HP’s new Windows 10 gaming computers are true powerhouses

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The new OMEN computers by HP, powered by Windows 10 and manufactured exclusively for gamers, have been announced. They come with features such as 4K IPS Full HD displays, Intel Core i7 quad-core processors, and powerful NVIDIA GTX graphics cards, which will allow you to play the latest games at full details without any problems.
These devices will be available starting from July 2016, which means that the gamers will still have a few more weeks to wait for them.

OMEN Laptops

There are not many laptop gamers out there, but it seems that the developers are starting to release decent gaming laptops nowadays, which will most likely make more people to acquire them. We all know that gamers usually prefer desktop computers, because they can easily change the video card, RAM, processor, motherboard without any problems. At the same time, laptops usually overheat very fast, which means that you will need to buy a pretty good cooling case in order to keep your laptop at a low temperature.

The new OMEN laptops powered by Windows 10 come with Full HD and 4K IPS displays of 15.3-inch or 17.3-inch. They will also feature a Dragon Red backlit keyboard, a dual fan design to maintain performance, a 62-watt battery, a NVIDIA GTX up to 965M and a 6th generation Intel core i7 quad-core processor.

In addition, the laptop will also come with a Vision HD camera (you can also opt for an Intel RealSense Camera for 3D experiences and to enable gesture control apps to interact with the PC when gaming), up to 16GB RAM, HP Fast Charge and up to 10 hours of battery life.

The price of these laptops will start at 899.99 dollars for the 15.6-inch one and 979.99 dollars for the 17.3-inch one.

OMEN Desktop

The OMEN desktop computer powered by Windows 10 will feature the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, an optional advanced liquid cooling thermal system that will make to keep your computer cool while not making too much noise, 32GB of RAM, an Intel Core i7-6700k that you will be able to overclock, 512GB SSD and up to 3TB of HDD.

The OMEN desktop computer will be available for sale via some select retailers, starting from August 2016.



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