Malwarebytes Browser Guard vs Opera: Which one is better?

Become more knowledgeable about which one is the better choice.

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Key notes

  • This article will compare the security features of Malwarebytes Browser Guard vs. Opera browser.
  • You will also read our Malwarebytes Browser Guard review in this software faceoff.
  • You will also find out if Malwarebytes Browser Guard is safe for your computer.
  • Our verdict took into consideration all the aspects and features of both solutions.
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There are many ways to protect your privacy online, and some users prefer using security extensions while others prefer privacy-focused browsers.

Today we’re going to compare one of the best security extensions, Malwarebytes Browser Guard, to the Opera web browser and see which offers users better security features.

Is it safe to install Malwarebytes browser Guard?

Malwarebytes Browser Guard is an additional layer of security for your web browser and provides a safer and faster web browsing experience by blocking ads.

It doesn’t only block ads; it does so with websites suspected of compromising your online safety and third-party trackers, so we’re going to say yes, it is safe.

Does Malwarebytes browser Guard track you?

Malwarebytes creators and developers state that they only collect data necessary for the software’s functionality or for the performance of providing the software to clients.

The team also mentioned that the Malwarebytes website uses trackers to monitor how readers engage but that they do not gather any personal information.

That being said, remember that they are trackers, nonetheless. Therefore, to be safe, we advise you to read the website’s permissions before installing it thoroughly.

How do I choose between Malware Browser Guard and Opera?


Malwarebytes Browser Guard vs Opera

Opera is a web browser that offers various privacy and security features out of the box. This is why Opera is the browser of choice for many users worldwide.

What features does Opera have?

Opera has a built-in ad blocker that will block ads and scripts and reduce the loading time of specific websites by up to 90%.

An incorporated VPN tool is also available, offering unlimited bandwidth, free of charge.

The battery saver feature provides your PC with an additional hour of battery life.

It’s worth mentioning that the browser supports advanced tab management, allowing you to organize tabs into workflows.

Opera is available on all primary desktop and mobile platforms and fully supports syncing your work across all of them via the Opera Flow feature.

Let’s take a look at the Opera’s best features:

  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Unlimited and free VPN
  • Customizable start page
  • Advanced tab management
  • Support for extensions


For guaranteed data protection while surfing online, try a complete browser such as Opera.

Malwarebytes Browser Guard

malwarebytes extension

What is Malwarebytes Browser Guard?

Malware Browser Guard is a browser extension that protects your privacy and security online. The extension is currently available for both Chrome and Firefox.

What features does Malwarebytes Browser Guard have?

This extension works as an ad blocker against all annoying ads. This way, webpages load faster, and some users reported up to 4 times faster loading speeds overall.

Malwarebytes Browser Guard is designed to fight scammers, and it identifies any browser lockers, browser hijackers, and other tactics that scammers use and warn you about them accordingly.

The extension can also detect malicious websites, and it will even stop cryptocurrency miners from running in the background.

Let’s see what the best features for Malwarebytes Browser Guard are:

  • Works as an ad-blocker
  • It makes websites load up to 4 times faster
  • Designed to detect scam websites
  • Removes clickbait ads
  • Ability to see malicious websites

Download Malwarebytes Browser Guard

The final verdict: Opera vs. Malwarebytes Browser Guard

We’re sure you’re curious to find out the results of this Malwarebytes-Opera confrontation, so here’s where we draw the line.

While Malwarebytes Browser Guard offers some great features, it can’t compare to Opera regarding privacy and security.

Opera has all the features that Malwarebytes Browser Guard has, plus a free VPN to top of it all. Not to mention that Opera can be used as a fully-featured browser.

So, if you’re looking for a web browser that will protect your privacy without any extensions, Opera is the way to go.

Know that since the latest builds of Opera are based on the same Chromium source code as Chrome, you should be able to install the Chrome version of Malwarebytes Browser Guard without any issues.

That is, if you are looking for a Malwarebytes extension for your Opera browser.

What about you? What is your browser of choice? Are you using any security extensions in your browser?

Would you care for a Malwarebytes Browser Guard vs. Adblock comparison? Let us know in the comments below.

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