LiveKernelEvent error causes Windows 10 to stop working correctly

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Windows 10 users report that the November Patch Tuesday updates are causing Windows 10 to stop working correctly. Thousands of users already viewed this forum thread dedicated to the annoying LiveKernelEvent error, which means this error message is affecting large number of computers.

Judging by reports, it appears the LiveKernelEvent error is prevalent for Windows 10 computers and more specifically, for Windows 10 version 1607. At the same time, users confirm this problem appeared after they installed the latest cumulative update for Windows 10.

LiveKernelEvent error plagues Windows 10 users

I am going quietly nuts over the following. I am not using the beta versions of Wiindows 10 available in Windows Insider. The problem has occurred several times since last week […]

A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
Code: ab […]

Users confirm that their computers have no hardware problems and can’t explain why this error occurs. There is plenty of hard drive space, the SFC/scannow command finds nothing, DISM scan health reports no problems, and there are no signs of viruses after a full system scan. Moreover, there are no problems shown in the Device Manager, which is even more puzzling.

At the same time, Event Viewer reports no critical errors and the Windows 10 hardware troubleshooter doesn’t find anything wrong. Since all these checks couldn’t pinpoint the exact root-cause of this issue, Windows 10 users concluded that the problem occurred as a result of installing the latest Windows 10 cumulative update for version 1607.

It seems to be a bug – from MS!
I have seen it on several and different kinds of computers, and asked around some really qualified experts and they dont know anything about it, and if they knew they dont know how to fix it! Some therefore said it’s a bug. […]
The “thing” is – it dont occur every day, but, as it seems, randomly… Which could be a good indication for a bug! So – it’s up to MS to try to find what’s up! And a solution to this problem! Come on MS!

If, by any chance, you’ve come across a workaround for this LiveKernelEvent error, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.



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