KB3002339 Update Causes Problems for Windows 7 and 8.1 Users

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Microsoft’s Update KB3002339 for Visual Studio 2012 doesn’t install correctly. Apparently, the update and Visual Studio are not compatible since many users reported that installation had been unsuccessful.
So far, only Visual Studio 2012 seems to be the only version for which such issues have been reported. And the bug is present only for devices running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Long story short, KB3002339  installation cannot be completed or it takes more than one hour only to trigger an error message.

According to users, to fix this issue, you have to download and install the patch manually.

“I ran into the same issue with three machines. Manual download and install did the trick.”

So, if you haven’t tried to install KB3002339 automatically, do it manually in order to avoir any trouble. But if you have chosen the automatic update option, do not interrupt the update because this could cause other malfunction issues.

However, until Microsoft fixes this bug, the best solution is to hide the update in Windows Update altogether. The tech giant seems to take its time on this one, since Microsoft officials have not uttered a single word on this blotched update despite of its forums being filled with comments on this issue. Actually, it seems Microsoft has no idea how to fix this since the only answer from their forum moderators was this:

“I understand the inconvenience that is caused when certain updates don’t install and keep you waiting for a longer period of time. We’ll be glad to assist you in fixing this issue.
Have you tried downloading and installing the update as mentioned by “W Jezewski” in this thread as it seems to have helped a number of users? If not, we would suggest that you give it a try and let us know as to how it proceeds.”

In other words: “Dear users, you’re on your own.”

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