Windows 10 Creator Update constantly enables location on PC

by Radu Tyrsina
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It’s safe to say that not all Windows 10 users are satisfied with the Creators Update as the sheer size of the update makes it way too early to correctly assess the quality of the build this early on. Unfortunately, the various problems that have already occurred make its debut look quite compromised in contrast with the sharp clean release everyone was hoping for.

Location services is probably one of the most controversial features right now because many presume that Microsoft is using it in ways that aren’t quite in the user’s benefit. Others just don’t want a company to know their every move and where they are at all times, so even though they aren’t master conspirators, they still feel a bit off while having Location turned on.

Location is always on

Unfortunately, some users have reported that a Creators Update bug constantly turns on the Location feature. Here’s what Reddit user Browser1969 had to say about his first experience with the Creators Update:

Opening the Action Center triggers constant use of the location services on my PC, after Creators Update. There are a couple of discussions about it in the feedback hub, it’s probably a bug, but seems under-reported. I’m wondering if there’s anyone that can actually open the Action Center without triggering it.

Just one user declaring this problem would be less of a reason for concern, but many other users have confirmed this. They are angry that their systems are affected by this weird Location issue after upgrading to the Creators Update. Another displeased user on Reddit, umar4812, had this to say:

I can confirm. Location constantly active for me on the latest Insider build. A build ahead of CU, but still there.

And there are many others in the same situation. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any solution for this problem. Unfortunately, there seems to be only one solution so far to fix this issue,  but it’s not at all what users would prefer: Reverting back to the Anniversary Update until Microsoft addresses this issue should fix the situation a bit. Unfortunately, there’s no telling how long it will be until the tech giant takes action.


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