5 best backup software for Hyper-V [2020 Guide]

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hyper-v backup software

‘Big inventions come with big risks’. This quote works to as much of an extent with the Hyper-V as with any huge breakthrough out there. Every time a Windows user runs more than two operating systems virtually on the same piece of hardware there is a potential chance for loss of data or services. Hence the need for backup software for Hyper-V.

Loss of data means for a drop in a considerable amount of revenue and standing. Why should anyone, for that matter, want to suffer that risk when they can get a backup solution that allows for restoration of info in a fitting manner?

Different Hyper version backup tools have different features. Some are strong and unique; others are plain weak.

Check out the guide on backup software to buy for your business. The following software has proved reputable in data protection and restoration. Anyone with a backup strategy will do good to include them in their list.

Backup Hyper-V with these tools


Paragon Backup

Paragon Software Group


Paragon is a free backup software for Hyper-V with a two-decade experience in data safety and recovery practices. Small and medium businesses together with freelancers are able to efficiently spread out and administer storage resource in three easy to use steps.

All you need to do is download and install the tool, restart your computer, create a new file or partition and then backup your data.

Paragon Backup features:

  • WinPE Flexible Restore – The WinPE environment allows for flexibility to put back data based on what the user needs. Restoring an entire disk is as acceptable as restoring only parts of it.
  • Recovery Media(WinPE-based) – Create a recovery environment, savable in bootable media such as a USB or CD drive. This way, data is safe and secure, even with a corrupted OS.
  • Differential Backup – A data preservation feature that dwells on saving up on storage space through smart selection.
  • Intelligent automation lets users schedule their own backups based on chosen triggers.

While the ordinary version of Paragon Backup works just fine, its paid service is capable of a whole lot more. Discover what other features come in handy from purchasing the premium backup and recovery software.


Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam Backup & Replication


Microsoft’s Hyper-V is a revolutionary virtualization tool although not invincible. Some physical workstations and servers refuse to be virtualized. These have demanding regulatory compliance requirements and complicated hardware structures. As such, incidents such as file corruption and hardware failures are inevitable. They leave data to exposure.

Veeam Backup and Replication mitigates against such occurrences. The software bridges the gap between large different environments. Incremental backups succeed a primary backup in a fast process that works towards saving as much storage as possible.

Veeam Backup key features:

  • A user-friendly product that saves the user a lot of time dealing with errors that arise during replication.
  • Users are constantly searching for a backup software for Hyper-V that is agent-less. Veeam is a launch able tool with no installation and management requirements whatsoever.
  • Contrary to most free software, the tool is equipped with a tape library for auxiliary saving.
  • One can create a scheduled backup.
  • Veeam has been around the block for a while. Even so, its caring and responsive support team is what gets users coming back each time.

Compare the free and paid versions to determine which best fits your virtual environment.

— Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in other backup software, check out our wide collection of guides.



novabackup novastor

Executing backups can be a time-consuming task. If only there was a way to protect valuable data without having to deal with the tussle of doing so.

NovaStor, a provider of data security solutions created NovaBACKUP. Like any other backup software for Hyper-V on this list, NovaBACKUP is a scalable and reliable software that meets the needs and requirements of the user.

What sets it apart though, is its configurable solutions that can be adjusted to match the user’s budget and particular necessities.

NovaBACKUP key features:

  • It is no surprise that the NovaBACKUP works 4x faster than its closest competitor. A recently developed logic uses a backup index that facilitates quicker import speeds. This turns the software into a virtual bullet.
  • Simple bit by bit wizards accompany its easy installation and gets the tool running within minutes.
  • The image-level or file-level backup options enable one to choose between individual drives and their entire hard drive. Those fond of cloud saving services such as Google Drive and Dropbox have their options too.

Additional features accustomed to the backup tool include:

  • Free installation,
  • Disaster recovery (Image backup),
  • Server, PC, and VM backups, and
  • Full, Differential, and Incremental backups.

Check out the available packages for the NovaBACKUP solution.


Altaro Hyper-V Backup

The free version of the Altaro VM backup takes preference over its two paid versions on any day. This is in respect to an increasing number of Hyper-V users that are in search of keen and live backups to fit their cheap to no budgetary plans.

The Altaro VM backup works with a maximum of 2 virtual machines. It uses reverse delta and compression for back up. It also accepts applications accordant with Hyper-V VSS Writer such as SQL and Exchange Server.

Get Altaro Hyper-V Backup


Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup hyper-v backup


Iperius Backup is a complete and affordable backup software for Hyper-V that performs hot VM backups. It then copies them to NAS, tape devices, or across the network in an automatic rhythm.

Iperius Backup key features:

  • The Iperius may be a lightweight software but it makes up for what it lacks in size with a rich choice of options. With a single license, one can save unlimited VMs in a network and execute a bunch other backup types.
  • Integrated utility — Iperius has a wealthy diversification network. Users can backup with synchronization or compression, copy locked files, and perform an online backup to Cloud and FTP.
  • The Volume Shadow Copy technology has made it possible to copy any in-use or locked file. This allows for an uninterrupted backup for Hyper-V.
  • Restore on different hosts  Automatic restores are possible from particular Differential or Incremental backups and on different hosts.
  • Iperius is an agentless solution with a versatility that allows for functionality without a software agent.

Download Iperius Backup


The above backup software for Hyper-V including Paragon, Veeam, Altaro, NovaBACKUP, and Iperius are highly innovative and flexible software.

They have been made just right, for the most complex enterprise environments. With these, users can now worry less about the safety of their data and focus their attention on other endeavors.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.