Looking for the best Xbox One dust cover to buy? Here are the top 5

By: Elsie Otachi
2 minute read
best xbox one dust cover

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Like any other piece of hardware, your Xbox One console is likely to get dust caked up inside it over time, while you focus on gameplay.

Sometimes its not out of negligence that most console owners forget to clean their devices, but its easy to forget such nitty gritty things when living in such a fast world as ours.

But, in order to protect your console and ensure your gameplay isn’t interfered with at any time, one of the main things you have to keep doing is cleaning and keeping both your console and game discs (if you have any) free from dust and other particles that would mess them up.

Your console also needs to be kept away from dust as the vent holes could easily pick up dust which cakes up inside, and this is worse especially for Xbox One and Xbox One S console owners as the vent holes are at the top, compared to the newer consoles which have them on the rear.

In order to reduce the chances of dust getting in, which it does with any little space, you need to get the best Xbox One dust cover to buy for your console, most of which are affordable, and simple to dress your console in. It’s also good if you’re traveling as you can simply pack your console in the dust cover for double protection.

Most Xbox One dust covers also have a cutout on the rear so you don’t have to unplug any cables, but remember to remove the cover when using the console as it can overheat your Xbox One seeing as it has no ventilation.

Here are our favorites for the best Xbox One dust cover to buy in 2018.

Best Xbox One dust covers to buy in 2018


Foamy Lizard Xbox One dust cover (recommended)

best xbox one dust cover to buy

This Xbox One dust cover is designed to fit your console perfectly, and is made from a durable exterior with ultra-fine soft velvet internal lining to protect your console from dust, minor scratches, ultraviolet rays and liquids or dirt.

It has a back panel cutaway that keeps your console protected without having to remove the back cables. Its sleek, minimal and beautiful design not only allows you to enjoy your console, but it acts as a dust magnet to keep dust from caking up in the vents and scratches from getting on the console’s surface.

Its material, TexoShield Premium Nylon Dust Guard will also help preserve your console for years to come. The cover is only repellent so it isn’t meant to protect against submersion or large volumes of liquids.


Hermitshell Xbox One dust cover

best xbox one dust cover to buy

This dust cover is made to fit the Xbox One console and is made of Polyester fiber and velvet. The soft cover is dust proof, with a soft velvet lining for your console to stay protected from dust that would otherwise affect or ruin gameplay for you.

It comes with a protective shell and skin, plus it is not just dustproof, but also padded, so in case of any sudden falls, it could protect your console to some extent.


eXtremerate Xbox One dust cover

best xbox one dust cover to buy

This is the best Xbox One cover to buy for your console as it fits like a glove, and is made of premium washable and ironable Nylon material, with a custom designed double layer that is both water and dust proof.

You can use this to protect your console from dust, pet hair, ultraviolet rays, liquids (repellent) and dirt, plus the inside covers have a smooth firm and shiny internal lining to protect your console from scratches.

It is precision cut with easy access for cable ports without the need to remove back cables, plus easy to place and remove on your console.

Don’t let your Xbox One become a dust magnet. Use this Xbox One cover, which is designed and specifically fitted to your console’s dimensions, and you can cover between gaming sessions what with its precise back cutaway that lets you easily do that without removing cables.

Always remember to switch off your console before placing the cover on it.


LVL99Gear Xbox One dust cover

best xbox one dust cover to buy

This Xbox One dust cover fits your console perfectly and protects it from dust, dirt and liquid, making it look brand new.

The quality design is made from high quality material built to last and is one of the top most popular Xbox One accessories on the market. it is easy to use, by just slipping it over your console, plus it allows for easy access to rear ports on your console.


Hermitshell Xbox One dust cover

best xbox one dust cover to buy

Yet another Xbox One dust cover to buy in 2018 under the Hermitshell brand, with a durable exterior and soft/smooth internal lining to protect your console from dust, minor scratches, ultraviolet rays, liquids (repellent) and dirt.

It is made to fit your Xbox One console, but you shouldn’t use it while the console is powered on otherwise it will cause overheating, which isn’t good for your console. The Polyester fiber and velvet material comes in grey color, and covers only the sides and the top and the front, but not the entire back of the console.

The back part flaps over a little but doesn’t go past the cables or cords, and has no ventilation.

Do you have an Xbox One cover, or are you looking for the best Xbox One cover to buy in 2018? Let us know your experience, and which one here best suits your needs by leaving a comment in the section below.


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