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These amazing games will not disappoint you

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Key notes

  • Finding the perfect Itch.io browser games can be difficult because of the wide range of options available on this website.
  • This website is a distribution service that offers an excellent collection of browser games that can keep you occupied at all times. 
  • With the suggestions we presented to you in this guide, you will surely be able to make an informed decision when choosing a game.
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Spending your time playing games isn’t a bad thing as some people make it to be. As long as you are enjoying the company and the experience, it is a time well spent. And today we’ll show you some of the best Itch.io browser games.

Browser games, unlike its counterpart, are often dismissed as a throwaway experience. However, that’s not true. Services like Itch.io have found a way to bring the best browser indie games online.

Itch.io is a website for the user to host, sell and play indie games online. Since its launch, the service has hosted hundreds of thousand games, most of which are free. 

If you are new to Itch.io, it is easy to get lost in the sea of indie games. If you are looking to enjoy your lunch break playing some fund indie games, check out the best Itch.io browser games below.

Can you play games on Itch.io without downloading?

Itch.io is a platform that many independent game developers use as a support mechanism for their work. The website welcomes independent programmers and provides them with a venue where they may showcase and, in some cases, sell their games.

The website operates on a commission model, which means that the owners receive a tiny share of the revenues that are generated by the developers.

Yes, you can! All the games on Itch.io are free indie games that work only inside your browser. Some exceptions might have a version available for download, but those are exceptions.

Feel free to access Itch.io’s platform to explore their vast library of indie games. But now, let’s see whether they are safe or not!

Quick Tip:

Dedicated gaming browsers like Opera GX can reduce the impact on your system resource as it is specially built to complement gaming, especially when accessing Itch.io.

Some of the notable features include GX Control to customize the browser’s system resource usage, Hot Tabs Killer to free up resources without leaving the browser, and Discord integration.

Opera GX

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Are games on Itch.io safe?

The website asserts that it will examine every game that is submitted to its platform, despite the fact that it is impossible for them to monitor and regulate every single piece of code that is transmitted through a game.

When downloading anything from the Internet, exercising extreme caution is always the best course of action. Due to the fact that Itch.io sends you to the website of the game creators, you will be unable to view any comments left by other users.

In general, the website is renowned to feature games that are both respectable and secure. If your concerns have not been allayed, continue reading this part, which will explain what steps you may take to avoid contracting a virus.

This being said, let’s see what some of the best Itch.io browser games are, that you can play right away!

What are the best Itch.io browser games?

Adventures With Anxiety! – A game about anxiety

itch.io browser games

Adventures With Anxiety is a browser-based game. It is an interactive story about anxiety, and you play as the anxiety.

The game has been designed to help users with anxiety issues with interactive multi-choice questions. How you move forward depends on the choices you make during the gameplay.

The game lasts for about 30 minutes, and as the developer notes, it is more of an interactive story than a game. This is one of the best games on Itch.io to play in your browser.

Play Adventures With Anxiety

Sort the Court – Ruler simulator

itch.io browser games

Sort the Court is a simulation-based game where you decree in simple yes and no answers. You can choose to play as the King or Queen at the beginning. We regarded it as the second-best Itch.io browser game despite its simplicity, due to how entertaining it is.

Once you have chosen to play as the king or queen, you will be presented with a few questions by the Royal Advisor and other characters. You need to answer Yes, or No, by pressing Y or N.

Depending on the answers given, you will gain or lose points. As a ruler, you have to keep an eye on the people in your kingdom without depleting the wealth with the ultimate goal of growing the city.

Play Sort the Court

itch.io browser games

Goodbye, Doggy is a puzzle game where you help your family with your demise as a ghostly dog.

You will deal with the family’s grief by drifting from room to room and exploring the house.

Use the arrow keys to move around the house and press the Z key to interact with the characters. Make use of the hints to solve the puzzle and complete the game.

Play Goodbye, Doggy

A Tale Spanning Centuries – A fantasy romance story

itch.io browser games

As the title indicates, A Tale Spanning Centuries is a fantasy romance story with ME roots on PC and mobile.

A text-based browser game with choices throughout to shape both the main character’s personality and skills and influence their relationship dynamics.

Play A Tale Spanning Centuries

Six Cats Under – Puzzle game with cats

itch.io browser games

Six Cats Under is another Itch.io puzzle game. The game revolves around a cat that has died and has unfinished business to take care of.

In this point-and-click game, you rescue your herd of cats by directing them with your poltergeist powers.

Play Six Cats Under

Scout Chapter 4 – Interactive fiction game

Tagged Browser games

Scout Chapter 4 is an interactive fiction game based on a text choice in an apocalyptic setting. As a young survivor of a natural calamity that hit the region, you put your skills to use on regular scouting missions.

The gameplay involves choosing your name, appearance, and scouting team positions. The choices you make throughout the story will affect your standing in the community.

Play Scout Chapter 4

Plant Daddy – A plant growing game

Tagged Browser games

A simulation-based browser game on Itch.io, in Plant Daddy, you grow plants in your sunny apartment.

Your plants grow in real-time, water them, repot them, purchase furniture and then close the tab. You can come back to continue the game when you have some spare time. 

Play Plant Daddy

Grey-Box Testing – Exploit bugs to solve puzzles

Tagged Browser games

If you like puzzle-based browser games, then try Grey-Box Testing. In the game, you exploit bugs to solve puzzles and progress.

If you like challenging tasks like finding in reality, Grey-Box Testing can help you give your mind a tough assignment to solve the game by exploiting the bugs like a tester.

This game uses WASD to move, E or P to pause the game, Space to jump, and the mouse clicks as control options.

Play Grey-Box Testing

Mobs Inc – Action browser game

Tagged Browser games

Mobs Inc is a fun, fast-paced action browser game that is also the winner of Ludum Dare 33.

As a new monster recruit, you as a new monster attack adventurers by dashing through a point-and-click mechanism.

The more adventures you kill with your special skills, you will be promoted. If you disappoint the monster boss 4 times, you will be fired.

Play Mobs Inc

Tanuki Sunset Classic – Third-person racing game

Tagged Browser games

Tanuki Sunset Classic is a third-person racing longboard-skating game. You, as the main character raccoon, skating downhill on a procedurally synthwave-theme seaside road.

You can drift your way around the narrow corner while gathering Tanuki Bits to fill up your Bonus Roulette Meter and try to gather as many points as you can.

Play Tanuki Sunset Classic

There you have it. Some of the best free games on Itch.io that you can play on your favorite browser like Opera GX.

Browser games are the best way to enjoy short breaks as they are quick and not so addictive, like the mobile and console games that can take hours of your time.

All the best Itch.io browser games in this list offer fun time without taking up space on your laptop. 

We have included adventure, fantasy, racing, puzzle, and action games in this list, offering something for everyone. Which is your favorite game? Do let us know in the comments.

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