5 Best mafia games to play online [Browser games]

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  • There is a wide range of mafia-related online games available, and it can be a daunting task to find the best for you.
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Browser mafia games

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Movies like Godfather, Scarface, and American Gangster are known for showing the organized crime syndicates called the mafia. Mafia is a type of organized crime syndicates that offers protection racketeering, arbitrating disputes between criminals and brokering.

Similar to movies, many video game studios have released games based on the mafia theme.

Some of the popular mafia games include Yakuza, Watch Dogs, God Father, and Sleeping Dogs. That said, there are tons of browser-based mafia games available that you can play on your web browser without downloading.

In this article, we explore the best mafia games such as Downtown 1930s Mafia, secrete Agent James, and Project Grand Auto Town to play online on your computer, tablet, and smartphones.

Of course, no Mafia-inspired game can ever really come close to the one that inspired them all, and it finally got a remake 18 years after the original launch.

This new game is called Mafia: Definitive Edition, and it will surely bring out your inner mobster!

  • An excellent remake of a classic.
  • Experience a breathtaking cityscape.
  • Realistic recreation of Prohibition-era USA.
  • Plenty of Trophies and easter eggs to collect.
  • You'll need more than a browser to run this game.

5 Best online mafia games [Play Free]

Downtown 1930s Mafia

online mafia games

Downtown 1930s Mafia is an online browser mafia game that is based in the 1930s. You are an immigrant who is new to the state. Create and drive your gang to the top. Fight other gangs for the street and to progress in the game.

Downtown 1930s Mafia is a third-person shooter that is under permanent development driven by the idea of the community. Being a first-person shooter, the game is 63MB in size and takes some time to load.

Enter a name for your character and click OK to begin. Select one of the servers to enter the game lobby. Use the left mouse click to open fire and right-click to jump.

Get Downtown 1930s Mafia

The Mafia Boss

online mafia games

The Mafia Boss is a premier online multiplayer mafia game. It has over a million registered players since 2005 and can be played on any web browser without needing to download.

In The Mafia Boss, you play against real players to rise to power. Make friends with players from all over the world and start a family to leave the prize ranks. You can build operative to collect money for the family, buy narcotics, guns, cars, and planes for your view, and grow your family network and protect your business.

The Mafia Boss requires you to register for an account before you can play the game. It is also available for Android users on Google Play Store.

It also has a ten-day competition round, in which you earn valuable game credit prizes to advanced your levels, fights to win the top-level prize, and earn yourself a gold medal.

Get The Mafia Boss

Secret Agent James

online mafia games

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Secret Agent James is a cool and fast-paced first-person shooter title in which you must take control of the professional hitman Carl. You as Carl must complete a range of different contracted kills within the city again other mafia syndicates that are vying for power.

The game uses point-and-click controls where you use your mouse to view around and left click to shoot. You can move around the block using the WASD keys. Secret Agent James is a rebranded version of Gangster Contract Mafia Wars with improved gameplay for a smoother gaming experience.

Move around the city and look for different weapons and supplies to complete your mission. Move and act quickly and dispatch your enemies as ruthlessly as possible.

Get Secret Agent James

Project Grand Auto Town

online mafia games

Project Grand Auto Town is similar to Secrete Agent James. It is a simulation game in which you can play out your fantasies of becoming a ruthless gangster. You can explore the 3D cityscape and try to rule the roost against other rival gangs.

According to the developers, the game is inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series by Rock Star Games. The game offers different kinds of weapons to eliminate your target. You can also steal vehicles and go on a rampage through the streets.

Get Project Grand Auto Town

Gangster's Way

online mafia games

Upgrade your card, fund, and grenades and become a real mobster. It is a car-based game where you shoot and throw grenades at the enemies to score points and collect health and other items.

Use the WASD keys to go back and forward and to look forward and back. Pressing the spacebar allows you to throw a grenade at your enemies. Gangster’s Way is a simple, browser-based mafia game for those who like endless shooting games.

Get Gangster’s Way

So, these are the top 5 mafia games online that you can play on your web browser using a computer or mobile device. If you think we missed a great mafia online game for a web browser, then let us know in the comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are a number of mafia games released over the years; However, the best mafia game list will include Mafia 3, Yakuza, Max Payne 2, L.A Noire, and Saints R0w.

  • Yes. There are multiple online browser-based mafia games that you can play without downloading. Websites like CrazyGames offer a decent collection of online browser mafia games.

  • Some of the most popular online games include FIFA 2020, Counter-Strike,  Player Unknown’s Battle Ground, and Fortnite.

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