Build 22000.100 solves Windows 11's biggest issues, but not all of them

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Key notes

  • As you know, Microsoft just released the latest version of the Windows 11 Insider preview builds, which is 22000.100.
  • After downloading and installing this new OS version, users were quick to flag some of the issues that came with it.
  • Ranging from minor visual bugs to critical errors that compromise operating system functionality, build 22000.100 brings a lot of issues.
  • This article contains most of the bugs that Insiders flagged since the release of this new Windows 11 build.

It’s time to take another peek behind the curtains and analyze the bugs that this new Insider build brings to the table.

We already acknowledged the known issues that Microsoft reported for their new Windows 11 software version, but let’s see how these problems really affect users.

The new Insider build compromised OS functionality

Apparently, build 22000.100 got off to a rocky start. We were expecting some bugs and issues to affect users in different ways, but not quite this seriously.

Reddit user StaticalJam states that, for him, installing the new Insider build actually broke his OS beyond repair, making it necessary to reinstall Windows 11.

Allegedly, immediately after installation, Windows Explorer broke and that’s when the problems started.

I forgot to elaborate, what happened was I updated (10.0.22000.100 along with KB5004300 and KB5004342 were installed) windows explorer broke. I get a straight up black screen and cant do anything on the desktop, task manager can be opened from control alt delete and stuff can be done through there but that’s it. I uninstalled the latest update KB5004300 and rebooted, and got an unresponsive old style of taskbar, and just now upon reinstalling the update I got the black screened explorer again. Restarting explorer doesn’t do anything btw

Update: it just brought the same old taskbar back again by itself, I didn’t uninstall any updates this time it just took 5 minutes to go from a black screen desktop to what you see above

Update 2: tried uninstalling both KB5004300 and KB5004342, still having the same problem. Got an option to try uninstalling KB5004316, didn’t help either. Uninstalling kb5004252 next

Update 3: that broke stuff even more lmao, now I have the old lock screen. I’m just reinstalling windows now

Build 22000.10 broke Windows Hello

User reports already started flooding forums and social media platforms and one of the first issues that got flagged was the fact that using the facial recognition for Windows Hello will crash the Settings app.

Many people that constantly use Hello are now appalled and request an immediate fix from the Redmond tech giant.

This problem was flagged on Reddit as well, but the great majority of users seem to already know about it already. And rightfully so, as Microsoft already listed this issue as known, in the official release post.

New visual bugs for the latest Insider build

We’ve already got accustomed to seeing a wide array of visual bugs every time that Microsoft releases a new version of the upcoming operating system.

Of course, these issues will surely get dealt with swiftly, but this doesn’t stop users from flagging them every chance they get.

This time, one of the actions buttons for notifications only contains one letter, instead of the whole word.

System tray is still not up to user standard

Even though the patch notes for the latest build advertise an updated design for the system tray, there is still no animation for the hidden icons button, and the button itself is not updated in design either.

Also, the frame for the flyout menu is darker and thicker than the ones for the other two flyouts, apparently. Not to mention that the tooltip hasn’t been updated yet.

This topic also made the social media trend train, as some users are completely displeased with current OS progress.

The whole taskbar is incomplete to me and lacks configuration for multiple screens. For people running different apps on different screens it’s pretty unusable. Looks to me like I’ll be paying for DisplayFusion for longer since they can do what MS can’t.

CMD randomly appearing on screen

Here’s an issue that’s more on the weirder side of things, when discussing the new preview build for Windows 11.

A build 22000.100 user reports that, out of nowhere, the Comand Prompt tool appears on his screen at random moments, either when logs on, or simply throughout his day.

Hello. I am facing a problem with cmd prompt. The prompt pop-up some times when i log in my pc and other times when im randomly using the pc. Does anybody knows about it? I thinks it’s not a virus ’cause i’ve scanned everything using defender and i didn’t find anything. Also, i tried to locate the page where the “tigiguc” is located but i can’t run it. It says that the file is in “.sys” file format and asks for a program to run with.

OS Version: 22000.100 (but i faced it in previous versions)

What’s even more strange, is that he reports that this issue plagued him even during the lifetime of the previous Insider build for Windows 11.

Not many people have flagged similar issues, so this problem must be limited to a small number of Insiders.

Windows 11 fluent design not added to all OS elements

It’s a known fact that one of Windows 11’s most appealing features is the new, fluent design that Microsoft introduced.

However, as we said before, unfortunately, this new design pattern doesn’t apply to all the operating system’s elements, much toward user disappointment.

Some of the more tech-savvy Windows users seem to have more in-depth knowledge about this design flaw and make some recommendations for fellow Insiders.

These are not native features of Windows, you need to force restart the runtime program that patches the corners. One way to do it is to switch themes.

Mouse cursor displays info about icons that aren’even on the taskbar

Since we were on the topic of visual bugs, here’s another one that was flagged on build 22000.100 for Windows 11.

Moving the mouse over the taskbar icons prompts the cursor to display information about the specific apps or tools you hover upon.

But when nothing is actually there, why is the cursor still displaying additional info? Surely Microsoft will take notice of this issue and deal with it accordingly,

Context menus spawn at wrong locations

We are going to continue on the topic of, you guessed it, visual bugs. This time let’s have a closer look at the context menus on Windows 11 build 22000.100.

We are used for these menus to spawn at the exact location where we right-click, as it always was on the Windows operating system.

But here’s what happens when you right-click in order to open one of these context menus for some Windows 11 Insiders, after the installation of the latest build.

VMware errors ruin user experience on build 22000.100

This report flags an issue that Windows 11’s new version brings for users that use VMware. The new OS build seems to clash with this kind of software and lead to critical errors, such as:

2021-07-23T13:52:29.640+08:00| vcpu-0| I005: [msg.log.error.unrecoverable] VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0) 2021-07-23T13:52:29.640+08:00| vcpu-0| I005+ Exception 0xc0000005 (access violation) has occurred.

The user that reported this problem states that he has Memory Integrity turned on,, however, VMware was fine before the build upgrade.

The taskbar isn’t working anymore

Some Windows Insiders are literally stuck, as they cannot use one of the most basic elements that Windows has to offer: the taskbar.

After downloading and applying the changes that came with build 22000.10, many people are no longer able to interact with the system taskbar, because apparently, all of its functionality has been stripped.

This is not a remote issue, as many other fellow Insiders are reporting similar problems.

New build comes with Z-ordering bug, according to Insiders

As reported by Insiders even on GitHub, the new Windows 11 build is breaking more than just the taskbar.

Allegedly, Z-ordering seems to be completely broken at interacting with some context menus or any kind of recording software, such as ShareX, while having something displaying in fullscreen.

What this means is that context menus appear below usual application windows, making them totally unusable.

The only workaround users have right now is ending the explorer process and restarting it.

Adding a second monitor will make your Explorer constantly restart

Even though these operating system bugs come in all shapes and forms, it’s still not surprising that we have to deal with them, considering the early stages that Windows 11 is currently in.

However, some of them are still eyebrow-raising, due to the weird manner in which they manifest.

Have you considered adding a second monitor to your setup? You might want to think again after reading what this Windows Insider went through after doing so.

What to do if Teams keeps crashing on build 22000.100

Everyone’s really excited that Microsoft decided to roll out the new and improved Teams app to all Insiders, via build 22000.100.

But even Teams isn’t free of bugs, as you could imagine, as it’s still in the testing phase, as the operating systems it currently runs on.

Some users have reported this app crashing with an error message that says: We’re sorry. We’ve run into an issue.

As reported on Reddit by user OutcastByChoice, this is what you can do if you run into the same situation:

After updating to 22000.100, my Teams chat stopped working with a “We’re sorry. We’ve run into an issue” message and wouldn’t load.

It came back after stopping the app from the systray and clicking the chat icon again.

Gaming is still not a stable experience on Windows 11

There have been several reports concerning gaming ever since the Redmond company released the new operating system.

And while some users managed to play some games, whether in window mode or regularly, most games aren’t working as they should on Windows 11, or at all.

The new OS still isn’t ready to provide such an experience to its users so you might want to postpone playing your favorite game on it.

Social media platforms and forums are full of complaints regarding gaming so, until Windows 11 is free of bugs, gaming is not really recommended.

Task Manager seems to have a mind of its own

As you might have noticed, we’ve constantly used the word weird throughout this article, when describing some of the bugs that Insiders flagged.

The reason is that some of them really have no logical explanation and just seem, well, weird. And since we are discussing weirdness, here’s another one that will raise some questions.

Build 22000.100 also brings some Bluetooth issues

The new Windows 11 build doesn’t limit itself to bringing only bugs of visual nature, but also ones that really mess up our way of doing things.

Have you tried using Bluetooth since you’ve installed the new build? If not, here are some words from those that have tried, as reported on Reddit.

Before installing the update, I had no notable issues with the bluetooth audio, just that aptx low latency was very bad, but now in windows 11 bluetooth audio just doesn’t work at all. It connects to the device and lists it in the bluetooth devices menu but it doesn’t show up in the sound settings. Is this just a windows 11 issue or is there likely something wrong with my pc?

Menu text not present

We’ve previously reported, in the articles related to bugs that plagued the builds that came before 22000.100, that there are certain portions of menus where the text is either not present, or cropped.

Many were hoping that the introduction of this new Windows 11 build would fix these issues. However, some Insiders discovered that that’s not the case and proceeded to warn fellow Insiders on platforms like Reddit.

Mouse bug on build 22000.100

Another Windows Insider reports some issues that cause strange behavior on the new OS build. This time it’s related to the mouse and how we interact with it.

Apparently, every time he left clicks, the system also performs a right-click, an action that spawns a context menu. You can imagine how frustrating that can get when you are just trying to navigate using your left click.

Somehow whenever I left click with mouse it will sometimes register as right click, sometimes in a browser, adobe premiere or on the windows desktop. I am currently on the windows 11 leaked iso, when my pc was on windows 10 this problem didn’t happen

However, this user is talking about a leaked ISO of Windows 11, not about the official preview available to Windows Insiders.

But even though this is not an official Microsoft product, the bug could also manifest on the original version as well.

Nonetheless, we strongly recommend that you become an Insider if you wish to test the upcoming operating system, as these leaked versions might contain malware and other harmful software.

OS taking forever to restart

As reported with previous builds as well, for some users Windows 11 is taking a ridiculously long time to perform a system restart.

It’s still pretty unclear what exactly is causing these crashes and long restart times, and no apparent workaround seems to function in this situation.

For some Insiders, it gets so bad that they need a recovery stick in order to restore their operating system to working order.

Unable to verify Microsoft account

While some users are struggling with not being able to properly use their devices, because of the operating system, others are dealing with other serious issues.

For example, this Insider stated that he is unable to verify his Microsoft account on the latest Windows 11 build.

YOu can understand how that can be a major problem, as Windows 11 actually requires you to log in with a Microsoft account in order to grant you access.

So this issue can prove to be a real nuisance, especially if, at some point, the system will require you to input your credentials again.

Windows 11 detects headphones as speakers and compromizes sound quality

What can you do when your OS decides to improperly label some hardware that you’ve plugged into your device?

There’s not much you can do, at the moment, as Microsoft engineers are still scrambling to fix every ongoing issue that the upcoming operating system has.

One Windows Insider reports that, after plugging in his headphones, Windows 11 detected them as speakers, taking away from the quality of the sound.

I’m using Windows 11, since I installed Windows 11 I haven’t encountered any issue so I’m guessing this is caused by the famous realtek drivers.

I got Lenovo Legion H300 Headset today and plugged it into my motherboard with splitter, the ports that splitter has been plugged are the right ports. Sounds are low and muffled but when I try it on my Windows 10 laptop it sounds better and more realistic.

I also have a USB headset that sounds waaay more better when I compare them, I don’t know if it’s because of the product difference but I know this USB headset is a cheap Chinese headset and sounds better than Legion H300.

Back to the real question; I plug the Legion H300 headset with splitter to my motherboard’s audio ports, my motherboard is ASUS PRIME H410M-F, and windows detects it as speaker and sounds are bad. I tried it on my Windows 10 laptop without a splitter, it detects it as headphones and sounds better.

Is there anyway I can do to make sounds more clear and better on my Windows 11 PC, make it detect it as headphones?

I tried re-installing different/same audio drivers, I tried some settings on realtek audio console, settings on audio console make the audio louder but make the audio quality worse.

I haven’t encountered these on my USB headset so I’m thinking this is caused by Realtek drivers?

Edit; What is the possibility of this headset being worse than my current headset so that I feel like sounds are bad on this headset?

No Widgets present on build 22000.100

Here’s another issue that Insiders had to deal with during the span of the previous build as well. After Windows 11 performed its latest update, users were surprised to find out that they don’t have Widgets anymore.

This feature is present on everyone’s taskbar and can be tweaked from the Settings menu. However, due to unknown factors, some people simply don’t have it anymore, after 22000.100 was installed.

As this user demonstrates, when accessing the Settings menu, no such options exist anymore.

Experiencing these issues is somewhat normal for software currently under testing for further development purposes. Our user feedback is what will help Microsoft iron out these system wrinkles.

What are some of the issues you encountered after installing WIndows 11 build 22000.100? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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