HP Audio Switch no longer supported in Windows 10 v1903 for some

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HP Audio Switch windows 10 update

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Some people encountered an issue with HP Audio Switch after installing the Windows 10 May Update.

As one user describes the issue on the official Microsoft forum, this option is missing on his HP device:

I recently just updated to Window’s May 1903 version. I checked all apps I use to make sure they all function properly. Everything works fine but when I try to click on HP Audio Switch, I no longer have the option to into my Audio settings. When I try to click on HP Audio Control, it tells me “Realtek Audio Console doesn’t support for this machine.” This worked on previous versions of Windows. Is there a solution to this or do I have to wait for Microsoft to release a update?

So, everything is working fine in Audio settings, excepting for HP Audio Control.

Is there a way to solve the HP Audio Switch issue?

The message he gets on his HP device Realtek Audio Console doesn’t support for this machine could indicate some kind of incompatibility between the new version of Windows 10 and the HP product.

He didn’t say what HP device is referring to. No one came with a solution for the issue, and the only thing he can do is to contact the manufacturer for support.

Of course, the OP can go back to Windows 10 v1809, since that version didn’t cause any problems.

Have you encountered similar issues with your HP device? Let us know in the comment section below.



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