How to Enable Internet Explorer (IE) Mode in Microsoft Edge

Only by enabling the IE feature can you use it in Edge

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  • The Internet Explorer mode allows users to access legacy websites without using alternative browsers.
  • The Internet Explorer Mode is exclusive to Windows PCs. Linux and MacOS users can’t access the feature.
  • IE mode eliminates the need to redesign websites to access them on modern browsers. 
ie mode in edge
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One of the neat features of Microsoft Edge is that it allows users to access legacy websites without switching browsers. This functionality is possible through the Internet Explorer Mode feature. Hence, if you’ve been searching for a way to enable IE mode in Microsoft Edge, this article will provide the steps needed to enable the feature in Microsoft Edge.

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Can you use Internet Explorer on Edge?

The short answer is yes, you can use Internet Explorer on Windows. Microsoft Edge is Windows’ upgraded browser developed to replace Internet Explorer.

Even the latest version of Internet Explorer has become obsolete and rarely used. However, some of the browser’s functionalities are still used by some people, especially Web Developers. 

Microsoft retired Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022, but you’ll still be able to access some of the functionalities and utilities in Microsoft Edge.

Users can access Internet Explorer’s functionalities through Internet Explorer Mode.

How can I Enable IE Mode in Microsoft Edge?

If you’d like to enable the IE Mode to access Internet Explorer’s functionalities, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Press the Windows key, type in Microsoft Edge and hit Enter.
  2. In the Browser window, Click the More (Ellipsis) button in the top right corner, and click on Settings.
  3. In the Settings window, click on the Default Browser tab from the list of options.
  4. Under the Internet Explorer compatibility section on the right pane, set the option to Allow next to the Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode (IE mode).
  5. Then, click the Restart button to save your changes and refresh the browser.

In addition, you can also use Internet Explorer mode to open specific incompatible websites. To open an incompatible webpage, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows key, type in Microsoft Edge, and hit Enter.
  2. Then, click the Settings after the More (ellipsis) button in the top right corner.
  3. Hover on More tools, and click on Reload in Internet Explorer Mode. 

Edge will automatically reload the page and render the page like an Internet Explorer web page. Also, the web page will display an Internet Explorer logo to confirm that you’re viewing the page in IE mode. You can click on the logo to get more information. 

Further, if you want to exit Internet Explorer mode, there’ll be an exit button at the top of the page. Click on the option to exit Internet Explorer mode.

The Internet Explorer mode is not a very common feature among regular PC users. However, the feature proves very useful to some users as it allows them to view older web pages without switching between browsers.

After reading this article, enabling the Internet Explorer (IE) mode in Microsoft Edge should be a piece of cake. 

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