How to fix Viber not opening in Windows 10

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Viber is an instant-messaging app for Windows 10 and other platforms that users can download from the MS Store. However, some users can’t always open the Viber app when a “This app can’t open” error arises for it. That’s not an entirely unusual error for UWP apps, and there are various resolutions that might fix a Viber app not opening in Windows 10.

How can Users Fix Viber not Opening in Windows 10?

Open the Windows Store App Troubleshooter

  1. First, check out the Windows Store App troubleshooter that can fix issues which prevent UWP apps, such as Viber, working. Launch Windows 10’s search utility with the Windows key + S keyboard shortcut.
  2. Input ‘troubleshoot’ in the search box, and click Troubleshoot settings.

    troubleshooters in Settings Viber not opening windows 10

  3. Select the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter listed.
  4. Click the Run the troubleshooter button. The troubleshooter will open and might detect and fix some app issues that stop Viber opening.

Run Viber as an Administrator

Some users have fixed Viber software not opening by selecting the Run as administrator option. To do that, click the Start button; and scroll to the Viber app. Then right-click Viber, select More, and click Run as administrator.


The Run as administrator option Viber not opening windows 10

Reset Viber

  1. Resetting Viber might fix the app as that will restore it to factory settings and reset its data. To do that, open the search utility with the Windows key + S hotkey.
  2. Enter ‘apps’ in the search box and click Apps & Features to open the window shown directly below.

    Apps & features Viber not opening windows 10

  3. Select Viber on that window.
  4. Click Advanced options to open more options for the app.

    The Reset button Viber not opening windows 10

  5. Press the Reset button, and the click Reset again to further confirm.

Reset the MS Store Cache

  1. Resetting the MS Store cache can often fix UWP apps that don’t open. Users can do that by pressing the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut.
  2. Click Run to open that accessory’s window.
  3. Enter ‘wsreset’ in the Open box.

    wsreset command Viber not opening windows 10

  4. Select the OK option. A Command Prompt window will briefly open to reset the MS Store cache.
  5. Thereafter, restart Windows.

Block Viber Adds

  1. Some users have fixed Viber software freezing upon launch by blocking its adds. To do that, enter ‘Notepad’ in Windows 10’s search utility.
  2. Right-click Notepad and select Run as administrator to launch it.
  3. Click File > Open.
  4. Then enter ‘c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\’ in the Open window, and press the Return key.

    The Open window Viber not opening windows 10

  5. Click hosts.txt to open the text file below.

    the hosts.txt files Viber not opening windows 10

  6. Then add ‘’ to the last line of the hosts file.
  7. Click File and Save.

Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall and Third-Party Antivirus Utilities

  1. To ensure Windows Defender Firewall isn’t blocking Viber in any way, turn off the WDF before opening the app. Enter ‘firewall’ in the search utility.
  2. Click Windows Defender Firewall to open that Control Panel applet.

    Windows Defender Firewall Viber not opening windows 10

  3. Click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off to open the window shown directly below.

    Turn off WDF options Viber not opening windows 10

  4. Then select both the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall options within Customize Settings.
  5. Select the OK option.

In addition, turn off any third-party antivirus utilities that might also include firewalls. Right-click an antivirus utility’s system tray icon to select a disable or turn off option on its context menu. Alternatively, open the software’s primary window to select a turn off or disable option within its settings menu or tab.

The above fixes might kick-start Viber. Some of those resolutions might also fix other UWP apps that don’t start.


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