. You might have to add Users group to the list and give them Full Control privileges for Hamachi as well.
    Hamachi service status stopped Win 10

After making these changes, check for the problem reocurrance.

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Solution 5 – Change the settings for Hamachi service

In some cases, Hamachi service stopped message can appear if the service isn’t properly configured. This can be a problem, but you can fix it by making a couple of changes. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Services window and double-click LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine service.
  2. When the Properties window opens, click the Start button to start the service.
  3. Go to the Recovery tab and set First failure, Second failure, and Subsequent failures to Restart the Service. Set Reset fail count after to 0 days and Restart service after 1 minutes. After making these changes, click Apply and OK.
    Hamachi tunnel problem

Once you change the properties of this service, check if the problem is still there.

Solution 6 – Reinstall Hamachi

If Hamachi service stopped error keeps appearing on your PC, the problem might be your installation. Sometimes the installation corruption might be at hand. So, in order to fix the problem, it’s advised that you reinstall Hamachi.

There are several ways to do that, but the best method is to use uninstaller software such as IObit Uninstaller. Uninstaller software is a special application that will remove all files and registry entries associated with the application you’re trying to remove.

As a result, the application will be completely removed from your PC and there won’t be any leftover files available that can interfere with your system. Once you completely remove Hamachi using this method, install it again and the problem should be resolved.

Solution 7 – Perform a Clean boot

If the Hamachi service stopped error is still there, perhaps the problem is related to one of your other applications. Sometimes other applications can interfere with Hamachi and cause this and many other problems to occur. To fix this issue, it’s advised to disable all startup applications and services and check if that solves the problem.

To do that, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + R. Type msconfig and click OK or press Enter.
  2. System Configuration window will now open. Go to the Services tab and check the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox. Now click the Disable all button.
    Hamachi service stopped can't start
  3. Go to the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager.
  4. Task Manager will now appear and you’ll see a list of startup applications. Right-click the first application on the list and choose Disable from the menu. Do this for all applications on the list.
    Hamachi service status stopped Win 10
  5. After disabling all startup applications, navigate back to the System Configuration window. Click Apply and OK and restart your PC.

Once your PC restarts, check if the problem is still there. If the issue doesn’t appear, try enabling the disabled applications and services one by one until you find the cause of the problem. Once you find the problematic application, keep it disabled or uninstall it.

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Solution 8 – Perform a System Restore

If you keep getting Hamachi service stopped message, perhaps you can solve the problem with System Restore. To do that, just follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + S and enter system restore. Select Create a restore point from the list of results.
  2. System Properties window will appear. Click the System Restore button.
  3. When System Restore window opens, click Next to proceed.
  4. Enable Show more restore points option if available. Select the desired restore point and click Next.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

After you restore your system successfully, check if the problem is still there. Keep in mind that the issue might reappear, so keep an open eye.

Hamachi service stopped usually occurs if there’s a problem with one of your services, but you should be able to fix this error using the solutions from this article.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.