How to screen tint Windows 10 to a warmer color

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  • Blue light from VDUs has an impact on sleep, and optimizing it has become crucial in the 21st century.
  • This guide provides further details for how you can reduce blue light with Windows 10's night light settings and f.lux.
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how to screen tint Windows 10 to a warmer c

VDUs (Visual Display Units) emit blue light, which studies show has an impact on sleep. Consequently, some software and OS platforms include screen tint options that reduce blue light.

Those blue light settings are also known as night light options. Read along to find out how you can screen tint Windows 10 to reduce blue light, and protect your eyes.

How to change color temperature in Windows 10?

Turn on warm screen in Windows 10

  1. Click the Cortana Search button.
  2. Enter night light in the search box.
    Windows 10's search utility how to screen tint windows 10
  3. Click Night light to open Settings as shown directly below.
    Night light settings how to screen tint windows 10
  4. Click the Turn on now button.
  5. Then drag the Strength bar left and right to adjust the screen tint. Dragging the bar right will reduce blue light.
  6. To schedule night light, toggle the Schedule night light option on.
    Scheduling options for night light how to screen tint windows 10
  7. Select the Set hours option.
  8. Enter a time in the Turn on box.
  9. Enter a turn off time for night light in the Turn off box.
  10. To schedule night light for sunset, click Location settings if you need to turn on Location Services.
  11. Press the Change button.
  12. Toggle the Location access for this device option on.
    Location access for this device option how to screen tint windows 10
  13. Then you can select the Sunset to sunrise radio button in Settings.

Check out F.lux

  1. Download f.lux.
  2. Open the F.lux setup.exe to install the software.
  3. Enter your nearest city in the location box; and click the OK button.
    Where am I window how to screen tint windows 10
  4. Then drag the bar further to the left to reduce blue light.
    f.lux window how to screen tint windows 10
  5. Alternatively, click the menu button at the top left of the program’s window.
  6. Click Change current color to open the submenu shown directly below.
    Change current color submenu how to screen tint windows 10
  7. Then select an alternative color option there.
  8. You can also apply effects by selecting the Effects and extra color options submenu shown directly below.
    Effects and extra colors submenu how to screen tint windows 10

Note: f.lux will also automatically apply color changes based on the time of day for your location. It will reduce blue light in the evening. So, you don’t need to manually adjust its settings.

These are the fastest methods to add screen tint to reduce blue light with Windows 10’s options and f.lux.

Note that f.lux is also available for Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac platforms.

Thus, you can also utilize that program on mobile devices and Apple desktops.

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