How to Create a Fillable PDF with Electronic Signature [Easy Guide]

The best way is to use dedicated software

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  • Want to know how to make a PDF fillable with signature? In this guide, we'll show you how to do it.
  • You can use any software for this purpose, but for the best results, try using Adobe software.
  • You can use multiple apps from this guide to add digital signature block to PDF.

When creating a PDF file, sometimes you need to have a signature field, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to make a PDF fillable with a signature.

Adding a signature requires only a couple of clicks, and you can add a signature in most PDF editors, but in this guide, we’ll focus on the most popular ones.

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How can I make a PDF fillable with signature?

1. Use Adobe Acrobat software

How to create a fillable PDF with electronic signature

  1. Open the PDF file, choose View, and then Tools.
  1. Find Prepare Form and click Create form.
  2. Choose the Add Signature option.
  3. Select a file or scan a document.
  4. Add new form fields by clicking on the Add a signature field button and then clicking on the document where the field should appear.
  5. Save the document.

Use Type to type your name in cursive format or to change the style of your signature. There is also the Draw option allowing you to draw your signature using a mouse or touchpad.

You can also use a pen if you have this software installed on a device with a touchscreen.

How to create a fillable PDF with multiple signatures?

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The process is the same as in the previous section, you just need to create multiple signature fields and that’s it.

Also, be sure to check that additional fields aren’t being locked or set to read-only.

This is the easiest way to add digital signature block to PDF, but in order to do so, you’ll need a dedicated solution. Luckily, you can get the software from the link below.

Adobe Acrobat

Use the performant Adobe Acrobat to view, create, use, and print PDF files.
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2. Use a dedicated signature software

An E-Signature is a person’s digital signature used to validate the integrity and validity of a signed document in electronic form. E-signature software enables many receivers in various places to sign documents online.

You can also fill out the form before signing it. E-Signatures are legally enforceable. Professional signature software is a type of technology that allows you to sign papers online and create a PDF that can be filled up with your signature.

It employs an electronic signature and eliminates the need for paper, printing, scanning, or faxing of your papers.

It is a simple-to-use software and a great way to add a signature field to PDF.

3. Use an online tool for document signature

  1. Choose the free trial option from the DocuSign website.
  1. Upload your PDF document.
  2. Add the following: comments, customized tags, and signature.
  3. Create PDF files and save templates for your most used forms.
  4. Send your signed PDF file to your recipients.

Once you have used this solution, DocuSign will automatically save your PDF document in the cloud. You can access the file from there whenever you need to use it again.

After you have uploaded your document in Step 2, the tool will convert its fields into digital fillable ones. If the uploaded form doesn’t have any fields, you will have to manually add them. 

After you have reached the final step of this solution, you will no longer have to print, scan, fax, or mail your document. Just send it directly from the web app.

We have created this concise guide to show you how to make a PDF fillable with a signature. You should use dedicated software and follow a simple process to create your desired document.

There are also two other programs that can help you achieve your goal so make sure you try them also and decide what is the best option for your needs.

Consult our previous section to see what steps you should follow with our recommended software. Feel free to leave us a comment about the one that you enjoy using the most.