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An electronic method which enables an individual to display his or her agreement to the conditions and terms of an electronic service is known as electronic signature.

Electronic signature is an online mechanism for trustworthy validation of critical information. Tracking and storing documents on your system is far better and easier than signing folders in a dusty archive.

The use of this software enables the identity of the message’s creator to be confirmed. Digital signatures can be considered exactly as stamped seals and handwritten signatures. In the business environment today, digital signatures are used mostly in e-commerce and regulatory fillings because they are considered to be highly secure.

In many countries, legal importance and significance are given to e-signatures just like traditional means of executing documents.

Electronic signature software -signature software can be classified into three different programs:

  • On-premise electronic signature software

Software under this program is covered with a single license and hosted on the client’s local server. They are expensive due to the fact that they need complex setup and hardware installations occasionally.

  • Open-source electronic signature software

Most of these programs offer free basic plans, and are usually affordable due to their universal access. Also, updating and maintenance is not done by the client.

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) electronic signature software

Software under this program is paid for every month and is hosted on the vendor’s server. The business or company owner is not responsible for installation, updating, and maintenance.

Key Features of electronic signature software

  • Security: With e-signing documents, transaction of personal and private information is carried out online, which makes security a vital feature for every e-signer.
  • Privacy: Even if the program is used by multiple employees at a time, each of them has the right to reveal information and do transactions discreetly.
  • Compliance: Signing of official documents is usually in compliance with industry policies, laws, standards and regulations.
  • Audit Trail: Documents are signed in a reputable and reliable manner.
  • Scalability: Most e-signature programs accept volumes of documents without performance being obstructed.

Benefits of electronic signature software

These are the main benefits a good electronic signature system can offer:

Printing, scanning and couriering documents can be quite expensive for the budget of large corporations, and also time consuming.

  • Better user-experience.

You can sign documents from private homes, subways, offices or on the road while waiting for the traffic light to change.

  • Upgraded Security.

People no longer trust cabinets and safety locks, but digital evidence with tamper-evident seals which keeps them notified over every altering in the content/life-cycle of documents. A lot of digital signature providers keep track of whoever downloads documents from their software, which is very unlike the traditional way of signing documents.

Best electronic signature software for Windows PC

  1. Adobe eSign Services

Adobe eSign Services

This is a great enterprise solution that accelerates the signing and managing of documents. It also integrates with most popular business systems. You can easily sign, send, track, and manage documents using your website browser and business apps.

The following are features of Adobe eSign Services:

  • Secure document archive
  • Collect hand written signatures
  • Collect signatures on your website
  • Customize configuration and workflows
  • Customize documents with your brand
  • Sign documents anywhere
  • Fax back globally
  • Reuse documents and templates
  • Sign in bulk
  • Track signed documents

This web based software offers the following packages:

  • Individual – $14.99/month or $119.88/year
  • Business – Starting at $30/seat/month
  • Premium – Starting at $45/seat/month

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  1. DocuSign

electronic signature softwareThis is a digital signing platform which can be used by small businesses and individual. It has a great capacity to accelerate ROI; it has a strong mobile optimization. DocuSign is ideal for business setup.

Features of DocuSign include:

  • Document collaboration
  • Fully customizable branding
  • Mobile signature capture
  • Autocorrect function
  • Biometric phone authentication
  • Dynamic forms

DocuSign offers several product packages such as:

  • Individual Plan – $10/month (paid annually)
  • Professional Plan – $20/month/user (paid annually)
  • Business Plan – $30/month/user (paid annually)
  • Business Premium Plan – $30/month/user (paid annually)
  • Enterprise Plan – Contact for Pricing information

Furthermore, free trial option is also available.

  1. e-SignLive


This electronic signature software is easy-to-use even for a novice computer user. However, if you want a reliable digital signature, consider using eSignLive.

Some of its features include:

  • Scripted signature
  • Advanced workflows
  • Basic and advanced authentication
  • Easy integration
  • Open API
  • SMS text passcodes
  • Third-party verification services
  • Fully customizable branding
  • Mobile signature capture
  • Multiple document format support
  • On-premise and SaaS options

e-SignLive offers two plans:

  • Professional Plan: $20 per user / per month
  • Enterprise Plan: pricing by quote

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  1. RightSignature


This software is widely known for its sleeky GUI which enables typed and handwritten signatures. You can be easily customize the collection fields. In addition, there are several options available for individuals and businesses.

RightSignature features include:

  • Handwritten signature
  • Graphical user interface
  • Application add-ons
  • Custom branded signing webpage
  • Embed PDF forms on your website
  • Detailed audit logs
  • Advanced guidance tools
  • Signing and viewing notifications
  • Performance statistics
  • Powerful API

Payment options are:

  • Personal – $14/month or $11/month (annual billing)
  • Business – $49/month or $39/month (annual billing)
  • Business Plus – Plans start at $99

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  1. Sertifi

electronic signature softwareThis is a very powerful electronic signature software product that speeds up business workflow signing by approximately 100%. However, it is not difficult to use, and has a robust feature set.

Sertifi features include:

  • Secure document archive
  • Collect hand written signatures
  • Collect signatures on your website
  • Digital signatures
  • Detailed audit logs
  • Advanced guidance tools
  • Signing and viewing notifications
  • Collaboration/Markup
  • Integrate with other applications

Sertifi offers the following packages:

  • Closing Pro Plan: starts at $150/month/organization
  • Closing Pro+ Plan: starts at $250/month/organization

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Other online electronic signature software includes:


In conclusion, electronic signature software for enterprises automates the workflow by providing a set of pre-made templates you can distribute rather than drafting special ones for every occasion. Hence, transitioning to a paper-free business is a very easy and smooth process.

Moreover, electronic signature software is useful to every company especially in small businessesthat are wasting time signing paperwork.

Saving time is one of the great benefits of electronic signature software so as to focus on more important tasks. At the same time, this software is affordable, meaning that you do not have to spend a fortune to sign papers.

For the signature of your documents online, choose the electronic software more suitable for you. Feel free to share your experience with us after using any of the electronic signature software we mentioned above.



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