Fix common Hyper-V replication errors on Windows 10/11

by Vladimir Popescu
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There are two types of error codes that can be produced by any software – a known error message (if the event is caused by a specific known reason), or a generic error message (if the event is caused by an unknown issue).

No matter what the details of the situation are, it is very useful to have either a known or a generic error code. This will allow you to perform troubleshooting and try to stop this behavior.

The Hyper-V Replica was designed to work the same way. In today’s article, we will explore some of the most commonly known and also generic error messages, that relate to the replication process of Hyper-V. Read on to find out more.

How to deal with the common replication errors in Hyper-V

1. Hyper-V prevented starting virtual machine because it is prepared for failover

error prevented starting virtual machine because - hyper-v replication errors

This error message classifies as a known error message. It is a message caused by the VM on which the Planned failover was started being turned off at the Primary Server, and turned on at the replicated server.

The only situation in which the VM is turned on at the Primary Server is if replication is not working properly. Because virtual machines can not be turned on at the Primary server, this error can be ignored without any concerns.

2. Hyper-V is not in a state to accept replication on Replica Server for virtual machine <VM Name>not in a state to accept replication - Hyper-V replication errors

When the replication process is completed and you click the Finish button inside the Hyper-V setup wizard, the main server creates a rule (GUID) for the Replica Server which will allow the software to check for any duplicated Virtual Machines.

The error is produced if the VM finds another virtual machine already configured with the same GUID.

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3. Failed to perform the operation. Hyper-V is not in a valid replication state to perform the operationnot in valid replication state to perform operation - Hyper-V replication errors

This error occurs if there is any maintenance done at the Primary Server while you are completing the Replication Wizard.

There are two main possible reasons for this issue:

  • Your Primary Server is not configured to be a Replica Server (to fix it you will need to configure the server properly)
  • Your firewall service is blocking the access of Hyper-V on Replication Server (to fix it you will need to whitelist the Hyper-V app on the Replication Server)

4. Hyper-V Failed to resolve the Replica Server namefailed to resolve the replica server name - Hyper-V replication errors

This error is caused either by a problem with the name you set for the server or if you used an IP Address or NetBIOS name instead of using an FQDN format. Changing the name or format will fix the issue.


In today’s article, we explored some of the most commonly known and generic Hyper-V replication error messages.

We hope this guide offered you a comprehensive overview of the issues that can create these errors.

If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know by using the comment section below.


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