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There are hundreds of different solutions to reduce the size of images but quite a few if you want to zoom in your pictures. Surely, anyone has noticed that, when you reduce the size of a photograph or image, there is no or little loss of quality.

But if you try to zoom in, then you’ll find yourself with a photo that’s all grainy and blurry. Not to mention that the contours are no longer clear.

Enlarging a photo means increasing the resolution. For example, you zoom in as you try to recognize a face that is too small in the original photo or read an illegible text.

This operation is typical in spy movies when you see those computer centers where they recognize the bad guy or the suspect based on a photo. Of course, the secret agents use sophisticated image processing programs.

This can be very useful in everyday situations for photos that have been taken at low resolution using a low-end digital camera or mobile phone. However, average users don’t have access to high-end image processing tools similar to those used in spy movies.

In this post, we’ll take a look at four programs that you can use to enlarge images without losing quality or blurring them. You can also use these tools to change the contrast and refine or highlight the outlines of the images.

What software can I use for zooming in images?


Sharper Scaling

Sharper Scaling zoom image

Sharper Scaling is nice program to enlarge images without losing quality. You can use this tool to resize photos up to 400% without getting the blur or grainy effect.

This software supports four different algorithms to enlarge the images and allows you to check out all the possible preview versions and choose the one that works best. You can then save the image as a TIFF, PNG or JPEG image.

After downloading and opening the program, simply add the image your want to zoom in and select the resizing mode. There are various scaling target that you can select, including 50%, 100%, etc.

Download Sharper Scaling


PhotoZoom Pro 7

PhotoZoom Pro 7 image zooming

BenVista software is available for Windows and Mac, as a plug-in or as a stand-alone software solution. It uses its own technology to preserve and even increase the quality of the images that users choose to enlarge or reduce.

There is also a cheaper amateur version available, PhotoZoom Classic 7, if you’re interested. Both are available as a free trial on the manufacturer’s website, Benvista.com

Image resizing is a less trivial operation, from the point of view of the processing effort and the obtainable results than one might believe, especially if the starting photo is not of great quality. Therefore, using a reliable zooming software is a must.

You can use PhotoZoom to enlarge images, but also to reduce the pixel dimensions of an image.
PhotoZoom Pro 7 takes care of enlarging photos and graphics while maintaining quality, reducing JPEG artifacts and any noise (which on a larger photo would be more visible).

The tool also takes care of other elements, such as system exposure, both excessive and insufficient, improves the vividness of the image and its quality even if the starting point is low.

PhotoZoom Pro 7 uses a series of interesting tools, such as printing directly from the application, and new presets to easily resize different types of photos and graphics. Do not miss the opportunity to work with images in series (batch).

PhotoZoom Pro 7 is available as a standalone software or as a Photoshop plugin, Photoshop Elements and Corel PaintShop Pro and Photo-Paint software. The starting prices are  $159 for a new license and $69 for upgrading from previous versions.

Download PhotoZoom Pro 7


Kneson Imagener

Kneson Imagener zoom image

Enlarging digital photographs causes loss of quality. Imagener is an image converter that can increase image size without reducing quality.

The results obtained with Imagener are better than those obtained with other software for digital cameras, other image enlargers or photo editing programs. In fact, these use interpolation methods that leave the final images blurred, while the strongly improved interpolation technology of Imagener maintains the sharpness of the original images without loss of quality.

The program has a very simple and essential interface, also suitable for less experienced users. Simply select an image, specify the new dimensions according to a measurement unit of your choice (percentage, pixel, etc.), select a resizing method and press the Resize key.

You will be able to preview the results obtained, both in reduced and real dimensions, and the original image can be restored at any moment by pressing the Reset button.

Imagener Standard can be used free of charge. Enhanced versions ($19.95) and Professional versions ($49.95) are also available with additional features.

Download Kneson Imagener



SmillaEnlarger zoom photos

SmillaEnlarger is a program that can be used to view enlarged photos, enlarge and increase image size and resolution. The results depend on the resolution and the quality of the original photos.

Clearly, the bigger you want the picture to be, the more difficult it is to have satisfactory results.
The image enlarger program starts without you having to install it and opens two windows: one for showing the original image, the other with a zoomed and enlarged part.

The right pane shows only a part of the image in a square that is the zoom. This is only a preview to sharpen contrasts, sharpness and contours because the photo is still enlarged in full. The new dimensions can be chosen by writing the pixels by hand or by moving the zoom bar that maintains the proportions of width and height.

By clicking on the “Browse” button at the bottom of “Source“, you can select the photograph or image to enlarge. The preview is not automatic and you need to press the key to see the effects caused by the 6 basic values ​​that try to make the zoom less blurred.

The key to save the new file with the enlarged image is to hit “Calculate”, the file name is indicated where “Enlarged” is written and is saved in the same folder where the original is located, without replacing it.

It is possible to change the area that is used for the preview in order to ensure that the most important areas of the images are well visualized in the new resolution.

Certainly there are other programs out there that can enlarge the images better while keeping a decent image quality. This one is really easy to use and does everything in just a few clicks, so we like it.

Download  SmillaEnlarger


There are numerous software available for zooming photos. Which software have you found to be most helpful?

Let us know if you decided to use one of the tools listed in this guide by using the comments field from below.



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