Pavilion Gaming 16 vs Pavilion Gaming 17: Which is better?

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  • HP Pavilion Gaming 16 launched on June 2, 2020, and it starts at $799.99.
  • It boasts up to 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with Max-Q design graphics.
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Pavilion Gaming 16 review

HP Pavilion Gaming 16 launched on June 2, 2020, and you can buy it for $799.99. There are very few gaming laptops of its size (16.1-inch), although its predecessor, Pavilion Gaming 17, is certainly larger.

If you’re wondering whether upgrading from model 17 to 16 makes sense, a look at critical specifications can settle the question. Since both are gaming laptops, key differentiators in areas like GPU, processor, and RAM should help you decide.

What are HP Pavilion Gaming 16 specs?

If you enjoying playing video games on a Windows 10 PC, HP Pavilion Gaming 16 has the ideal hardware specs for you. The device supports up to 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, which should deliver sufficient computing power for CPU-intensive games.

In addition, it sports NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with Max-Q design graphics. The GPU is relatively fast and ideal for games that utilize real-time ray-tracing. The device boasts DDR4 RAM.

The incorporation of Max-Q design enables the laptop to harness the full power of the NVIDIA GPU without compromising thermal efficiency. Laptops with this type of a GPU are usually perfect for a quiet, superfast gaming experience.

Also, this 16-1-inch laptop sports micro-edge bezels that let you have more acres of display space. A refresh rate of 144 Hz and screen resolution of 1080p combine to give a seamless gaming and viewing experience.

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Similarly, the HP Pavilion Gaming 16 supports WiFi 6.0, which is the fasted Wi-Fi standard available today.

In addition, HP claims that the latest Pavilion laptop for gamers features dual storage configurations. As such, it lets you utilize an SSD drive for your OS and a traditional drive for your other storage needs.

A comparison with HP Pavilion Gaming 17

HP gaming laptop

Both HP Pavilion Gaming 16 and its predecessor are Windows 10 gaming machines. The two devices sport a similar exterior look too, starting with their angular black chassis and the green keyboard trims.

Likewise, both laptops include the WiFi 6.0 connectivity option. According to HP, the devices offer fast battery charge (50% in 45 minutes with the device shut down).

Display-wise, the older model is larger, at 17.3-inch. But both come with an anti-glare feature, and they support a full high definition resolution of up to 1080p. Their refresh rate is also the same (144 Hz).

The two laptops though differ in an area that impacts gaming performance in a big way—graphics capabilities. While both sport midrange gaming GPUs, the latest model has a more advanced and powerful graphics card.

Looking at the specs for GTX 1660 Ti (on Pavilion Gaming 17) and RTX 2060 (on Pavilion Gaming 16), you may easily see that the latter is superior in key areas like ray tracing. Generally, the entire RTX family offers better graphics and DLSS processing.

Also, don’t forget to take processing power into account. Both devices can support multiple Intel processor models, but Gaming 16 comes with up to 10th gen Intel Core i7 processor.

The older Pavilion supports up to 9th gen Intel Core i7 processor, which also packs a punch.

SpecsPavilion Gaming 16Pavilion Gaming 17
ProcessorUp to 10th gen Intel Core i7Up to 9th gen Intel Core i7
GraphicsUp to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with Max-Q design graphicsUp to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
Display size 16.1"17.3"
ResolutionFHD 1080pFHD 1080p
ConnectivityWiFi 6.0WiFi 6.0

HP Pavilion Gaming 16 is an improvement on its predecessor

In a nutshell, HP Pavilion Gaming 16 gives you superior options for hardware specs. It performs better in areas that matter to gamers, including processing power. Plus, a comparison of the supported GPUs for each model reveals that the latest Pavilion offers the better graphics performance.

If things like screen size are important to you, then Pavilion Gaming 17 has a clear advantage over its successor.

But you probably still want to buy Gaming 16 if you consider the price factor. For starters, both devices are for the budget-sensitive gamer. However, you get more in the latest model for a starting price of roughly $800.00.

Are you ready to explore the HP Pavilion Gaming 16 laptop? Kindly let us know by commenting via the comments section below.

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