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Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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  • Forum threads are some of the best resources you can use to find the information you're looking for -- take Reddit, for example.
  • But if you can't access forum threads due to browser privilege errors, use this guide to get rid of the problem in under 5 minutes.
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browser error You do not have sufficient privileges

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Some internet users reported encountering an issue when trying to access different links.

You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action. Click your browser‘s Back button to continue

This is an error message that displays when trying to load a page, blocking access to the link.

This is a common issue that occurs when attempting to access forum threads.

In order to have a better understanding as to why this error occurs, we made a list with the root causes of this issue, along with solutions to help you avoid encountering the error.

How do I fix the privilege browser issue?

1. Try using a different browser

If you already have an account for the specific forum you want to access and you are sure that the thread still exists, try using a different browser.

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If there’s a chance of geo-restriction causing the error at hand and preventing you from accessing a certain webpage, use the built-in VPN service, change your IP, and access it with ease.

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2. Create a forum account

Access restrictions could be set by forum moderators. Certain forums only allow their registered members to view threads on their platform.

Registered members also have the ability to post on the forum and send private messages to other users.

If you’re not able to access specific forum content, become a member of that forum by creating an account and logging in to access the forum privileges.

2. Manually search for the desired thread

Sometimes moderators change existing thread links for different reasons. If you have a thread link saved and you want to access it, the access will be denied, as your specific link doesn’t exist anymore.

In order for you to find the thread you wanted to open, you would have to perform a manual search.

Go to the main forum page and find the search box allowing you to find results within the forum. Type in specific keywords from the thread title and hit the Search button. If there are no search results, then the thread that you are looking for might have been removed.

Are you over your head in bookmarks and need a way to organize them? Here’s the solution.

3. Thread was removed

Getting forwarded to the error page might as well mean that the link is now missing. For different reasons, the forum mods sometimes delete threads, making the initial link nonexistent.You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action. Click your browser's Back button to continue
Therefore trying to access that specific link would be impossible. But, the webpage is still cached in the search engine, thus it appears like it’s there, while obviously, it isn’t.

We hope that you found useful our quick guide on fixing the browser restriction error. If you liked this article, leave a comment in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To check if you have sufficient privileges on Windows 10, open the Local Computer Policy Editor and go to the User Rights Assignment section to check the full list of privileges your account hast. You should find User Rights Assignment under Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies.

  • Forums are discussion platforms where members can ask questions and provide answers to the topics created. The main goal of forums is to provide an accurate answer to the original poster’s questions based on the experience and areas of expertise of the members.

  • There is currently no method to disable the back button of a browser. Browsers are products of their respective owners and only the companies behind them can edit and change browser features and functions.

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