Hitman gets Professional difficulty, HDR support and new missions today

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Hitman just received a major update that brings many game improvements and new features, including a new difficulty level, HDR support, and bonus missions.

Hitman’s January Update, also known as Update 1.9.0, is available on both Xbox One and Windows PCs and involves a short maintenance period to support the release of the new content. The download size for the January Update is 8.1GB on Xbox One and 2GB on PC.

Hitman January Update

A new difficulty level: Professional

Hitman’s Professional Difficulty Level offers extended replayability, new game features, a separate master track with unique rewards, tweaked game mechanics and new AI behavior that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Players can unlock Professional Difficulty when they reach Mastery Level 20 for each location.

What’s different in the new Professional Difficulty Level:

  • Enhanced security camera capabilities to spot illegal activities more accurately
  • Increased number of security cameras
  • Guards are more thorough when searching
  • Only one manual save available
  • Auto-saves are disabled
  • Clean kills are required to take a disguise
  • Slower health regeneration

Bonus Mission: Landslide

Owners of the Complete First Season or Upgrade Pack can now access the third Bonus Mission, Landslide. This mission is also available through the Bonus Episode, which is sold individually.

Hitman HDR Support

Hitman finally supports HDR on Xbox One S and PC. It is good to know that exclusive fullscreen is required to use HDR on PC for both DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. Also, keep in mind that  Nvidia cards currently won’t switch the TV into HDR mode in DirectX 12.

Other improvements include:

  • NPC’s attention gain has been changed so as to give Agent 47 a window of opportunity in which to hide. Entering an NPCs peripheral vision briefly no longer causes the player to become spotted immediately.
  • On-screen Mission Timer to keep track of your mission playthrough time.
  • Disable autosaves: Players can now turn off autosaves.
  • Option to adjust subtitle size: You can find the option in the Language menu.
  • Various bug fixes.

For more information about the January Update, check out the release notes on Hitman’s official website.



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