How to download VLC player from Windows 11’s App Store

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  • VLC Media Player has made a smooth transition to the new operating system.
  • The player has a more fluent design, with rounded corners, on Windows 11.
  • As with all other apps on Windows 11, VLC has also been given snap options.
  • User reports across social media platforms indicate that they are pleased with how VLC looks and performs on Windows 11.
VLC player Windows 11

Many of you were wondering how some of the most beloved apps were going to transition and, of course, change on Microsoft’s new operating system.

While some apps still won’t function on the new OS, many of our trusty applications are now available and look pretty awesome.

How do I download the Win32 VLC from Windows 11 Store?

You will surely be pleased to learn that the Win32 version of the VLC player is now available via the Microsoft Store application on Windows 11.

Compared with the Universal Windows Application (UWP), the Win32 version is more comprehensive, supplemented by all the codecs that everyone expects.

The Win32 version of the beloved player comes equipped with these functions:

  • Multimedia player
  • Audio and music player
  • Subtitle synchronization
  • File transcoding
  • Streaming
  • Digital TV Tuner
  • DVD playback
  • Audio CD player

In order to download and install this app to your device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Micrsofot Store from the taskbar.

2. In the search box of the Store type VLC and press Enter.

3. From the results, click on VLC Win32.

4. Click on the Install button.

The VLC player has a more fluent look on Windows 11

Let us take the VLC media player, for example, which is and has been the go-to choice in terms of video playback, for millions of users.

The software has transitioned flawlessly to Windows 11, is fully functional, and looks better than it ever did. VLC’s appearance now follows the theme of the OS, with a more fluent look and rounded corners,

As with all the other apps that call Windows 11 home, upon hovering the mouse cursor over the maximize button, located on the top right corner of the VLC window, you will have some snap options available.

This will give you the ability to choose how and where you wish to pin VLC on your desktop, so you can watch your favorite videos while performing other tasks.

All-in-all, this software seems to run pretty smooth, with no errors or bugs that we ca flag, for the moment.

And given the fact that it made the transition to the new operating system without any flaws, it could still be the number one media player, based on user choice, for many years to come.

Windows 11 have taken to social media to say how pleased they are with how VLC looks and performs on Microsoft’s new operating system.

The fact that many of the apps that we’ve grown accustomed to ever since Windows 10 are making such a smooth crossing to the new OS is excellent news.

This could mean that, soon enough, we might see all the apps that we currently rely on, make such a flawless transition to Windows 11.

What is the media player that you installed on your Windows 11 device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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