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Users reported that certain keyboard shortcuts were unavailable in UWP apps. Now, this issue is fixed thanks to the latest Windows 10 build. Among the affected shortcuts there were CTRL + C, CTRL + V, and ALT + Space. These are all staple shortcuts, especially for certain programs.

It seems the problem occurred immediately after upgrading to Windows 10, as users report:

I’m happy with w10, upgrade from w7.  But I having frustrations with copy/paste.  It copies a segment from a web site okay but when pasting in an email it doesn’t appear.  Is there a clipboard somewhere where I could store it? […]

I am using Edge and Outlook. If I’m on a webpage and wish to copy a paragraph, I highlight it, it turns grey, and I copy.  When I go to paste in email I right-click and no drop-down menu.  Nothing.

Then other times it works as advertised.  Never had this problem with W7.


I have installed Windows 10 on both my Laptop and Desktop machines.  On both machines I am not able to use the keyboard shortcut “CTL-V” to paste files in the File Explorer app.  The copy, CTL-C, works OK.

Of course, I can “right-click” the destination folder and select the “Paste” option.  However, it would be nice to be able to use CTL-V option to save a keystroke.

Speaking of keyboards, many users have reported issues with their on-screen keyboard lately. More precisely, the on-screen keyboard didn’t appear on their device’s screen. There are several methods available to fix this problem: launch the keyboard from the Settings app, add it to the taskbar, or launch the app from the applications list.

Speaking of keyboard improvements, you should also know that the ALT + Y issue in UAC UI has been fixed, as well, in the recent Windows 10 build release.



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