LHR vs non-LHR GPU: Which Cards are Better for Gaming?

A closer look at LHR and non-LHR GPU

by Megan Moore
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  • Lite Hash Rate (LHR) graphic cards were developed by NVIDIA to limit and deter crypto miners from buying GPU.
  • LHR limits hash rates by 50% making it less desirable to cryptocurrency miners who need faster hash rates to make a higher profit.
  • The GPU does not affect gaming performance and only impacts crypto mining.

Lite Hash Rate (LHR) are graphics cards developed by NVIDIA that detect and reduce cryptocurrency mining while gaming. This is one of NVIDIA’s methods of deterring cryptocurrency mining. Keep reading to learn about the main differences between LHR and non-LHR GPU.

Powerful gaming graphics cards are most appealing to crypto miners because they work faster and thus earn more coins. However, if you’re looking to get started in crypto mining, check out our recommendations for the best PCs for cryptocurrency mining for beginners.

What does LHR mean for GPU?

Because LHRs detect any cryptocurrency mining and halve the hash rate, GPUs are less desirable for mining. Hackers are less likely to target users with LHR GPUs because of this significant reduction in crypto mining.

In cryptocurrency, the hash rate determines mining speed, meaning the higher the hash rate, the higher the profit for miners. LHR cards lower the hash rate making the GPU unappealing to miners.

Crypto hash rate.

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Does LHR matter for GPU?

LHR does matter for GPU. It makes the graphics card less appealing for crypto mining and thus helps prevent the cost of graphics cards from going up.

Because of the crypto mining gold rush, miners needed GPUs and thus the demand for them went up, leading to sky-high prices and stock shortages. Having an LHR card makes GPU less desirable for miners and may regulate the market.

What are the differences between LHR and non-LHR GPU?

1. Performance

There are tons of side-by-side comparisons of LHR vs. non-LHR GPU that can be found online. The LHR is strictly designed to limit hash rates and thus has no impact on gaming speed or performance. So if you’re a gamer, there is no difference performance-wise between LHR and non-LHR cards.

LHR vs non-LHR GPU.

However, if you’re a crypto miner, then the LHR is far more likely to limit mining speeds and performance as intended. There is speculation that miners may eventually be able to bypass the restrictions, but until then it’s best for miners to avoid LHR GPUs.

2. Price

As far as price goes, NVIDIA wanted to make LHR cards more accessible and affordable for gamers by reducing their appeal to crypto miners. However, for crypto miners, NVIDIA released Cmp HX, a dedicated crypto mining GPU.

The main reason for the LHR card is to prevent crypto miners from inflating prices by making it less desirable for them, resulting in lowering the prices for gamers.

NVIDIA LHR vs non-LHR GPU pricing.

Are non-LHR cards better for gaming?

LHR cards do not affect gaming and GPU performance and only impact crypto mining. Users have run many independent tests on both LHR and non-LHR GPU and the performance is not affected.

For a list of our suggestions for the best NVIDIA GPUs for gaming, we have recommendations for that.


Is LHR GPU good for mining?

No, LHR GPU is not good for mining. The purpose of LHR is to lower the hash rate and make your GPU less appealing to crypto miners. The LHR GPU is meant to stabilize the prices for graphics cards since the effects of the cryptocurrency gold rush.

Overall, the only major difference between LHR and non-LHR GPU is the hash rate and limitations for crypto miners. With the demand for GPU increasing and resulting in price inflation, NVIDIA created LHR cards to stabilize the market. Let us know in the comments which GPU you prefer to use.

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