FIX: KB4074588 breaks keyboard and mouse on PCs running Vipre Antivirus

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If you’re running Vipre Antivirus on your Windows 10 computer and you installed KB4074588, don’t be surprised if your machine crashes, freezes, becomes unresponsive or behaves in a peculiar manner.

As a quick reminder, Microsoft rolled out KB4074588 to Windows 10 v1709 computers on Patch Tuesday, but thousands of users reported this update failed to install or broke their machines.

Recent reports revealed that Vipre Antivirus users may also experience mouse and keyboard issues.

Apparently, KB4074588 removes the HID compliant drivers but fails to install the new version. The good news is that we have a fix for you.

How to fix KB4074588 keyboard and mouse issues

So, long story short, the only way to fix severe issues such as crashes is to uninstall KB4074588.

If you can’t use your mouse and keyboard after installing KB4074588, you can get the drivers from a computer that’s already running KB4074588.

You can also get the entire ‘Drivers’ and ‘DriverStore’ folder from System32 from a machine patched and working with KB4074588.

driver folder system 32

You can also download the drivers from this file hosting platform. User T1b3r1um zipped the drivers from his machine and uploaded them to the respective platform.

Keep in mind that you might see the ‘Unknown Device’ alert under ‘Other Devices’ after you install the drivers. However, it seems that this alert doesn’t cause any issues, so you can simply ignore it.

Vipre is working on a fix

Vipre already received many complaints about this problem. They are aware of the bug and working on a permanent fix.

I contacted Vipre CS, and they say they have been receiving reports of this through the day. They are aware of the bug and working to address it. If you have Vipre logs on machines where this issue is occurring, it will help them resolve this. I personally addressed the issue by uninstalling KB4074588 and paused updating on my environment until I’m confident the issue is resolved.

For the time being, it seems that this issue is affecting only HID USB devices.

Meanwhile, until Vipre fixes this problem, you can install a different antivirus software on your computer. Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus solutions in the world and can protect your machine against virtually any cyber attacks.

For more information on how to install Bitdefender on your Windows 10 computer, check out this guide.

You can also read our review on Bitdefender.

Have you experienced similar issues after installing KB4074588 on your Windows 10 computer? Let us know if this quick workaround helped you solve the problem.



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