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Opera browser problems: crashes and issues [Help Guides]

Since Opera is growing in popularity with every single day, the chances of bugs and issues being reported also increase exponentially. Given this turn of events, we’ve decided to create a Hub dedicated to fixing all Opera-related issues.

Since each problem is caused by a variety of different factors, the list of solutions that you can try is just as large. All of our articles are easy to follow and to the point, as well as backed up by testing, so that you will always be able to get back to browsing in no time.

If you don’t want to keep using a browser affected by plenty of bugs and issues, other options to pick from include Chrome, FirefoxInternet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, UC Browser, UR Browser, Safari, and Vivaldi.

🛠️ Quick solutions to common Opera issues

💯 Reliable tips for using Opera in multiple scenarios