Lookbook Software: 6 Best to Use in 2023

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Lookbook software tools help you to create a professional-looking film lookbook, an important step in the creation of your final product.
  • With plenty of features, Adobe InDesign stands for the best lookbook software tool, alongside the rest of the apps.
  • To get access to a large amount of pre-designed templates, you could use LucidPress, as well as other apps presented.
  • If you are looking for the best film lookbook creator app for Windows 10, check our top list below.
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We live in a world that is in a constant process of technological development, and that means new technologies are created every day across the globe.

Because of that, people generally prefer to read on their mobile devices and computers than using real physical papers, because it’s more convenient not to carry a stack of heavy papers around constantly.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is very important that publishers use the latest tech available. This is where software that can create professional PDF lookbooks come in.

PDF lookbooks are a useful and professional way of presenting your products to marketers and designers, in order to achieve greater market exposure and to attract the target clients.

The way you present your products, no matter if the product is related to fashion or hardware, makes a big difference in the way you are perceived by your customers, and also competitors.

You can create lookbooks for a variety of reasons. You can use them to present the latest line of clothing you created to the public,  modeling, product presentation for customers, artist portfolios, etc.

Lookbook software allows you to create digital magazines, books, coupons, brochures, etc. Doing this allows you to present your business more clearly, giving the reader the option to use the digital magazine.

In this article, we will explore some of the best lookbook software options available on the market that allow you to easily create professional-looking lookbooks and flipbooks.

What is the best lookbook software?

Adobe InDesign

InDesign - Best film lookbook software

The InDesign app from Adobe is our top pick for the best film lookbook software.  It offers you an incredibly useful set of features, and everything is packed in a beautiful and user-friendly interface.

InDesign not only has the capability to automatically adjust pages to the format that you’re using, but the way the new properties work gives you a more clear understanding of how your document is structured.

The smart automatic page adjustment feature simplifies the process very much, as it is done to pixel-level accuracy with just one click of your mouse.

The PDF context menu has also been revamped to allow more options and to be easier to use, even for inexperienced users.

Here are some other useful features found in InDesign:

  • Very large selections of fonts and formats
  • Automatic layout adjustment so you can focus on creating
  • Smart properties panels simplify the creation process considerably
  • Content-Aware Fit option that automatically adjusts the selection  size to contain the most important parts
  • Great PDF export and import options
Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign

Create professional and engaging digital lookbooks with the industry-leading software,
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FlipHTML5 Pro

FlipHTML5 - How to create lookbooks

FlipHTML5 is a great PDF lookbook creator that gives you the ability to apply different multimedia elements to your project.

This software allows you to transform a PDF file into a great-looking page-flipping lookbook that can be saved either digitally or printed out.

This software gives you all the tools you need in order to apply different multimedia content to your project, and then publish your lookbook either to a local storage, online, or as a plugin for your website.

FlipHTML5 Pro gives you access to 50GB of storage, allows you to upload an unlimited amount of projects, and also removes the pestering watermark, in order for you to represent your company entirely.

One of the best features of FlipHTML5 Pro is that no ads will ever pop up on your screen, this allows you to focus entirely on the job at hand.

You can export up to 5 lookbooks every month with the option of choosing from 10 great looking bookcases, of a maximum of 1000 pages/book.

In order to keep your files safe at all times, you can also upload files to and from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Here are some key features that are worth mentioning:

  • Slide mode – Can create slides or flipping effects for either a single page or a double plage slide effect
  • Google Analytics tracking – useful information relating to your content, conversion rate, social and advertising
  • Text version for SEO – allows users to search inside the PDF text as well, increasing your exposure
  • Custom logo/branding
  • Password protection
  • Custom templates – a great set of built-in templates and themes to help you customize your project easily
  • Can import table of contents from PDF
  • Customize the lookbook and its functionality
  • Keyword searching -you can search for specific pages by using keywords

  Download FlipHTML5 Pro


Yumpu is a great software option that allows you to create professional-looking lookbooks from your PDF files, and allows you to publish projects directly from the dashboard.

One of the best features of this software, besides the fact that it can create digital flipbooks from PDFs, is that Yumpu has great integration with social media platforms, and also a powerful optimization engine.

This software operates as a tool that can be remotely accessed and allows you to modify every aspect of your project, no matter where you are on the planet.

It’s extremely simple to get started using Yumpu. All you need to do is create a free account, and then you can upload a pre-made PDF file to be converted into a digital lookbook, or start from scratch and build your own.

After you’ve finished your project and you published it, you will receive a short piece of code that allows you to embed your flipbook on your webpage, in a blog post, or on Facebook.

You can use this software for free, but if you want to get a bigger number of features and options, you can opt for one of the paid versions.

The paid versions offer a no-ad service, an unlimited number of magazine exports, SEO optimization, Google Analytics, drag, and drop features, etc.

Try Yumpu


AnyFlip - lookbook creation

AnyFlip is another great software that allows you to create professional looking lookbooks. This software can be used both online, and as a downloadable software for Windows 10.

You can start using AnyFlip by working with an already existing PDF file from which you can extract the data and transfer it into an HTML5 lookbook document.

With the AnyFlip Free account, you can publish an unlimited number of projects, and host the completed project on their servers.

If you feel like you need a bit of inspiration to get started, you can check out the AnyFlip templates and themes library.

AnyFlip Free allows your clients to open a magazine up to 30.000 times every day, gives you 500 uploads/month, and 100GB storage. The downside of using the free version is that it has limited features.

With the paid versions of AnyFlip you can get up to half of a million daily opens for your clients, unlimited numbers of uploads/month, unlimited storage, and many other great features.

Try AnyFlip


LucidPress is another great software option that allows you to easily create lookbooks/flipbooks by using drag and drop features for ease of access.

By using this software you also get access to a large amount of pre-designed templates, layouts, and customization tools, that can help you choose the best look for your project.

You can create a wide range of items with this app, including but not limited to letterheads, brochures, business cards, flipbooks, etc.

If you’re not sure how to start designing your lookbook or just need a bit of guidance, you can use one or more templates from la 350 options available, or, you can design everything starting from a white page.

One of the best features of this software is the fact that you can share the work on different projects with your team of designers.

Everybody that is added to this multi-people workspace gets access based on the administrator’s rules, and they can contribute to the design by changing the colors and fonts.

Because communication in this type of project is extremely important, LucidPress offers you the possibility to use chat and comment features. This way everybody that’s part of the team will understand what’s going on.

All the projects created in LucidPress are stored securely in an encrypted cloud environment. This feature allows you to access your projects from anywhere in the world, and not worry about ever losing your files.

Try LucidPress



PubHTML5, much like FlipHTML5, allows you to create professional looking lookbooks, and offer a great set of customization options.

You can access this software from anywhere in the world, and produce incredible digital publications of any printed files, or PDFs.

Customizing the way your lookbook looks is easy with the wide range of customization options and the possibility to simply drag and drop images, sounds, and video to your presentation.

PubHTML5 allows you to customize the book titles, keywords and descriptions about your products in order to increase your SEO score, get more visitors, and eventually more sales as well.

All the SEO customization you perform in this software allows you to make your project easy to search through and can be added easily to your website or blog to increase online visibility.

Another great feature of this software is the PubHTML5 Metrics option. This feature offers you real-time reports relating to the engagement of your clients, zoom patterns and the time they spend on each page.

With the free version of PubHTML5, you can create great looking lookbooks, administer the project, use the text version of SEO, and also publish your work on social media directly from the soft.

The Premium version of PubHTML5 has a few extra and very useful benefits. You can use MS Office files to create your lookbook, have access to animation editorial features, and insert audio files to digital catalogue.

Try PubHTML5

It is extremely useful to use professional lookbook creator software to achieve great looking results. Creating the perfect lookbook has never been easier with the tools we presented in this top 5 list.

You get an incredible amount of pre-designed templates on which you can build your project, or you can start from scratch and use all the customization options available to create your perfect flipbook.

We would love to know what option you chose from this list and how it performed for you. Please feel free to let us know what your experience was, in the comment section below.

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