Mac stuck in Verbose Mode? Fix it in 3 simple steps

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  • If your MacBook got stuck in verbose mode, then this will seriously affect your capability of using your device as intended.
  • To try and resolve this issue, you should use the Terminal, and reset NVRAM, and follow the next methods presented in this guide.
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Macbook stuck in verbose mode

Verbose Mode on MacBook can come in handy, especially if you need to see all the startup information. However, sometimes users might get stuck in the Verbose Mode. This can be a problem for some users, but there’s a way to fix this issue for good.

Before we start, we have to mention that Verbose Mode won’t in any way affect your Mac. This mode only shows the startup information that usually takes place in the background.

What to do if your Mac got stuck in Verbose Mode?

1. Use the Terminal

You can disable Verbose Mode right from the Terminal. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Applications/Utilities folder and then click on Terminal.
  2. When the Terminal starts, run the following command:
    • sudo nvram boot-args=””

Restart your MacBook and check if the problem is still there.

2. Reset the NVRAM

Another easy way to fix your MacBook if it’s stuck in the Verbose Mode is to reset the NVRAM. To do that, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your Mac and turn it back on.
  2. Hold the following buttons: Option, Command, P, and R.
  3. Hold the keys pressed until:
    • You hear the startup sound for the second time – applies to non-T2 models
    • You see the Apple logo appear and disappear for the second time – applies to T2 models

After doing that, your MacBook should boot normally.

3. Check your keyboard and other hardware

According to users, sometimes an issue with your keyboard can cause this problem to appear. To fix it, make sure that your keyboard is working properly and that there are no stuck keys. Alternatively, you can check for other hardware and make sure that everything is working correctly.

These are the best solutions that you can try if your system gets stuck in the Verbose Mode. If our solutions didn’t work for you, you can always back up your files and reinstall the macOS.

FAQ: Learn more about Verbose mode on MacBook

  • How do you get out of single-user mode on a Mac?

To exit the single user mode on Mac, you need to type the reboot command and press Enter.

  • How do I boot my Macbook Pro in single-user mode?

Restart your MacBook Pro, and press and hold the Command + S keys until you see some white text on a black background appear.

  • How do you know if your Mac is in safe mode?

To verify how your Mac is booted, simply click the Apple logo, select About this Mac, click on System Report and check the Boot Mode section.

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