Error code 0xA00F424A(0xC00D3704) displayed by Lumia 830 camera app has no fix available

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Lumia 830 loves being in the spotlight. Unfortunately for users, this time it’s not because of a positive feature, but rather because of camera issues. Many Insiders reported their Lumia 830 camera app displayed the error code 0xA00F424A(0xC00D3704) on the screen, preventing them from using the camera.

Users tried to solve this issue by employing various methods: they performed a soft and hard reset, WDRT, NSC, they switched from Slow Ring to Fast Ring, and all to no avail. Users who encountered this error code also noticed that the flashlight stopped working along with the camera.

Camera app shows the following error code: 0xA00F424A(0xC00D3704)
I’m on release preview ring .318, tried soft and hard reset, WDRT, NSC, slow & fast ring, and update advisor. So please don’t come up with those… if not a solution at least I would like some info about the error code. […]

Now there’s something new! […]
The flashlight stoped working along with the camera, but now  if I  attempt to use it the phone goes **** and dies…

According to Microsoft’s Support Team, the error 0xA00F424A means that the PhotoCaptureLens failed to initialize and points to a problem related to the low level camera driver. More precisely, the low level driver isn’t responding and it’s trying to use the default lens instead. This results in a failure for the device, as the phone needs the low level camera driver to operate and enable the specialized features of the camera.

If none of the solutions listed above work, the last case scenario would be roll back to a previous Windows OS version. If this action doesn’t solve the issue either, this means your phone has a hardware problem. You could try to find the necessary spare parts to replace the camera module, but this doesn’t guarantee you that the camera will work.

There is no clear fix for this issue, and unfortunately more and more users are complaining about this camera problem on Microsoft’s forum, revealing that the number of impacted Lumia 830 users is not to be ignored.

I also have the same issue. Ever since one of the updates the camera on my 830 has been giving that error code. Was working just fine before the upgrade. So many people have the same issue after updrading, hard to imagine everyone’s hardware failed at the same time.



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