KB4499164 fails to install on Windows 7 Pro PCs

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KB4499164 install issues

Microsoft recently released security update KB4499164 to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 PCs. The patch aims to prevent Wannacry-style malware attacks.

Windows 7 users who tried to install KB4499164 are experiencing some issues on their systems. For example, on user reported that this update fails to install on Windows 7 systems even after multiple attempts.

More specifically, the patch failed to install with the error 80073701.

I just keep getting Failed to install after it all downloads fine, creates restore point, and goes to ‘installing’… failed, error 80073701.

Apparently, Windows 7 user tried every possible solution ranging from restarting their systems, using Windows Update troubleshooter, disabling the antivirus program and clearing the SoftwareDistribution folder.

However, it seems that this weird installation issue is not going away. On top of that, many users are also unable to install the standalone .msu file for KB4499164.

Another user ran into some major issues after installing KB4499164. He said:

It (seems at least) install correctly but when PC restart PC is unusable. WiFi works, but icon freeze with searching circle. Windows restore do not work.[…]  Then i wanted to shut down the PC but it locks saying the Shut down music was preventing the PC to shut down and was impossible to force the closure of the program.

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft released this patch to fix a critical vulnerability in Windows 7. If you ran into similar update install issues, let us know in the comments below.

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It just says not installed on my 7 pro – for the first time I think for a rollup. I first install Kb3020369, Kb3172605 restart to fix updates then big rollup Kb3125574 (I’m the one that mentioned this on YouTube comments leading to it getting widely known)!

On another PC, after I installed a Windows rollup update, I started getting the dreaded BSOD just before user icons appeared on the login page. It booted up in safe mode with networking and to Linux so that ruled out a HW error. It took a few restores from my Acronis backups before I got my system back.

I don’t recall which KB number that was but henceforth I am leery of all Windows updates. No early adoptions for me! And I will hide this one so I don’t inadvertently install updates with this one checked.

Is this Microsoft’s scheme to get us off Windows 7? Bad strategy; based on the stuff I see on the ‘net, Windows-10 users are faring no better with the rollup updates.