Best Malwarebytes deals available now [2022 Guide]

by Alex Serban
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ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

  • Anti-theft support
  • Webcam protection
  • Intuitive setup and UI
  • Multi-platform support
  • Banking-level encryption
  • Low system requirements
  • Advanced anti-malware protection

An antivirus program needs to be fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and this one has them all.

Malwarebytes is one of the most used tools on the market to remove any kind of computer infection, such as spyware, malware, ransomware, and more.

With over more than eight million threats detected per day, Malwarebytes is a different breed of antivirus.

While Malwarebytes has a free version as well, the non-Premium edition only acts as a complementary tool for an antivirus, helping users detect threats and offering little on the removal side.

On this note, purchasing a Malwarebytes license in this period will get you a massive discount offer for the Premium edition + VPN included to protect your privacy even more.

What are the best Malwarebytes deals?

This year, Malwarebytes prepared up to 60% discount for the users wanting to buy the Premium plan. It is great for anybody who needs personal or even small business protection.

The prices are $16/year for 1 device and $32/year for 5 devices. You choose the plan – Malwarebytes take care of your PC.



The best protection against any type of cyber-attacks doubled by a top-notch privacy shield at a very enticing price.

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This is not only a cheap antivirus to get but also a security company that innovates each year. Last year, Malwarebytes found over 480 million threats other antivirus companies missed. Below we present to you what else this great security program can do.

Malwarebytes features:

  • Easy Windows PC cleanup using the free scanning feature
  • Real-time protection with artificial intelligence and machine learning to secure your files and protect your privacy
  • Protection against online scammers, including from infection vectors such as infected sites and malicious links
  • Anti-ransomware feature, preventing threats from locking down your files and photos
  • Easy on the resources, with scans only using 50% of resources when compared to other products
  • User-friendly, with an interface that’s easy to use and features that don’t require heavy configuration

Malwarebytes VPN usability:

  • Encrypts wireless connections
  • Creates a virtual IP address
  • Possibility to connect to various servers around the world to get access to geo-restricted content

Don’t wait any longer, this is a limited offer and you’ll get your money back in case you’re dissatisfied with the product. But we promise you won’t be!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, Malwarebytes still has a free version, which only scans your device and detects possible threats. For enhanced protection, try the Premium version.

  • It’s recommended to use an antivirus on your Windows 10 device, and Malwarebytes is one software compatible with your OS.

  • Absolutely. Malwarebytes is recommended as one of the best anti-exploit tools when surfing online.

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