Windows 10 Creators Update reported issues: Here’s what’s broken

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The Windows 10 Creators Update is Microsoft’s latest OS version. The Redmond giant hopes to revolutionize the personal computer industry once again thanks to the plethora of new features and improvements recently added.

However, for many users, the upgrade experience hasn’t been that smooth. Many users have encountered various technical issues during and after the upgrade. In this article, we’re going to list the most common Creators Update bugs reported by users, as well as their corresponding workarounds — if available.

Read this article carefully, as you may want to postpone the upgrade until Microsoft has fixed these issues.

Windows 10 Creators Update reported bugs

  • Black screen issues

Should you encounter black screen issues during the upgrade process, give your PC a few minutes. If nothing happens, perform a forced shutdown. This action should send your device straight to the “Installing apps/preparing your PC/We’ve got updates for you” screen.

Also, don’t forget to unplug any peripherals before your hit the upgrade button. Users report the screen will stay black (or in standby) after the update if you keep your peripherals connected.

  • Dolby Digital Live and DTS Interactive won’t work

Users report that there is a compatibility issue between the Creators Update OS and Dolby Digital Live and DTS Interractive. Many users have rolled back to the Anniversary Update because the Realtek High Definition Audio driver doesn’t accept Dolby Digital Live and DTS Surround. For the time being, there is no fix available to solve this problem.

Installed was Realtek Driver R2.81 fully working with 1607. After installing 1703 (Build 15063.13) the audio driver run insane creating 100% CPU load. After reinstalling the CPU load problem was 100% solved but also DTS Connect was not working anymore. Another driver reinstall did not solve the issue. We have had this issue with the innitial Windows 10 release back in 2015. It took MS almost 6 month to solve it. Hopefully not this time.

  • Computer memory is full after the upgrade

It appears that the Creators Update drains computer memory. Users report that memory is full after the upgrade, causing their computers to freeze. Again, this issue forced many users to roll back.

[…] after upgrading to the new build via the upgrade assistant I’ve run into some problems. Windows seem to forget how to manage memory because after installing the update the computer froze after rebooting the computer and monitoring the processes I saw memory was full ran a diagnostic reported the sticks were fine. Love the new update hate the bugs […]

  • Creators Update error 0x80070070

Despite having sufficient hard drive space, some users can’t upgrade to the Creators Update because the Update Assistant says there isn’t enough disk space available. The tools somehow fails to read the correct available space.

Creators Update error 0x80070070 not enough disc space I have over 182gb open

  • Microsoft Edge is unresponsive or freezes

Users report that the Edge Hub is unresponsive after installing the Creators Update. They can’t see or save their favorites and Edge freezes when they click on the Hub.

when I downloaded the creators update the hub in edge no longer works.  I cant save to favorites or see my favorites  If I click on the hub it freezes edge and the only thing I can do is to x out of it.

  • Creators Update breaks Internet connection

Some users may also experience Internet connection issues after the upgrade. More specifically, users report that their modems can’t establish any Internet connection due to error 633. If you’ve encountered error 633, try uninstalling and reinstalling your modem drivers.

My  zte ac 2766CDMA USB modem not working after i updated to Windows 10 createor update it is giving error 633 please help me it is only Internet connection I have.

  • Startup shortcuts won’t run

Some of your Startup shortcuts may not properly run after installing the Creators Update. The startup apps affected by this issue are the ones that try to grab a port and are getting denied access.

Hi there, running build 15063.11 as of yesterday, and noticed that a few of my Startup shortcuts did not run successfully from C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup nor via Services (using nssm tool). […] The only change was my upgrade to Creators Update yesterday.

  • Apps close after launch

Many Creators Update users can’t launch any of the apps installed on their computers. The apps simply close unexpectedly.

Hi, I just installed the windows 10 Creators update with the upgrade assistant tool because I was eager to get it. After that, when I open up my apps, they close right after I open them. Any way to fix this?

  • User data won’t sync

Users also report that their web credentials and other user data won’t sync across their Windows 10 Creators Update machines. The new Creators Update Account troubleshooter is unable to fix this problem. The error message “Can’t connect to the sync service” appears on the screen.

Web Credentials (and other Edge stuff) not synced across Windows 10 machines. I’ve always had sync problems across devices with Windows 8, 8.1 and now 10. Most annoying one is not syncing of Web Credentials, but reading list and sometimes favorites happens too.

Let’s center in last Windows 10 version, Creators Update last build, 1703 (15063.13). This happened with previous versions, but now I have all my devices with this last one. This is the last official Creators Update, updated by Today.

These are the most common Windows 10 Creators Update issues reported by users. If you’ve come across other bugs, use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.


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Had 1703 installed. No issues reported during installation. On final reboot no network connectivity at all. Hardline ethernet, or wi-fi or USB adapter wi-fi b,g,n, ac all out. Removed and re-installed drivers. No change. Verified drivers upto date. Match last available drives reported for my make and exact model number. Driver boost ran on thursday before friday night upgrade. Search event logs. Discovered kernel errors indicating additional software required and to contact microsoft for details. Contacted second level support. They indicated that the network drivers were operating correctly and that additional software for network monitoring and “DMCA streaming administration and regulation” (Spying) was not available to this make and model of machine. Was told that my machine is no longer supported by manufacturer and that I should purchase a new machine. Its a three year old core i5-3230 C50-A. Rolled back to 1607. Administrative Tools/Services/windows update/ set update dropdown to disable and stopped the service. My new hardware solution was to purchase a iPad 9.7

I’ve had to revert to my previous version. The Creators Update kept disconnecting my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. My laptop just got slower overall.

Explorer.exe error
Folders freeze and the system gives this error

ID processo che ha generato l’errore: 0x3b88
Ora di avvio dell’applicazione che ha generato l’errore: 0x01d2d9114856e83c
Percorso dell’applicazione che ha generato l’errore: C:WINDOWSexplorer.exe
Percorso del modulo che ha generato l’errore: C:WINDOWSsystem32explorerframe.dll

Realtek 2.81 (with Maxx Audio) constant crash at every reboot/login (same driver was ok on Windows 1607):
Percorso dell’applicazione che ha generato l’errore: C:WindowsSystem32audiodg.exe

Firma del problema
Nome evento problema: APPCRASH
Nome applicazione: AUDIODG.EXE
Versione applicazione: 10.0.15063.0
Timestamp applicazione: 4247e346
Nome modulo con errori: RltkAPO64.dll
Versione modulo con errori: 11.0.6000.560
Timestamp modulo con errori: 58d4b043
Codice eccezione: c0000005
Offset eccezione: 00000000001adea0
Versione SO: 10.0.15063.
ID impostazioni locali: 1040
Informazioni aggiuntive 1: c93b
Ulteriori informazioni 2: c93b3d9717261f7a8054e2d2fc3d9ac3
Ulteriori informazioni 3: 0163
Ulteriori informazioni 4: 0163618b881f1f3a143f3d0d5dfc4ada

Ulteriori informazioni sul problema
ID bucket: 44b40c274354b63a7e1c832b8a37b5a4 (120726463695)

After the creators update my front audio jack stopped working so no sound in my headphones. I tried going into the services app and scrolling down to audio, right clicking properties and restarting the audio jack service. it started then stopped and I got an error message that some services need to be in use.

I downloaded and install windows 10 creator update, But I did not like it. After installation Microsoft shows downgrade option early after upgrading to Windows 10 and remove it after one month. I recently upgrade my windows 8.1 Professional operating system to windows 10 Professional being getting a license from ODosta Store
I did not like its overall structure. I think Its not Windows 10, Its version should be windows 6 as it has many faults.
I tried to downgrade back to my existing win 8.1 os and I saw as Microsoft was giving me option to downgrade. I thought that I’ll downgrade after two month But after two month when I tried again, Microsoft removed that option. Now what to do. I searched and found your post, Which is very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing these details here.

My documents links directly to OneDrive’s documents. I can’t change this. Tried EVERYTHING! Aside from that the update has been smooth for me. Running HP Spectre x360

I’ve had the last three issues consistently and randomly since the update. Rebooting until the issues stop so far is all I can do. I have usually had to reboot 3-5 times. Hours have been wasted unable to use my computer. Today, my AV (Trend Micro) and other programs were shutdown with out my knowledge and nothing would open, including task manager, except Windows Settings. I had to reboot three times to get this working. I am regularily disappointed my Microsoft and wouldn’t even use them if many programs I use regularly didn’t require Windows to run. I try to avoid Microsoft software as much as possible. My PC was running so well before the update. I’d roll back but haven’t (yet…) because I installed a few new programs for work and I don’t want to do it again. If this continues though, I might just have too.

My creators update install failed after about 75% twice. I looked at websites online and learned about the Windows update troubleshooter. I downloaded this program from a Microsoft website and ran it. The program found corruption in a windows update database and other things wrong which it fixed. I reran the install for the creators update and it installed without a problem. Everything seems fine with the install after using it for several hours. I hope this helps others.

1. Windows 10 Creator Update
1703 build 15063.138 has a package with wrong signature, causing DISM to fail while trying to RestoreHealth > Involved registry keys:



2. Creating recovery disk fails

3. Scheduled disk checking at boot -> chkdsk /f (on system drive via command prompt) doesn’t work as well

I use macrium reflect to image my machine to my NAS every monday morning at 6:00 AM. If an update blows the machine I stick in a USB key and restore from my Network storage. Takes about 30 minutes. You could use an external HDD instead.

After the Creator update all of my text is extremely tiny. The desktop icons are small and the toolbars are also extremely small. I have tried to adjust the size of text within settings but then Word, Excel, Outlook etc become blurry!!! This is ridiculous! Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?

You wrote this a month ago and they still haven’t fixed the tiny text problem and resizing text menu gone? Ridiculous.

After the Creator update when I start my computer I have no text below my desktop icons. No text anywhere. I restart the computer and the text is suddenly there and everything runs fine. Other times I start up my computer and everything looks normal on the desktop, text is there below the icons, but when I click on any icon, it opens but there is no text on the the opened page. No text in the toolbar as well. Restart the computer and all is well again. This never happened before the Creator update, Very frustrating.

Here was my nightmare yesterday …. Creator messed with my file permissions so “Save As” wouldn’t work in MS Office … but only MS Office. MS confirm that there is an issue. Anyone else had this? Apparently if they get 10 identical complaints then it has to be escalated.

The installation process hung up after one of the reboots with nothing on the screen but the Dell logo and the little, rotating circle of dots. After several hours, I finally held the power button down for five seconds and shut it off. When it restarted, it went back to the installation process at about 30%. At about 32% it stopped with a message that said Windows cannot be installed on this hardware. I hit the ok button and it restarted, but the I got the same message . I can’t get passed this point. If I try to boot up in safe mode I get a similar message. I can enter the command mode. I can get the options une F12. I’m stumped.

This is obscene to me. Year after year they release some grand update rendering my pc a paper weight. Forced on me at a critical time or at moment of leisure, im then forced to spend the next 10 min to 48hrs trying to figure out how to fix a problem I had literally nothing to with, all while microsoft smiles and denies that there’s even an issue. Are you serious? howcan you release updates that brick people’s pcs?

Gotta be more services running in background after the CU, I monitor system ram usage with Afterburner and with this one Chrome tab open it’s sitting at 2189MB used, when before the CU it hardly broke 2k with 1 tab open.

There are two bugs carried over into the Creators Update from the Anniversary Update that Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to fix!

(1) Windows Explorer wrongly left-aligns folder names and filenames
instead of centre-aligning in certain folder views (zoomed-in small
icons; medium icons; large icons; extra-large icons).

(2) Library folders (Documents; Music; Pictures; Videos) wrongly
ignore the “General items” folder view template in the “Optimise this
folder for” option under “Customise” in “Properties”. (Instead all
folders and subfolders presume you want the “details” folder view and
will not adhere to your custom folder view unless you go into each and
every subfolder to manually set this.)

Another issue that I just encountered is that after installing the update my Audio Driver threw a code 19 (Realtek). Had to rollback to fix the issue, reinstalling the drivers did not help the issue.

Can’t use my HP Officejet Pro 8600 to scan with Lucion Technology’s File Center Pro. The program reports that the twain device can’t be found. If I use HP’s Scan and Capture program it works fine.

Errors out both times I tried the Assistant to upgrade. Sounds to me that Microsoft is not handling the load again or their assistant program is just messed up. I can’t just keep using my download cap from Centurylink because Microsoft can’t get it to work right. Stop and just wait for normal update from updates section of Windows 10. Two tries is like 7 gb download and waste for not getting it.

Bugs galore! Another one for me was when trying to add a theme-file to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes. As soon as I tried to drop the .theme file into the folder explorer.exe closed. But it only happened with trying to add that .theme file. Adding the other folder (which contained the .msstyle and other stuff) went fine. The Resources folder just refused to accept the .theme. I took ownership of the folder… same results. Explorer.exe closes immediately and the .theme doesn’t get added to Resources.
I understand that adding a custom pre-built theme isn’t what most users do. Most people just choose a theme from the ‘Themes’ cp that comes with Windows. Nonetheless I thought this bug odd.

stops installing at 14% install – requires hard reset then resulting (after restore to prior version) with the error message “The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase during APPLY_IMAGE operation” . error logs give no clue what really was going on during that phase or what caused it to hang.

Settings, Acer care center and Edge crashes after upgrade from 1607 to 1703.

1703 broke Autorecover of Office 2010. No Asd files are created.

On one laptop, WD security center always shows 0 files scanned.

Health report doesnt work on one laptop and sometimes works on another.

Onedrive pops up when you go to Word 2010 > File > Recents > Recover unsaved.

File explorer icon pinned in taskbar looks active when you get Low battey pop up (< 10%). Left clicking icon wont open file explorer.

I had an automatic update. My settings disappeared and after a forced shutdown and restart the bottom task at just flashed on and off. Nothing else can’t start. CNt do anything. Total fed up.