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If you have been experiencing the error “Impactor.exe Bad Image” problem on your Windows PC after you launched a certain application, we have come up with the right solutions for you.

Some applications such as VLC media player, games, and other software produce the error “Impactor .exe Bad Image” involving the zdengine.dll. This error is due to corrupted files or libraries that are required to run the intended application.

The good news is that you can quickly fix the ‘Impactor .exe Bad Image’ error. The solutions that will enable you to fix the error on your PC are listed below.

How to fix Impactor .exe Bad Image error

Solution 1 — Run Windows 10’s Troubleshooter

Since this error usually occurs when users try to launch Windows Store apps, try running Microsoft’s dedicated troubleshooter.

  1. Go to Settings > Update & Security > select Troubleshoot in the left hand pane
  2. Under ‘Find and fix other problems’ > select Windows Store Apps > run the troubleshooter

fix bad image error

Solution 2 – Reinstall the program

You should consider reinstalling the application which produced the error. This will replace the corrupted program files including its libraries with a new one. A new copy of the application will be run on your PC without the Impactor .exe Bad Image error. In order to reinstall your program, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Start menu, type control panel and press the enter button.impactor .exe bad image
  2. In the Control Panel, go to the Programs and Features menu to uninstall a program.impactor .exe bad image
  3. Here, go through the list of installed applications and double-click on the application producing the error so as to uninstall it. Click “Yes” when required in the uninstall prompts until the application is uninstalled.impactor .exe bad image
  4. Download the application at its official download site. If you installed using a CD, insert the CD and install consequently.
  5. Launch the installer and follow the prompts till the installation is complete.
  6. Run the application again

By following these steps listed above, the error bad Impactor .exe Bad Image will be fixed ensuring that the application runs flawlessly.

Solution 3 – Run the program in compatibility mode

Some applications during development are not optimized for newer operating systems making it difficult to adapt hence the bad Impactor.exe Bad Image error. By running your program in the compatibility mode, the current Windows OS will enable the application to run in older version of Windows. To run the said program in compatibility mode, follow these steps:

  1. On the desktop or where the actual application is, right-click application shortcut and click “Properties”.impactor .exe bad image
  2. Here, select the “Compatibility” tab, and check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for:
  3. From the drop-down list, select any older edition of Windows to run the program with.impactor .exe bad image
  4. Lastly, click OK to run the program.

Note: It is advisable to check the applications’ system requirement to determine which older Windows OS and mode you intend to run the application with. This method will enable you bypass the Impactor .exe Bad Image error.

Solution 4 — Run System File Check Scan

The Impactor .exe Bad Image error is due to the corrupt zdengine.dll, hence, running a system file check can repair any error which is connected to the .dll (dynamic link library) file. SFC scans, checks, and fixes any corrupted files. To run a SFC scan on your Windows PC, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Start menu and type “cmd” without quote. Right click on the Command Prompt icon and click on ‘Run as Administrator’. Click “yes” to accept the UAC prompt.
  2. In the cmd prompt, type sfc and hit the “Enter” key,
  3. Type /scannow and hit the “Enter” key.fix impactor.exe bad image
  4. Finally, restart your Windows PC and try launching the application again

This method will run a system file check and repair all corrupt system files most especially related to the Impactor .exe Bad Image on your computer. You can run the application again after this procedure and it will run flawlessly.

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Solution 5 — Use CCleaner

CCleaner is an utility program which is Windows compliant. You may need to download CCleaner on your Windows PC so as to scan, fix and clean bad system files especially the corrupted files responsible for the Impactor .exe Bad Image error. Follow these steps to install and use CCleaner:

  1. Download CCleaner at their official website
  2. Install and follow the prompts to complete the installation
  3. After installation, launch CCleanerimpactor .exe bad image
  4. Here, go to the “Registry” menu, click “Scan for issues” optionimpactor .exe bad image
  5. After CCleaner has finished scan, select the “fix selected issues”, follow the prompts and click on the “fix all” option
  6. Wait for the CCleaner to clean the registry.

This program will clean the registry and fix any corrupt system files such as the Impactor .exe Bad Image file. It is recommended that you backup your registry in case you intend to revert back.

There are many registry cleaning software that you can use. Check out our list of the best registry cleaners to use on Windows 10.

Solution 6 — Run a full system scan

Malware may cause various issues on your computer, including bad image errors. Perform a full system scan in order to detect any malware running on your computer. You can use Windows’ built-in antivirus, Windows Defender, or third-party antivirus solutions.

Here’s how to run a full system scan on Windows 10 Creators Update:

  1. Go to Start > type ‘defender’ > double click Windows Defender to launch the tool
  2. In the left hand pane, select the shield icon
  3. In the new window, click the Advanced scan option
  4. Check the full scan option to launch a full system malware scan.

Solution 7 — Update your OS

Make sure that you’re running the latest Windows OS updates on your machine. As a quick reminder, Microsoft constantly rolls out Windows updates in order to improve the system’s stability and fix various issues.

To access the Windows Update section, you can simply type “update” in the search box. This method works on all Windows versions. Then go to Windows Update, check for updates and install the available updates.

Consequently, the methods above should fix the Impactor .exe Bad Image error on your Windows PC. However, if the problem persists ,which is rare, this may be due to corrupt software installation CD or corrupt executable file of the application that was downloaded. If you have any question, please comment below.



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